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63 papers:

CASECASE-2015-SolisTR #multi #people #towards
Towards developing a multipurpose assistive vehicle robot capable of providing assistance to caregivers and support to elderly people (JS, TDT, JPdlR), pp. 1145–1150.
CHICHI-2015-MullerHHW #design
Practice-based Design of a Neighborhood Portal: Focusing on Elderly Tenants in a City Quarter Living Lab (CM, DH, TH, VW), pp. 2295–2304.
CHICHI-2015-ZhaoDFZ #approach #named
CoFaçade: A Customizable Assistive Approach for Elders and Their Helpers (JCZ, RCD, PSF, SZ), pp. 1583–1592.
CSCWCSCW-2015-SunLDLG #case study
Reliving the Past & Making a Harmonious Society Today: A Study of Elderly Electronic Hackers in China (YS, SL, XD, TL, NG), pp. 44–55.
HCIDHM-EH-2015-DoiKM #design #effectiveness
Effective Design of Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in a Group Home for the Elderly with Dementia (TD, NK, KM), pp. 413–422.
HCIDHM-EH-2015-JoshiW #collaboration #empirical #evaluation
A Collaborative Change Experiment: Diagnostic Evaluation of Telecare for Elderly Home Dwellers (SGJ, AW), pp. 423–434.
HCIDHM-EH-2015-LiaoYGOH #behaviour #gesture
Effect of Care Gesture on Transfer Care Behavior in Elderly Nursing Home in Japan (ML, TY, AG, TO, HH), pp. 174–183.
Caregiver’s Eye Gaze and Field of View Presumption Method During Bathing Care in Elderly Facility (AY, TA, HCBJ, NK, AG, TO), pp. 524–532.
HCIDHM-EH-2015-YamamotoBAKHJSO #music
The Transfer of Expertise in Conducting a Participatory Music Therapy During a Combined Rehabilitation-Recreational Program in an Elderly Care Facility (AY, HCBJ, TA, HK, KH, MJ, MS, TO, AG, NK, NK, HH), pp. 500–511.
HCIDUXU-IXD-2015-IwamotoKM #analysis #case study #using
A Study of Conversation Support System Between the Elderly Person and Young Adults by Using Facial Expression Analysis (MI, NK, KM), pp. 616–627.
CASECASE-2014-HuangYL #approach #identification
An intelligent approach to identify elderly body information (YPH, WJY, SYL), pp. 824–829.
CHICHI-2014-UzorB #game studies
Investigating the long-term use of exergames in the home with elderly fallers (SU, LB), pp. 2813–2822.
HCIDHM-2014-AndreoniCABMNPBPRP #design #monitoring
Design and Ergonomics of Monitoring System for Elderly (GA, FC, AA, GB, SM, PN, AP, RB, RP, MR, PP), pp. 499–507.
HCIDHM-2014-Kawabata #effectiveness
Effectiveness of Paper Coloring Recreation in an Elderly Persons Care Home (SK), pp. 567–574.
Caregiver’s Gaze and Field of View Presumption Method During Bath Care in the Elderly Facility (AY, NK, AG, TO, TA, SY, HBJ), pp. 78–87.
HCIDUXU-DI-2014-ArfaaW14a #network #social #usability
A Usability Study on Elder Adults Utilizing Social Networking Sites (JA, Y(W), pp. 50–61.
HCIDUXU-DP-2014-BarrosSF14a #analysis #artificial reality #evaluation #using
Ergonomic Evaluation of Manual Force Levels of the Elderly in the Handling of Products: An Analysis Using Virtual Reality (RQB, MMS, MGF), pp. 124–132.
HCIDUXU-DP-2014-JeurensTB #product line
Increasing Family Involvement in Elderly Care (JJ, KvT, RB), pp. 403–411.
HCIDUXU-TMT-2014-Al-RazganAA #heuristic #mobile #people #usability
Heuristics for Evaluating the Usability of Mobile Launchers for Elderly People (MSAR, HSAK, MDAS), pp. 415–424.
HCIHCI-TMT-2014-HankiewiczB #performance #quality #source code #using #word
Efficiency in Performing Basic Tasks Using Word Processing Programs by the Elderly as a Measure of the Ergonomic Quality of Software (KH, MB), pp. 481–488.
Active Ageing — Enhancing Digital Literacies in Elderly Citizens (AL, MB), pp. 450–459.
HCISCSM-2014-ArfaaW #evaluation #social #social media
An Accessibility Evaluation of Social Media Websites for Elder Adults (JA, Y(W), pp. 13–24.
HCISCSM-2014-PensasVGKKCV #communication #network #social #using
Using Ambient Communication and Social Networking Technologies to Reduce Loneliness of Elders (HP, AMV, MG, TK, SK, SC, JV), pp. 91–102.
KMISKMIS-2014-SaijoWAOMK #case study #evaluation
Knowledge Creation in Technology Evaluation of 4-Wheel Electric Power Assisted Bicycle for Frail Elderly Persons — A Case Study of a Salutogenic Device in Healthcare Facilities in Japan (MS, MW, SA, NO, SM, SK), pp. 87–97.
HCIDUXU-NTE-2013-ShinAH #case study #interface #smarttech
A Pilot Study of the Intuitiveness of Smartphone Camera Interface for Elderly Users (HS, DA, JH), pp. 316–323.
HCIHCI-IMT-2013-Chen13b #gesture #people
Gesture-Based Applications for Elderly People (WC), pp. 186–195.
HCIHCI-UC-2013-KobayashiYOO #community #people #problem
The Present Condition and Problems for Elderly People Participating in Communities (NK, SY, KO, AO), pp. 307–313.
HCIHCI-UC-2013-RodriguesNT #interactive #multi #source code
Interaction of the Elderly Viewer with Additional Multimedia Content to Support the Appreciation of Television Programs (KRdHR, VPdAN, CACT), pp. 227–236.
HCIHIMI-HSM-2013-ShimizuI #people
Human Support System for Elderly People in Daily Life (SS, HI), pp. 308–314.
HCIOCSC-2013-AlaouiL #approach #communication #design
A LivingLab Approach to Involve Elderly in the Design of Smart TV Applications Offering Communication Services (MA, ML), pp. 325–334.
ICEISICEIS-v3-2013-GoncalvesSNU #flexibility #framework #mobile #named #user interface
Flexinterface: A Framework to Provide Flexible Mobile Phone User Interfaces — Addressing the Elderly Diversity (VPG, SS, VPdAN, JU), pp. 143–150.
CASECASE-2012-WeiZW #detection #recognition #research
Research on a detection and recognition method of tactile-slip sensation used to control the Elderly-assistant & Walking-assistant Robot (XW, XZ, YW), pp. 1040–1045.
ICEISICEIS-v3-2012-GoncalvesNUS #approach #flexibility #mobile #user interface
An Analitic Approach to Evaluate Flexible Mobile User Interfaces for the Elderly (VPG, VPdAN, JU, SS), pp. 91–96.
CHICHI-2011-KimDLF #usability
Usability of car dashboard displays for elder drivers (SK, AKD, JL, JF), pp. 493–502.
Evaluating swabbing: a touchscreen input method for elderly users with tremor (CW, JH, AM, MK, CMS, JOB), pp. 623–626.
HCIDHM-2011-DAquaroMMR #game studies #question
Videogames and Elders: A New Path in LCT? (ND, DM, GM, LAR), pp. 245–254.
HCIHCD-2011-HashizumeYK #experience #people #user interface
Real User Experience of ICT Devices among Elderly People (AH, TY, MK), pp. 227–234.
HCIHCD-2011-LinC #research #social #social media
Bridging the Social Media Usage Gap from Old to New: An Elderly Media Interpersonal and Social Research in Taiwan (SHL, WHC), pp. 547–555.
HCIHCI-DDA-2011-GacimartinHL #adaptation #architecture #design #middleware
A Middleware Architecture for Designing TV-Based Adapted Applications for the Elderly (CG, JAH, DL), pp. 443–449.
HCIHCI-UA-2011-LiuU #3d
Effects of Presence on Causing Cybersickness in the Elderly within a 3D Virtual Store (CLL, STU), pp. 490–499.
HCIHIMI-v2-2011-KinoeN #communication #design #product line
Designing Peripheral Communication Services for Families Living-Apart: Elderly Persons and Family (YK, MN), pp. 147–156.
KMISKMIS-2011-BuresPCO #framework #interactive #towards
Interactive Digital TV as the e-Learning Platform — Towards Supportive Environments for Elderly (VB, DP, PC, TO), pp. 107–113.
DATEDATE-2010-DiracoLS #detection #recognition
An active vision system for fall detection and posture recognition in elderly healthcare (GD, AL, PS), pp. 1536–1541.
ICEISICEIS-DISI-2010-LiQW #cyber-physical #monitoring
A Cyber-physical System for Elders Monitoring (XL, YQ, HW), pp. 294–299.
CHICHI-2009-KimD #artificial reality #navigation
Simulated augmented reality windshield display as a cognitive mapping aid for elder driver navigation (SK, AKD), pp. 133–142.
CHICHI-2009-LeonardiMNPZGC #functional
Knocking on elders’ door: investigating the functional and emotional geography of their domestic space (CL, CM, EN, FP, MZ, FG, AC), pp. 1703–1712.
HCIHCD-2009-LinHS #design #interface #mobile
Exploring the Interface Design of Mobile Phone for the Elderly (CJL, TLH, WJS), pp. 476–481.
HCIHCD-2009-LiuL #adaptation #mobile #people
User Value Based Product Adaptation: A Case of Mobile Products for Chinese Urban Elderly People (JL, XL), pp. 492–500.
HCIHCI-NT-2009-LiuUC #3d #classification #interface
Goods-Finding and Orientation in the Elderly on 3D Virtual Store Interface: The Impact of Classification and Landmarks (CLL, STU, CHC), pp. 474–483.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-IzumiyaOT #design #evaluation #people
The Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Package Designs for the Elderly People (AI, MO, FT), pp. 522–528.
HCIOCSC-2009-WuO #bibliography #online
Medication Adherence among the Elderly and Technology Aids: Results from an Online Survey Study (HW, AAO), pp. 719–727.
WICSAWICSA-2008-ChenTCSKLT #architecture #component #smarttech
Component Model and Architecture of Smart Devices for Elderly (TYC, PHT, TSC, CSS, TWK, JWSL, AT), pp. 51–60.
HCIHCI-IDU-2007-AsanoSSWGR #design #mobile #web
Tips for Designing Mobile Phone Web Pages for the Elderly (YA, HS, HS, LW, QG, PLPR), pp. 675–680.
HCIHCI-IDU-2007-FujimuraSMKSIMOWFT #case study #why
Why Does IT Support Enjoyment of Elderly Life? — Case Studies Performed in Japan (KF, HS, TM, KK, KiS, YI, SM, KO, TW, YF, TT), pp. 756–764.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-MitsumotoW #email #people #visual notation
Exchanging Graphical Emails Among Elderly People and Kindergarten Children (MM, SHW), pp. 74–83.
Tabletop sharing of digital photographs for the elderly (TA, JK, AJQ), pp. 781–790.
Ultrasonic Sensors for the Elderly and Caregivers in a Nursing Home (TH, YN), pp. 110–115.
HCIHCI-CCAD-1999-Burmester #design #people #requirements #user interface
Consumer electronics user interfaces for all. Design on the basis of the special requirements of elderly people (MB), pp. 942–946.
HCIHCI-CCAD-1999-KleinS #independence #people #research
Independent living for elder and handicapped people — results of a research project (BK, BS), pp. 957–960.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-LaursenJR #performance
Performance and Muscle Load among Young and Elderly (BL, BRJ, AR), pp. 89–92.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-Karshmer #tool support
Interdisciplinary Efforts to Facilitate the Production of Tools to Support the Disabled and Elderly in the Information Society (AIK), pp. 409–412.
HCIHCI-SEC-1997-Umemuro #difference #effectiveness
Age Differences Between Elderly and Young Workers in Effectiveness of Computer Skill Training and Task Cognition (HU), pp. 177–180.
CHICHI-1994-Ogozalek94a #comparison #interface #multi
A comparison of the use of text and multimedia interfaces to provide information to the elderly (VZO), pp. 65–71.

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