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Tag #abstract domain

66 papers:

POPLPOPL-2019-SinghGPV #network
An abstract domain for certifying neural networks (GS, TG, MP, MTV), p. 30.
GPCEGPCE-2019-Dimovski #diagrams #static analysis #using
Lifted static analysis using a binary decision diagram abstract domain (ASD), pp. 102–114.
An Abstract Domain for Trees with Numeric Relations (MJ, AM, AO), pp. 724–751.
A practical construction for decomposing numerical abstract domains (GS, MP, MTV), p. 28.
SASSAS-2018-BecchiZ #performance
An Efficient Abstract Domain for Not Necessarily Closed Polyhedra (AB, EZ), pp. 146–165.
SASSAS-2018-RanzatoZ #linear
Invertible Linear Transforms of Numerical Abstract Domains (FR, MZ), pp. 344–363.
ASEASE-2018-BugariuWC0 #automation #implementation #testing
Automatically testing implementations of numerical abstract domains (AB, VW, MC, PM0), pp. 768–778.
POPLPOPL-2017-SinghPV #performance
Fast polyhedra abstract domain (GS, MP, MTV), pp. 46–59.
VMCAIVMCAI-2017-JiangCWW #abstract interpretation #smt
Block-Wise Abstract Interpretation by Combining Abstract Domains with SMT (JJ, LC, XW, JW0), pp. 310–329.
SASSAS-2016-MidtgaardNN #parametricity #regular expression
A Parametric Abstract Domain for Lattice-Valued Regular Expressions (JM, FN, HRN), pp. 338–360.
An Abstract Domain of Uninterpreted Functions (GG, JAN, PS, HS, PJS), pp. 85–103.
SANERSANER-2015-MattsenWS #analysis
A non-convex abstract domain for the value analysis of binaries (SM, AW, SS), pp. 271–280.
Narrowing Operators on Template Abstract Domains (GA, SDNDM, MCM, FS), pp. 57–72.
A Binary Decision Tree Abstract Domain Functor (JC, PC), pp. 36–53.
TACASTACAS-2015-Urban #contest #named #termination
FuncTion: An Abstract Domain Functor for Termination — (Competition Contribution) (CU), pp. 464–466.
SASSAS-2014-ChenLMKW #constraints
An Abstract Domain to Infer Octagonal Constraints with Absolute Value (LC, JL, AM, DK, JW), pp. 101–117.
SASSAS-2014-ToubhansCR #abstraction #combinator #memory management
An Abstract Domain Combinator for Separately Conjoining Memory Abstractions (AT, BYEC, XR), pp. 285–301.
SASSAS-2014-UrbanM #proving #termination
A Decision Tree Abstract Domain for Proving Conditional Termination (CU, AM), pp. 302–318.
ESOPESOP-2014-UrbanM #ranking
An Abstract Domain to Infer Ordinal-Valued Ranking Functions (CU, AM), pp. 412–431.
VMCAIVMCAI-2014-Fu #analysis #java #points-to #scalability
Modularly Combining Numeric Abstract Domains with Points-to Analysis, and a Scalable Static Numeric Analyzer for Java (ZF), pp. 282–301.
SASSAS-2013-0001MP #automaton #quantifier
Quantified Data Automata on Skinny Trees: An Abstract Domain for Lists (PG, PM, GP), pp. 172–193.
SASSAS-2013-FouilheMP #correctness #generative #performance
Efficient Generation of Correctness Certificates for the Abstract Domain of Polyhedra (AF, DM, MP), pp. 345–365.
SASSAS-2013-GangeNSSS #abstract interpretation
Abstract Interpretation over Non-lattice Abstract Domains (GG, JAN, PS, HS, PJS), pp. 6–24.
SASSAS-2013-Urban #ranking
The Abstract Domain of Segmented Ranking Functions (CU), pp. 43–62.
VMCAIVMCAI-2013-PelleauMTB #constraints #theorem proving
A Constraint Solver Based on Abstract Domains (MP, AM, CT, FB), pp. 434–454.
VMCAIVMCAI-2013-SeladjiB #analysis #fixpoint #tool support #using
Fixpoint Computation in the Polyhedra Abstract Domain Using Convex and Numerical Analysis Tools (YS, OB), pp. 149–168.
Reduced Product Combination of Abstract Domains for Shapes (AT, BYEC, XR), pp. 375–395.
SASSAS-2012-ChengR #spreadsheet
An Abstract Domain to Infer Types over Zones in Spreadsheets (TC, XR), pp. 94–110.
SASSAS-2012-IoualalenM #representation
A New Abstract Domain for the Representation of Mathematically Equivalent Expressions (AI, MM), pp. 75–93.
VMCAIVMCAI-2012-BouajjaniDES #automation #infinity #reasoning #source code
Abstract Domains for Automated Reasoning about List-Manipulating Programs with Infinite Data (AB, CD, CE, MS), pp. 1–22.
Abstract Domains of Affine Relations (ME, JL, TS, TA, TWR), pp. 198–215.
The Reduced Product of Abstract Domains and the Combination of Decision Procedures (PC, RC, LM), pp. 456–472.
SASSAS-2010-AmatoPS #analysis #component
Deriving Numerical Abstract Domains via Principal Component Analysis (GA, MP, FS), pp. 134–150.
SASSAS-2010-Chapoutot #float
Interval Slopes as a Numerical Abstract Domain for Floating-Point Variables (AC), pp. 184–200.
SASSAS-2010-GurfinkelC #named
Boxes: A Symbolic Abstract Domain of Boxes (AG, SC), pp. 287–303.
SACSAC-OOPS-J-2008-LogozzoF10 #array #named #performance #relational #validation
Pentagons: A weakly relational abstract domain for the efficient validation of array accesses (FL, MF), pp. 796–807.
VMCAIVMCAI-2010-ChenMWC #linear
An Abstract Domain to Discover Interval Linear Equalities (LC, AM, JW, PC), pp. 112–128.
SASSAS-2009-ChenMWC #linear
Interval Polyhedra: An Abstract Domain to Infer Interval Linear Relationships (LC, AM, JW, PC), pp. 309–325.
The Zonotope Abstract Domain Taylor1+ (KG, EG, SP), pp. 627–633.
CAVCAV-2009-JeannetM #library #named #static analysis
Apron: A Library of Numerical Abstract Domains for Static Analysis (BJ, AM), pp. 661–667.
SACSAC-2008-LogozzoF #array #named #performance #relational #validation
Pentagons: a weakly relational abstract domain for the efficient validation of array accesses (FL, MF), pp. 184–188.
CAVCAV-2008-GulavaniG #abstraction #analysis
A Numerical Abstract Domain Based on Expression Abstraction and Max Operator with Application in Timing Analysis (BSG, SG), pp. 370–384.
SASSAS-2007-BanterleG #hardware #implementation #performance
A Fast Implementation of the Octagon Abstract Domain on Graphics Hardware (FB, RG), pp. 315–332.
CAVCAV-2007-GulwaniT #bytecode #low level
An Abstract Domain for Analyzing Heap-Manipulating Low-Level Software (SG, AT), pp. 379–392.
VMCAIVMCAI-2007-PeronH #bound #constraints #matrix
An Abstract Domain Extending Difference-Bound Matrices with Disequality Constraints (MP, NH), pp. 268–282.
SASSAS-2006-AmiranoffCF #relational
Beyond Iteration Vectors: Instancewise Relational Abstract Domains (PA, AC, PF), pp. 161–180.
LCTESLCTES-2006-CoopriderR #embedded
Pluggable abstract domains for analyzing embedded software (NC, JR), pp. 44–53.
VMCAIVMCAI-2006-Mine #precise
Symbolic Methods to Enhance the Precision of Numerical Abstract Domains (AM), pp. 348–363.
LOPSTRLOPSTR-2005-GallagherPA #type system
Converting One Type-Based Abstract Domain to Another (JPG, GP, EA), pp. 147–162.
VMCAIVMCAI-2005-Feret #geometry
The Arithmetic-Geometric Progression Abstract Domain (JF), pp. 42–58.
The Octahedron Abstract Domain (RC, JC), pp. 312–327.
ESOPESOP-2004-Mine #detection #fault #float #relational #runtime
Relational Abstract Domains for the Detection of Floating-Point Run-Time Errors (AM), pp. 3–17.
Abstract Domains Based on Regular Types (JPG, KSH), pp. 27–42.
LOPSTRLOPSTR-2002-SimonKH #difference #linear
Two Variables per Linear Inequality as an Abstract Domain (AS, AK, JMH), pp. 71–89.
SASSAS-2002-Mine #graph #relational
A Few Graph-Based Relational Numerical Abstract Domains (AM), pp. 117–132.
The Octagon Abstract Domain (AM), p. 310–?.
SASSAS-2000-Scozzari #analysis #semantics
Abstract Domains for Sharing Analysis by Optimal Semantics (FS), pp. 397–412.
Abstract Domains for Universal and Existential Properties (AH, PMH, AK), pp. 150–164.
Refining and Compressing Abstract Domains (RG, FR), pp. 771–781.
PPDPALP-1996-Marchiori96a #first-order #logic #using
Prime Factorizations of Abstract Domains Using First Order Logic (EM), pp. 209–223.
Complementation of Abstract Domains made Easy (GF, FR), pp. 348–362.
LICSLICS-1996-Stark #domain model #π-calculus
A Fully Abstract Domain Model for the π-Calculus (IS), pp. 36–42.
POPLPOPL-1994-CortesiCH #logic programming
Combinations of Abstract Domains for Logic Programming (AC, BLC, PVH), pp. 227–239.
A Systematic Construction of Abstract Domains (DB, MB), pp. 61–77.
PEPMPEPM-1991-CortesiF #abstract interpretation #analysis #logic programming #source code
Abstract Interpretation of Logic Programs: An Abstract Domain for Groundness, Sharing, Freeness and Compoundness Analysis (AC, GF), pp. 52–61.
LICSLICS-1991-CortesiFW #analysis
Prop revisited: Propositional Formula as Abstract Domain for Groundness Analysis (AC, GF, WHW), pp. 322–327.

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