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70 papers:

Matching Triangles and Basing Hardness on an Extremely Popular Conjecture (AA, VVW, HY), pp. 41–50.
STOCSTOC-2015-DingSS #proving #satisfiability #scalability
Proof of the Satisfiability Conjecture for Large k (JD, AS, NS), pp. 59–68.
STOCSTOC-2015-HenzingerKNS #multi #online #problem
Unifying and Strengthening Hardness for Dynamic Problems via the Online Matrix-Vector Multiplication Conjecture (MH, SK, DN, TS), pp. 21–30.
ICALPICALP-v2-2015-KariS #algebra #approach #geometry
An Algebraic Geometric Approach to Nivat’s Conjecture (JK, MS), pp. 273–285.
LATALATA-2015-GonzeJ #on the #probability
On the Synchronizing Probability Function and the Triple Rendezvous Time — New Approaches to Černý’s Conjecture (FG, RMJ), pp. 212–223.
PODSPODS-2014-AmelootKNZ #declarative #fine-grained #network
Weaker forms of monotonicity for declarative networking: a more fine-grained answer to the calm-conjecture (TJA, BK, FN, DZ), pp. 64–75.
STOCSTOC-2014-GavinskyMWW #approach #bound #complexity #composition #towards
Toward better formula lower bounds: an information complexity approach to the KRW composition conjecture (DG, OM, OW, AW), pp. 213–222.
ICALPICALP-v1-2014-GavinskyL #reduction
En Route to the Log-Rank Conjecture: New Reductions and Equivalent Formulations (DG, SL), pp. 514–524.
ICALPICALP-v2-2014-Parter #hybrid
Bypassing Erdős’ Girth Conjecture: Hybrid Stretch and Sourcewise Spanners (MP), pp. 608–619.
ICSTSAT-2014-KonevL #satisfiability
A SAT Attack on the Erdős Discrepancy Conjecture (BK, AL), pp. 219–226.
PODSPODS-2013-GogaczM #on the
On the BDD/FC conjecture (TG, JM), pp. 127–138.
CIAACIAA-2013-KisielewiczS #automaton #generative
Generating Small Automata and the Černý Conjecture (AK, MS), pp. 340–348.
Exact Weight Subgraphs and the k-Sum Conjecture (AA, KL), pp. 1–12.
ICALPICALP-v1-2013-ODonnellT #composition #fourier #theorem
A Composition Theorem for the Fourier Entropy-Influence Conjecture (RO, LYT), pp. 780–791.
HCIDUXU-PMT-2013-FrancaSM #parallel
Is Reality Real? Thoughts and Conjectures about Culture, Self, Intersubjectivity and Parallel Worlds in Digital Technologies (ACPdF, MMS, LRdLM), pp. 68–73.
Solution of the propeller conjecture in R3 (SH, AJ, AN), pp. 269–276.
DLTDLT-2012-Kari #automaton
Cellular Automata, the Collatz Conjecture and Powers of 3/2 (JK), pp. 40–49.
ICALPICALP-v1-2012-HughesPRS #problem
A Thirty Year Old Conjecture about Promise Problems (AH, AP, NR, ALS), pp. 473–484.
LICSLICS-2012-ChenF #on the #order
On the Ordered Conjecture (YC, JF), pp. 225–234.
DLTDLT-J-2010-Berlinkov11 #on the
On a Conjecture by Carpi and d’Alessandro (MVB), pp. 1565–1576.
The Averaging Trick and the černý Conjecture (BS), pp. 1697–1706.
DLTDLT-2011-GusevP #on the #set
On Non-complete Sets and Restivo’s Conjecture (VVG, EVP), pp. 239–250.
DLTDLT-2011-PlyushchenkoS #on the
On Brzozowski’s Conjecture for the Free Burnside Semigroup Satisfying x2 = x3 (ANP, AMS), pp. 362–373.
ICALPICALP-v1-2011-ODonnellWZ #fourier
The Fourier Entropy-Influence Conjecture for Certain Classes of Boolean Functions (RO, JW, YZ), pp. 330–341.
PODSPODS-2010-Hellerstein #datalog #experience
Datalog redux: experience and conjecture (JMH), pp. 1–2.
STOCSTOC-2010-RaghavendraS #game studies #graph
Graph expansion and the unique games conjecture (PR, DS), pp. 755–764.
DLTDLT-2010-Berlinkov #on the
On a Conjecture by Carpi and D’Alessandro (MVB), pp. 66–75.
The Averaging Trick and the Cerný Conjecture (BS), pp. 423–431.
STOCSTOC-2009-KawarabayashiR #decidability
Hadwiger’s conjecture is decidable (KiK, BAR), pp. 445–454.
A new line of attack on the dichotomy conjecture (GK, MS), pp. 725–734.
STOCSTOC-2009-Shapira #invariant #testing
Green’s conjecture and testing linear-invariant properties (AS), pp. 159–166.
DLTDLT-2009-AlmeidaS #matrix
Matrix Mortality and the Cerný-Pin Conjecture (JA, BS), pp. 67–80.
LATALATA-2009-Blanchet-SadriMRW #algorithm #using #word
An Answer to a Conjecture on Overlaps in Partial Words Using Periodicity Algorithms (FBS, RM, AR, EW), pp. 188–199.
The vpn conjecture is true (NG, NO, FBS), pp. 443–450.
Inverse conjecture for the gowers norm is false (SL, RM, AS), pp. 547–556.
LATALATA-2008-Volkov #automaton
Synchronizing Automata and the Cerny Conjecture (MVV), pp. 11–27.
STOCSTOC-2006-Gurvits #algorithm #approach #bound #proving
Hyperbolic polynomials approach to Van der Waerden/Schrijver-Valiant like conjectures: sharper bounds, simpler proofs and algorithmic applications (LG), pp. 417–426.
ICALPICALP-2005-GairingLMT #equilibrium #nash
Nash Equilibria, the Price of Anarchy and the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium Conjecture (MG, TL, BM, KT), pp. 51–65.
STOCSTOC-2004-Ajtai #polynomial
A conjecture about polynomial time computable lattice-lattice functions (MA), pp. 486–493.
DLTDLT-2004-EpifanioMSV #graph
Sturmian Graphs and a Conjecture of Moser (CE, FM, JS, IV), pp. 175–187.
IJCARIJCAR-2004-SteelBM #induction #protocol
Attacking a Protocol for Group Key Agreement by Refuting Incorrect Inductive Conjectures (GS, AB, MM), pp. 137–151.
STOCSTOC-2003-Friedman #proving
A proof of Alon’s second eigenvalue conjecture (JF), pp. 720–724.
DLTDLT-2003-GomezP #on the
On a Conjecture of Schnoebelen (ACG, JÉP), pp. 35–54.
About Duval’s Conjecture (TH, DN), pp. 316–324.
LOPSTRLOPSTR-2003-AlexandreBD #induction #proving #synthesis
Predicate Synthesis from Inductive Proof Attempt of Faulty Conjectures (FA, KB, MD), pp. 20–33.
STOCSTOC-2002-Smyth #difference
Reimer’s inequality and tardos’ conjecture (CDS), pp. 218–221.
The Crane Beach Conjecture (DAMB, NI, CL, NS, DT), pp. 187–196.
ASEASE-2000-Monroy #abduction #recursion
The Use of Abduction and Recursion-Editor Techniques for the Correction of Faulty Conjectures (RM), pp. 91–100.
CADECADE-1999-ZhangJ #modelling
System Description: MCS: Model-based Conjecture Searching (JZ0), pp. 393–397.
ICALPICALP-1998-GrafV #proving
Reducing Simple Polygons to Triangles — A Proof for an Improved Conjecture (TG, KV), pp. 130–139.
Explanatory Diagnosis: Conjecturing Actions to Explain Observations (SAM), pp. 167–179.
DLTDLT-1997-KarhumakiPM #bound #constant
A lower bound for a constant in Shallit’s conjecture (JK, WP, FM), pp. 103–118.
ICALPICALP-1997-Cassaigne #on the
On a Conjecture of J. Shallit (JC), pp. 693–704.
FMFME-1997-Gregoire #protocol #proving #using
TLA + PROMELA: Conjecture, Check, Proof, Engineering New Protocols Using Methods and Formal Notations (JCG), pp. 378–397.
Scott’s Conjecture is True, Position Sensitive Weights (SMHWPF, PP), pp. 217–227.
STOCSTOC-1996-KushilevitzLO #communication #complexity
The Linear-Array Conjecture in Communication Complexity is False (EK, NL, RO), pp. 1–10.
Patching Faulty Conjectures (MP), pp. 77–91.
DLTDLT-1995-CurrieS #set
Cantor Sets and Dejean’s Conjecture (JDC, ROS), pp. 35–43.
McColm’s Conjecture (YG, NI, SS), pp. 10–19.
STOCSTOC-1992-DorT #composition #graph #proving
Graph Decomposition Is NPC-A Complete Proof of Holyer’s Conjecture (DD, MT), pp. 252–263.
Disproving Conjectures (MP), pp. 340–354.
STOCSTOC-1991-CoffmanG #proving #scheduling
Proof of the 4/3 Conjecture for Preemptive vs. Nonpreemptive Two-Processor Scheduling (EGCJ, MRG), pp. 241–248.
STOCSTOC-1990-Cole #on the
On the Dynamic Finger Conjecture for Splay Trees (Extended Abstract) (RC0), pp. 8–17.
ALOGTIME and a Conjecture of S. A. Cook (Extended Abstract) (PC), pp. 181–189.
STOCSTOC-1989-Birget #proving
Proof of a Conjecture of R. Kannan (JCB), pp. 445–453.
STOCSTOC-1989-Bshouty #on the
On the Extended Direct Sum Conjecture (NHB), pp. 177–185.
STOCSTOC-1989-KurtzMR #morphism #random
The Isomorphism Conjecture Fails Relative to a Random Oracle (Extended Abstract) (SAK, SRM, JSR), pp. 157–166.
Explicit Expanders and the Ramanujan Conjectures (AL, RP, PS), pp. 240–246.
ICALPICALP-1982-Culik #on the #testing
On Test Sets and the Ehrenfeucht Conjecture (KCI), pp. 128–140.
STOCSTOC-1975-RivestV #proving
A Generalization and Proof of the Aanderaa-Rosenberg Conjecture (RLR, JV), pp. 6–11.

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