Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Applications and Services
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Sakae Yamamoto
Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Applications and Services
HCI/HIMI p2, 2014.

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	address       = "Crete, Greece",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-319-07863-2",
	editor        = "Sakae Yamamoto",
	isbn          = "978-3-319-07862-5",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Applications and Services}",
	volume        = 8522,
	year          = 2014,

Contents (61 items)

HIMI-AS-2014-AlkhateebHH #comprehension #using
The Effects of Using Kit-Build Method to Support Reading Comprehension of EFL (MA, YH, TH), pp. 3–11.
HIMI-AS-2014-AraiKTKA #comprehension #development #learning #source code
Development of a Learning Support System for Source Code Reading Comprehension (TA, HK, TT, YK, TA), pp. 12–19.
HIMI-AS-2014-AsaiY #documentation #generative
EA Snippets: Generating Summarized View of Handwritten Documents Based on Emphasis Annotations (HA, HY), pp. 20–31.
HIMI-AS-2014-HaysahiH #collaboration #concept
Kit-Build Concept Mapping for Being Aware of the Gap of Exchanged Information in Collaborative Reading of the Literature (YH, TH), pp. 32–41.
HIMI-AS-2014-HirashimaYH #learning #problem #word
Triplet Structure Model of Arithmetical Word Problems for Learning by Problem-Posing (TH, SY, YH), pp. 42–50.
HIMI-AS-2014-KojimaHMH #physics
Training Archived Physical Skill through Immersive Virtual Environment (TK, AH, TM, MH), pp. 51–58.
HIMI-AS-2014-KometaniTFA #behaviour #education #estimation #student
An Improved Teaching Behavior Estimation Model from Student Evaluations (YK, TT, TF, TA), pp. 59–68.
HIMI-AS-2014-MatsuiHKA #behaviour #case study #education #learning
A Study on Exploration of Relationships between Behaviors and Mental States of Learners for Value Co-creative Education and Learning Environment (TM, YH, KK, TA), pp. 69–79.
HIMI-AS-2014-MikamiT #learning #music #performance
A Music Search System for Expressive Music Performance Learning (TM, KT), pp. 80–89.
HIMI-AS-2014-Sakurai #education
The Value Improvement in Education Service by Grasping the Value Acceptance State with ICT Utilized Education Environment (YS), pp. 90–98.
HIMI-AS-2014-SutoS #education
Developing an Education Material for Robot Literacy (HS, MS), pp. 99–108.
HIMI-AS-2014-TanakaTH #development #education #using
Development of Teaching Material Volume Calculations Using a Wooden Puzzle (TT, MT, IH), pp. 109–117.
HIMI-AS-2014-TogawaK #collaboration #framework #smarttech #using
Private Cloud Collaboration Framework for e-Learning Environment for Disaster Recovery Using Smartphone Alert Notification (ST, KK), pp. 118–126.
Report on Practice of Note-Rebuilding Support System (TT, TH), pp. 127–136.
HIMI-AS-2014-YamaguchiTT #learning #process #visualisation
Visualizing Mental Learning Processes with Invisible Mazes for Continuous Learning (TY, KT, KT), pp. 137–148.
HIMI-AS-2014-Coelho #analysis
Association of CCR and BCC Efficiencies to Market Variables in a Retrospective Two Stage Data Envelope Analysis (DAC), pp. 151–159.
HIMI-AS-2014-KeckHBHG #coordination #parallel #similarity
Exploring Similarity — Improving Product Search with Parallel Coordinates (MK, MH, AB, DH, RG), pp. 160–171.
HIMI-AS-2014-KoyamaYKT #named
ChoiceLog: Life Log System Based on Choices for Supporting Decision-Making (JK, KY, IK, YT), pp. 172–183.
HIMI-AS-2014-KoyamaYN #design #development #evaluation #problem #research
Research on User Involvement in Automobile Design Development — Focusing on the Problems of Design Evaluation (NK, MY, MN), pp. 184–192.
HIMI-AS-2014-OliveiraAJ #interface #maintenance
Human-Centered Interfaces for Situation Awareness in Maintenance (AO, RBdA, AJ), pp. 193–204.
HIMI-AS-2014-PandeyS #case study #data-driven #enterprise #user interface
Data Driven Enterprise UX: A Case Study of Enterprise Management Systems (SP, SS), pp. 205–216.
HIMI-AS-2014-XingGLK #clustering
Decision Support Based on Time-Series Analytics: A Cluster Methodology (WX, RG, NL, TRK), pp. 217–225.
HIMI-AS-2014-GotzeBPB #quote
“A Careful Driver is One Who Looks in Both Directions When He Passes a Red Light” — Increased Demands in Urban Traffic (MG, FB, IPS, KB), pp. 229–240.
HIMI-AS-2014-JiangLLC #identification #network #sequence
Neural Networks for Identifying Civil Pilot’s Operation Sequences (ZJ, QL, YL, BC), pp. 241–252.
HIMI-AS-2014-KangSCL #case study #eye tracking
A Study of Drivers’ Blind Spot in Used of Eye Tracking (YYK, YCS, CCC, CLL), pp. 253–260.
HIMI-AS-2014-LinLLL #case study #design #functional #interface #navigation
A Study on the Interface Design of a Functional Menu and Icons for In-Vehicle Navigation Systems (MCL, YHL, CCL, JYL), pp. 261–272.
HIMI-AS-2014-TerwilligerIVL #interface
Advancement and Application of Unmanned Aerial System Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) Technology (BAT, DCI, DAV, DL), pp. 273–283.
HIMI-AS-2014-VolpiIPOM #open data #visualisation
Roma Crash Map: An Open Data Visualization Tool for the Municipalities of Rome (VV, AI, MP, AO, CMM), pp. 284–295.
HIMI-AS-2014-ZhangXCZL #fault #predict #probability
Predictive Probability Model of Pilot Error Based on CREAM (XZ, HX, YC, LZ, GL), pp. 296–304.
HIMI-AS-2014-AbujaradSDP #online #safety
Management of On-Line Registries Information for Patient Safety in Long-Term Care (FA, SJS, TAD, LAP), pp. 307–316.
HIMI-AS-2014-CaldwellV #interface
Improving Control Room State Awareness through Complex Sonification Interfaces (BSC, JEV), pp. 317–323.
Voice Activated Personal Assistant: Acceptability of Use in the Public Space (AEM, KPLV), pp. 324–334.
HIMI-AS-2014-JangKJS #analysis #framework #reliability
A Framework of Human Reliability Analysis Method Considering Soft Control in Digital Main Control Rooms (IJ, ARK, WJ, PHS), pp. 335–346.
HIMI-AS-2014-SeigerSMS #concept #cyber-physical #interactive #process
A Resilient Interaction Concept for Process Management on Tabletops for Cyber-Physical Systems (RS, SS, SM, TS), pp. 347–358.
HIMI-AS-2014-YamamotoINTOW #development
From the Perspective of Service Engineering, The Development of Support Systems for Residents Affected by the Major Earthquake Disaster (SY, KI, NN, YT, KO, KW), pp. 359–370.
HIMI-AS-2014-HamaguchiAWA #communication #effectiveness #product line
Investigating the Effective Factors of Communication for Family Members Living Apart (NH, DA, MW, YA), pp. 373–382.
HIMI-AS-2014-HirokawaFSY #learning #mindmap
Learning Winespeak from Mind Map of Wine Blogs (SH, BF, TS, CY), pp. 383–393.
HIMI-AS-2014-HsiaoH #difference #recognition
Age Difference in Recognition of Emoticons (KAH, PLH), pp. 394–403.
HIMI-AS-2014-IizukaG #mobile #using
Basic Study on Personal Space while Using Mobile Devices in Public (SI, KG), pp. 404–412.
HIMI-AS-2014-ItaiYM #ambiguity #interface
Soft Interface with the Ambiguity Creation of the Action by Avatar Controller Inducing the Embodiment (SI, TY, YM), pp. 413–422.
HIMI-AS-2014-ItouMM #chat #communication #development
Development and Application of Manga-Style Chat System Aiming to Communicate Nonverbal Expression (JI, YM, JM), pp. 423–434.
HIMI-AS-2014-KhaoulaOSO #concept
Concepts and Applications of Human-Dependent Robots (YK, NO, PRSDS, MO), pp. 435–444.
Co-creative Bodily Expression through Remote Shadow Media System (YM, AN, NH, SI, HN), pp. 445–454.
HIMI-AS-2014-MoriHIT #adaptation
Favor Information Presentation and Its Effect for Collective-Adaptive Situation (AM, TH, YI, KT), pp. 455–466.
HIMI-AS-2014-OshimaHYMN #case study #effectiveness #women
The Effectiveness of Assistance Dogs Mounting ICT Devices: A Case Study of a Healthy Woman and Her Dog (CO, CH, KY, KM, KN), pp. 467–478.
Effects of Peer Pressure on Laughter (MS, NS), pp. 479–488.
HIMI-AS-2014-TanikawaA #analysis #overview
User Analysis and Questionnaire Survey (MT, YA), pp. 489–497.
HIMI-AS-2014-IkeiOSAAH #experience
To Relive a Valuable Experience of the World at the Digital Museum (YI, YO, SS, KA, TA, KH), pp. 501–510.
A Knowledge Distribution Model to Support an Author in Narrative Creation (HK, SJ, HTK, WCY), pp. 511–522.
Digital Museums of Cultural Heritages in Kyoto: The Gion Festival in a Virtual Space (LL, KH, TF, WW, ST, TN, KH, HTT), pp. 523–534.
HIMI-AS-2014-MaeshiroM #network #process
Polyhedron Network Model to Describe Creative Processes (TM, MM), pp. 535–545.
HIMI-AS-2014-MakiY #3d #image #multi #using
3D CG Integral Photography Artwork Using Glittering Effects in the Post-processing of Multi-viewpoint Rendered Images (NM, KY), pp. 546–554.
HIMI-AS-2014-MeghiniB #experience #library #towards #user interface
Steps towards Enhancing the User Experience in Accessing Digital Libraries (CM, VB), pp. 555–566.
HIMI-AS-2014-NarumiOKTH #abstraction #comprehension
Switching the Level of Abstraction in Digital Exhibitions to Provide an Understanding of Mechanisms (TN, HO, RK, TT, MH), pp. 567–576.
HIMI-AS-2014-AsikisL #recommendation #research
Operations Research and Recommender Systems (TA, GL), pp. 579–589.
HIMI-AS-2014-GuimaraesSAF #usability
E-Governance Transparency in Brazil — The Lack of Usability Is Detrimental to Citizenship (CG, LDRS, DRA, RF), pp. 590–601.
HIMI-AS-2014-KinoeN #design #quality #visual notation
Qualitative Study for the Design of Assistive Technologies for Improving Quality of Life of Visually Impaired (YK, AN), pp. 602–613.
HIMI-AS-2014-NozakiY #internet #modelling
Modeling Consumers with TV and Internet (AN, KY), pp. 614–621.
HIMI-AS-2014-OhtaK #evaluation
The Relationships between the Products and Affective Evaluation Concerning Uniqueness (YO, KK), pp. 622–630.
HIMI-AS-2014-TehraniS #enterprise #in the cloud
Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing by Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) (SRT, FS), pp. 631–642.
HIMI-AS-2014-UeiFKNKS #design #education #evaluation #learning
Learning Effect Evaluation of an Educational Tool for Product-Service System Design Based on Learner Viewpoints (KU, TF, AK, YN, KK, YS), pp. 643–652.

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