Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Human Modeling
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Vincent G. Duffy
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Human Modeling
HCI/DHM, 2011.

Full names Links ISxN
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-642-21799-9",
	editor        = "Vincent G. Duffy",
	isbn          = "978-3-642-21798-2",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Human Modeling}",
	volume        = 6777,
	year          = 2011,

Contents (58 items)

DHM-2011-ChiouCC #3d #predict #reliability
The Effects of Landmarks and Training on 3D Surface Anthropometric Reliability and Hip Joint Center Prediction (WKC, BHC, WYC), pp. 3–11.
DHM-2011-FangF #automation
An Automatic Method for Computerized Head and Facial Anthropometry (JJF, SYF), pp. 12–21.
DHM-2011-SixiangCIL #3d #analysis #modelling #parametricity
3D Parametric Body Model Based on Chinese Female Anhtropometric Analysis (PS, CKC, WHI, AL), pp. 22–29.
DHM-2011-RanZCL #metric
Anthropometric Measurement of the Feet of Chinese Children (LR, XZ, CC, TL), pp. 30–36.
Human Dimensions of Chinese Minors (XZ, YW, LR, AF, KH, TL, JN), pp. 37–45.
DHM-2011-ZhangWRFHLN11a #development
Development of Sizing Systems for Chinese Minors (XZ, YW, LR, AF, KH, TL, JN), pp. 46–55.
DHM-2011-CloutierBY #modelling #validation
Motion Capture Experiments for Validating Optimization-Based Human Models (AC, RB, J(Y), pp. 59–68.
DHM-2011-GraggYB #modelling #re-engineering #simulation
Posture Reconstruction Method for Mapping Joint Angles of Motion Capture Experiments to Simulation Models (JG, J(Y, RB), pp. 69–78.
DHM-2011-GuenzkoferEBB #modelling
Joint Torque Modeling of Knee Extension and Flexion (FG, FE, HB, KB), pp. 79–88.
DHM-2011-HowardY #case study #predict
Predicting Support Reaction Forces for Standing and Seated Tasks with Given Postures-A Preliminary Study (BH, J(Y), pp. 89–98.
DHM-2011-KeyvaniJELO #data transformation
Schema for Motion Capture Data Management (AK, HJ, ME, DL, ), pp. 99–108.
DHM-2011-KwonHBAA #artificial reality #simulation
Simulating Ingress Motion for Heavy Earthmoving Equipment (HK, MH, RB, JA, KAM), pp. 109–118.
Contact Area Determination between a N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator and a Headform (ZL, J(Y), pp. 119–128.
DHM-2011-LiZ #evaluation
Ergonomics Evaluation of Three Operation Postures for Astronauts (DL, YZ), pp. 129–138.
DHM-2011-LiT #3d
In Silicon Study of 3D Elbow Kinematics (KL, VT), pp. 139–142.
DHM-2011-Maier #human-computer #interactive #recognition
Implicit Human-Computer Interaction by Posture Recognition (EM), pp. 143–150.
DHM-2011-MarlerKJ #analysis #predict
Optimization-Based Posture Prediction for Analysis of Box Lifting Tasks (TM, LK, RJ), pp. 151–160.
DHM-2011-OzsoyY #case study
Planar Vertical Jumping Simulation-A Pilot Study (BO, J(Y), pp. 161–170.
DHM-2011-PaulickDB #embedded #monitoring #named
StabilitySole: Embedded Sensor Insole for Balance and Gait Monitoring (PP, HD, MB), pp. 171–177.
DHM-2011-QinTD #type system #using
The Upper Extremity Loading during Typing Using One, Two and Three Fingers (JQ, MT, JTD), pp. 178–185.
DHM-2011-RupprechtHB #automation
Automatic Face Feature Points Extraction (DR, SH, RB), pp. 186–194.
DHM-2011-SchieferKOHE #3d #metric
3D Human Motion Capturing Based Only on Acceleration and Angular Rate Measurement for Low Extremities (CS, TK, EO, IH, RPE), pp. 195–203.
DHM-2011-SunGYZ #design #modelling #multi
Application of Human Modeling in Multi-crew Cockpit Design (XS, FG, XY, JZ), pp. 204–209.
DHM-2011-WangPBN #approach
A Biomechanical Approach for Evaluating Motion Related Discomfort : Illustration by an Application to Pedal Clutching Movement (XW, RP, NKB, JN), pp. 210–219.
Footbed Influences on Posture and Perceived Feel (TWW, RSG), pp. 220–227.
DHM-2011-XuCFKD #symmetry
Postural Observation of Shoulder Flexion during Asymmetric Lifting Tasks (XX, CCC, GSF, IK, JTD), pp. 228–230.
DHM-2011-ZouZYBGC #predict
An Alternative Formulation for Determining Weights of Joint Displacement Objective Function in Seated Posture Prediction (QZ, QZ, J(Y, RB, JG, AC), pp. 231–242.
DHM-2011-DAquaroMMR #game studies #question
Videogames and Elders: A New Path in LCT? (ND, DM, GM, LAR), pp. 245–254.
DHM-2011-DongWYF #evaluation #research #simulation
Research on Digital Human Model Used in Human Factor Simulation and Evaluation of Load Carriage Equipment (DD, LW, XY, SF), pp. 255–262.
DHM-2011-ElepfandtS #artificial reality #interactive #multimodal
Multimodal, Touchless Interaction in Spatial Augmented Reality Environments (ME, MS), pp. 263–271.
DHM-2011-FritzscheJLBJP #editing #performance #process #simulation
Introducing ema (Editor for Manual Work Activities) — A New Tool for Enhancing Accuracy and Efficiency of Human Simulations in Digital Production Planning (LF, RJ, WL, SB, TJ, AP), pp. 272–281.
DHM-2011-GrafHKM #3d #multi #re-engineering #realtime #video
Accelerated Real-Time Reconstruction of 3D Deformable Objects from Multi-view Video Channels (HG, LH, SK, CM), pp. 282–291.
DHM-2011-HodgesUBHSK #framework #platform
Second Life as a Platform for Creating Intelligent Virtual Agents (LFH, ACU, TB, ALH, JMS, BK), pp. 292–301.
DHM-2011-KaklanisMMT #assessment #automation #framework
A Framework for Automatic Simulated Accessibility Assessment in Virtual Environments (NK, PM, KM, DT), pp. 302–311.
DHM-2011-LongBY #modelling #overview #simulation
Cloth Modeling and Simulation: A Literature Survey (JL, KB, J(Y), pp. 312–320.
DHM-2011-LuximonL #case study
Preliminary Study on Dynamic Foot Model (AL, YL), pp. 321–327.
DHM-2011-Ng #3d #design
Three-Dimensional Grading of Virtual Garment with Design Signature Curves (RN), pp. 328–336.
DHM-2011-SchafferSM #human-computer #interactive #multimodal
A Model of Shortcut Usage in Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction (SS, RS, SM), pp. 337–346.
DHM-2011-SchmuntzschR #multimodal #user interface
Multimodal User Interfaces in IPS2 (US, MR), pp. 347–356.
DHM-2011-ShenY #assessment
The Application of the Human Model in the Thermal Comfort Assessment of Fighter Plane’s Cockpit (HS, XY), pp. 357–366.
DHM-2011-ZhangLMGZ #design
Mass Customization Methodology for Footwear Design (YZ, AL, XM, XG, MZ), pp. 367–375.
DHM-2011-BeckmannD #modelling
Incorporating Motion Data and Cognitive Models in IPS2 (MB, JD), pp. 379–386.
DHM-2011-JiangWTXW #case study #evaluation #performance
Study on Synthetic Evaluation of Human Performance in Manually Controlled Spacecraft Rendezvous and Docking Tasks (TJ, CW, ZT, YX, ZW), pp. 387–393.
Dynamic Power Tool Operation Model: Experienced Users vs. Novice Users (JHL, RWM, CCC), pp. 394–398.
DHM-2011-OdenthalMKKS #empirical #using
An Empirical Study of Disassembling Using an Augmented Vision System (BO, MPM, WK, BK, CMS), pp. 399–408.
DHM-2011-TangwenF #analysis #architecture #cumulative #learning #polymorphism
Polymorphic Cumulative Learning in Integrated Cognitive Architectures for Analysis of Pilot-Aircraft Dynamic Environment (TY, SF), pp. 409–416.
DHM-2011-WegerichR #adaptation #artificial reality
A Context-Aware Adaptation System for Spatial Augmented Reality (AW, MR), pp. 417–425.
DHM-2011-WuHYNH #parametricity #using
Using Physiological Parameters to Evaluate Operator’s Workload in Manual Controlled Rendezvous and Docking (RVD) (BW, FH, ZY, JN, WH), pp. 426–435.
DHM-2011-ZhangWZQL #complexity #fault
Task Complexity Related Training Effects on Operation Error of Spaceflight Emergency Task (YZ, BW, XZ, WQ, ML), pp. 436–445.
DHM-2011-ZhengF #evaluation #research
The Research of Crew Workload Evaluation Based on Digital Human Model (YZ, SF), pp. 446–450.
DHM-2011-BenderiusMWW #analysis #modelling #optimisation #simulation
A Simulation Environment for Analysis and Optimization of Driver Models (OB, GM, KW, MW), pp. 453–462.
DHM-2011-EilersM #composition #learning #modelling #using
Learning the Relevant Percepts of Modular Hierarchical Bayesian Driver Models Using a Bayesian Information Criterion (ME, CM), pp. 463–472.
DHM-2011-LaquaiDR #behaviour #modelling
Impact and Modeling of Driver Behavior Due to Cooperative Assistance Systems (FL, MD, GR), pp. 473–482.
DHM-2011-MobusEG #composition #predict
Predicting the Focus of Attention and Deficits in Situation Awareness with a Modular Hierarchical Bayesian Driver Model (CM, ME, HG), pp. 483–492.
DHM-2011-NeumannD #empirical #visual notation
The Two-Point Visual Control Model of Steering — New Empirical Evidence (HN, BD), pp. 493–502.
DHM-2011-TangoMAP #automation #behaviour #classification
Automation Effects on Driver’s Behaviour When Integrating a PADAS and a Distraction Classifier (FT, LM, RA, OP), pp. 503–512.
DHM-2011-WelkePRJ #analysis #how #modelling #validation #what
What Is Human? How the Analysis of Brain Dynamics Can Help to Improve and Validate Driver Models (SW, JP, MR, TJ), pp. 513–522.
DHM-2011-WortelenL #approach #automation #behaviour #estimation
Less Driving While Driving? An Approach for the Estimation of Effects of Future Vehicle Automation Systems on Driver Behavior (BW, AL), pp. 523–532.

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