Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Interaction for Health, Safety, Mobility and Complex Environments
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Sakae Yamamoto
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Interaction for Health, Safety, Mobility and Complex Environments
HCI/HIMI p2, 2013.

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	address       = "Las Vegas, Nevada, USA",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-642-39215-3",
	editor        = "Sakae Yamamoto",
	isbn          = "978-3-642-39214-6",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Interaction for Health, Safety, Mobility and Complex Environments}",
	volume        = 8017,
	year          = 2013,

Contents (69 items)

HIMI-HSM-2013-AhramKAF #approach #energy
Power and Energy Management: A User-Centered System-of-Systems Engineering Approach (TZA, WK, BA, PF), pp. 3–12.
HIMI-HSM-2013-BattisteCMSVCS #automation #student #tool support
The Effects of Early Training with Automation Tools on the Air Traffic Management Strategies of Student ATCos (HB, WC, TM, KS, KPLV, DC, TZS), pp. 13–21.
HIMI-HSM-2013-BayBGZ #gesture #image #multi
Intuitive Gestures on Multi-touch Displays for Reading Radiological Images (SB, PB, TG, MZ), pp. 22–31.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ChunJHJSLCJ #natural language #using
Pathway Construction and Extension Using Natural Language Processing (HWC, SJJ, MNH, CHJ, SKS, SL, SPC, HJ), pp. 32–38.
HIMI-HSM-2013-DamrongratKI #multi #ontology #representation #simulation #using
Increasing Situational Awareness of Indoor Emergency Simulation Using Multilayered Ontology-Based Floor Plan Representation (CD, HK, MI), pp. 39–45.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ElliottMCMZP #communication #development #multi #navigation
Development of Dual Tactor Capability for a Soldier Multisensory Navigation and Communication System (LRE, BJPM, RWC, GRM, GAZ, RP), pp. 46–55.
HIMI-HSM-2013-FuruyaS #case study
The Study of Surveillance around the Ship II (TF, TS), pp. 56–65.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HeinCCMLG #coordination #simulation
Developing a High-Fidelity Simulation and Training to Improve Coordination between Aerospace Specializations (MH, PC, PC, RM, GL, AG), pp. 66–75.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HighamVMSB #automation #trust
Training Air Traffic Controller Trust in Automation within a NextGen Environment (TMH, KPLV, JM, TZS, VB), pp. 76–84.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HiyamaOMESH #artificial reality #learning
Augmented Reality System for Measuring and Learning Tacit Artisan Skills (AH, HO, MM, EE, MS, MH), pp. 85–91.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HondaON #estimation
Estimation of the Facial Impression from Individual Facial Features for Constructing the Makeup Support System (AH, CO, KN), pp. 92–99.
User Guiding Information Supporting Application for Clinical Procedure in Traditional Medicine (HJ, YTO, AK, SKK), pp. 100–109.
HIMI-HSM-2013-KimKL #design #standard #verification
Designing and Verifying Application Schema by Applying Standard Element for Managing Ocean Observation Data (STK, LKK, TYL), pp. 110–115.
HIMI-HSM-2013-LeaN #framework #performance #quality #research #usability
Usability of Performance Dashboards, Usefulness of Operational and Tactical Support, and Quality of Strategic Support: A Research Framework (BRL, FFHN), pp. 116–123.
HIMI-HSM-2013-LiuskaMS #library #named
BookAidee: Managing Evacuees from Natural Disaster by RFID Tagged Library Books (ML, EM, IS), pp. 124–130.
HIMI-HSM-2013-Noda #analysis #industrial #monitoring #performance #statistics
Performance Monitoring of Industrial Plant Alarm Systems by Statistical Analysis of Plant Operation Data (MN), pp. 131–135.
HIMI-HSM-2013-OConnorRZKLDJBVS #empirical
Pre-study Walkthrough with a Commercial Pilot for a Preliminary Single Pilot Operations Experiment (RO, ZR, JZ, RWK, JL, AQVD, WWJ, VB, KPLV, TZS), pp. 136–142.
HIMI-HSM-2013-OhneiserG #interactive #migration
Migration Tolerant Human Computer Interaction for Air Traffic Controllers (OO, HG), pp. 143–152.
HIMI-HSM-2013-PapangelisSCVEN #information management #realtime
Developing a Real Time Passenger Information System for Rural Areas (KP, SS, DC, NV, PE, JDN), pp. 153–162.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ParkRSOKAVSM #assessment #development
Development of Haptic Assistance for Route Assessment Tool of NASA NextGen Cockpit Situation Display (EP, JR, PS, RO, MTK, GBA, KPLV, TZS, PM), pp. 163–172.
HIMI-HSM-2013-QinLZH #in the cloud #internet
Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things: Technology Innovation in Automobile Service (EQ, YL, CZ, LH), pp. 173–180.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SaitohI #detection #learning #using #visualisation
Visualization of Anomaly Data Using Peculiarity Detection on Learning Vector Quantization (FS, SI), pp. 181–188.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SasakiHAI #simulation #using
Train Ride Simulation Using Assist Strap Device (TS, KH, TA, YI), pp. 189–197.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SavoyM #flexibility #interactive #safety
A Precursory Look at Potential Interaction Objectives Affecting Flexible Robotic Cell Safety (AS, AM), pp. 198–206.
HIMI-HSM-2013-Shirazi #community #interactive
An Intelligent Interactive Home Care System: An MPLS-Based Community Cloud (FS), pp. 207–216.
HIMI-HSM-2013-TakahashiY #information management
An Improvement of Disaster Information System for Local Residents (YT, SY), pp. 217–222.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ZhangA #flexibility #user interface
Improving the Flexibility of In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems by the Smart Management of GUI-Application Binding Related Information (RZ, TA), pp. 223–232.
HIMI-HSM-2013-DjamasbiW #design #health #research
Young Adult Health Promotion: Supporting Research Design with Eye-Tracking Methodologies (SD, EVW), pp. 235–244.
HIMI-HSM-2013-EverardJM #mobile #product line
Enabling Access to Healthy Food Alternatives for Low-Income Families: The Role of Mobile Technology (AE, BMJ, SM), pp. 245–251.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HerronV #analysis #overview
Are Prescription Labels Usable? A Review and Analysis (MH, KPLV), pp. 252–260.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HirayamaKK #speech #user interface #visual notation
A Dialog Based Speech User Interface of a Makeup Support System for Visually Impaired Persons (MJH, NK, YK), pp. 261–268.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HosonoMINSMT #communication #people
The Urgent Communication System for Deaf and Language Dysfunction People (NH, FM, TI, MN, MS, HM, YT), pp. 269–274.
HIMI-HSM-2013-KinoeOS #communication #design #product line
Qualitative Study for Designing Peripheral Communication between Hospitalized Children and Their Family Members (YK, CO, YS), pp. 275–284.
HIMI-HSM-2013-MiyataWI #development #using
Development of a Chest X-ray Examination Support System for Foreigners Using a Personal Digital Assistant (MM, CW, MI), pp. 285–290.
HIMI-HSM-2013-MizutaniKSASUKSI #development #eye tracking #visual notation
Development of Screening Visual Field Test Application that Use Eye Movement (MM, KK, SS, TA, TS, MU, SK, MS, TI), pp. 291–300.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SakamotoT #identification #interactive
Identification of Agency through Virtual Embodied Interaction (TS, YT), pp. 301–307.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ShimizuI #people
Human Support System for Elderly People in Daily Life (SS, HI), pp. 308–314.
HIMI-HSM-2013-Wesugi #approach #design #experience #novel #simulation #using
Design Approach of Simulation Exercise with Use of Device and Its Significance — Design of Novel Device for Realistic Experience of Being a Hemiplegia Patient (SW), pp. 315–324.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ZiefleKWH #perspective
Acceptance of Telemedical Treatments — A Medical Professional Point of View (MZ, LK, WW, AH), pp. 325–334.
NFC Provided User Friendliness for Technologically Advanced Services (AA, RK, AME), pp. 337–346.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ByerD #mobile #network
BARMOTIN- A Voice Controlled Mobile Tourism Information Network for Barbados (DB, CD), pp. 347–354.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ChenHCK #design #network #social #usability
Usability Study of Icon Designs with Social Network Functions (CHC, WHH, SCC, YYK), pp. 355–362.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ChiangWCH #analysis #performance #smarttech
An Analysis of Smartphone Size Regarding Operating Performance (ZHC, CCW, ACC, CyH), pp. 363–372.
HIMI-HSM-2013-FernandoRVLF #collaboration #framework #named #platform #ubiquitous
Mo-Buzz: Socially-Mediated Collaborative Platform for Ubiquitous Location Based Service (ONNF, VSR, SV, MOL, SF), pp. 373–382.
HIMI-HSM-2013-JonesJ #design #mobile #navigation #performance
Assessing the Effects of Mobile OS Design on Single-Step Navigation and Task Performance (BMJ, NJ), pp. 383–390.
HIMI-HSM-2013-MoodyW #mobile #security #what
Security, But at What Cost? — An Examination of Security Notifications within a Mobile Application (GM, DW), pp. 391–399.
Tactile Vibration of Personal Digital Assistants for Conveying Feelings (AN, MN), pp. 400–410.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SakuradaH #interface #physics #using
A New Presence Display System Using Physical Interface Running on IP-Phones (TS, YH), pp. 411–420.
HIMI-HSM-2013-YamamotoNEN #development #mobile #tablet
Development of a Mobile Tablet PC with Gaze-Tracking Function (MY, HN, KE, TN), pp. 421–429.
HIMI-HSM-2013-YamanakaUIHSY #design
Web- and Mobile-Based Environment for Designing and Presenting Spatial Audiovisual Content (MY, MU, YI, SH, HS, TY), pp. 430–439.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ArimaUA #safety
Supporting Residents Evacuation and Safety Inquiry in Case of Disaster (MA, TU, MA), pp. 443–452.
HIMI-HSM-2013-Campbell #safety #simulation #using
Safety Culture: An Examination of the Relationship between a Safety Management System and Pilot Judgment Using Simulation in Aeronautics (SAC), pp. 453–459.
HIMI-HSM-2013-CastronovoMM #interface #what
What, Where, and When? Intelligent Presentation Management for Automotive Human Machine Interfaces and Its Application (SC, AM, CAM), pp. 460–469.
HIMI-HSM-2013-HiraokaTK #behaviour #parametricity
Proposal of Non-dimensional Parameter Indices to Evaluate Safe Driving Behavior (TH, ST, HK), pp. 470–479.
Autonomous Locomotion Based on Interpersonal Contexts of Pedestrian Areas for Intelligent Powered Wheelchair (TI, MK), pp. 480–489.
HIMI-HSM-2013-ItohKMYYO #behaviour #comparison
Comparison of Cognitively Impaired, Healthy Non-Professional and Healthy Professional Driver Behavior on a Small and Low-Fidelity Driving Simulator (MI, MK, KM, KY, SY, MO), pp. 490–496.
HIMI-HSM-2013-KarashimaN #behaviour #safety
Influence of the Safety Margin on Behavior that Violates Rules (MK, HN), pp. 497–506.
HIMI-HSM-2013-KimuraHTN #evaluation #performance #using
Determination of Alarm Setpoint for Alarm System Rationalization Using Performance Evaluation (NK, TH, KT, MN), pp. 507–514.
HIMI-HSM-2013-KosakaN #behaviour #education
Pilot Experiments in Education for Safe Bicycle Riding to Evaluate Actual Cycling Behaviors When Entering an Intersection (HK, MN), pp. 515–523.
HIMI-HSM-2013-LeeJ #analysis #simulation #using
Task Analysis of Soft Control Operations Using Simulation Data in Nuclear Power Plants (SJL, WJ), pp. 524–529.
HIMI-HSM-2013-MoreiraB #automation #interface
A Semiotic Based Method for Evaluating Automated Cockpit Interfaces (WM, RB), pp. 530–539.
HIMI-HSM-2013-NgoVGS #visual notation
A Visual Discrimination Task for Symbols in Air Traffic Management (MKN, KPLV, TG, TZS), pp. 540–547.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SaitoKII #behaviour
Influence of Deceleration Intention Indicating System of Forward Vehicle on Driver Behavior (YS, SK, MI, TI), pp. 548–557.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SuzukiMKY #behaviour
Human Behavior of Prioritizing Right-Turning Vehicles and Traffic Flow at Intersections (HS, YM, TK, YY), pp. 558–567.
HIMI-HSM-2013-SuzukiM #fault
Acceptable System Error of Collision Avoidance System Based on the Integrated Error of Driver and System (KS, MM), pp. 568–576.
Characteristics of Touch Panel Operation with Non-Dominant Hand in Car Driving Context (YH, TT), pp. 577–584.
HIMI-HSM-2013-IsonTV #design #simulation
Designing Simulation to Meet UAS Training Needs (DCI, BAT, DAV), pp. 585–595.
HIMI-HSM-2013-WadaNS #approach
Approach to Haptic Guidance Control in Steering Operation Based on Cooperative States between Driver and Control System (TW, RN, SS), pp. 596–605.
Measuring UAS Pilot Responses to Common Air Traffic Clearances (JZ, ZR, RO, RCR, GM, VB, TZS, DC, KPLV, JS), pp. 606–612.

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