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58 papers:

CHICHI-2015-BreretonSVR #distance #prototype
The Messaging Kettle: Prototyping Connection over a Distance between Adult Children and Older Parents (MB, AS, KV, PR), pp. 713–716.
CHICHI-2015-LatulipeGNMQBSA #design
Design Considerations for Patient Portal Adoption by Low-Income, Older Adults (CL, AG, HTN, DPM, SAQ, AGB, AS, TAA), pp. 3859–3868.
CSCWCSCW-2015-ZhaoFZZD #online #social
To Risk or Not to Risk?: Improving Financial Risk Taking of Older Adults by Online Social Information (JCZ, WTF, HZ, SZ, HBLD), pp. 95–104.
CHICHI-2014-ArreolaMFCCW #design
From checking on to checking in: designing for low socio-economic status older adults (IA, ZM, MF, KC, KEC, GEW), pp. 1933–1936.
CHICHI-2014-HaddadMJ #design #interface #nondeterminism #towards
Interface design for older adults with varying cultural attitudes toward uncertainty (SH, JM, CJ), pp. 1913–1922.
CHICHI-2014-HopeSP #comprehension #social
Understanding digital and material social communications for older adults (AH, TS, AMP), pp. 3903–3912.
CHICHI-2014-MeurerSRRW #dependence #mobile #social
Social dependency and mobile autonomy: supporting older adults’ mobility with ridesharing ict (JM, MS, DR, MR, VW), pp. 1923–1932.
CHICHI-2014-NorvalAH #network #recommendation #social #what
What’s on your mind?: investigating recommendations for inclusive social networking and older adults (CN, JLA, VLH), pp. 3923–3932.
CHICHI-2014-ThreattMGWBH #design #evaluation #process
An assistive robotic table for older and post-stroke adults: results from participatory design and evaluation activities with clinical staff (AT, JM, KEG, IDW, JOB, SH), pp. 673–682.
CHICHI-2014-VaisutisBRVDNB #people #social
Invisible connections: investigating older people’s emotions and social relations around objects (KV, MB, TR, FV, JD, BN, LB), pp. 1937–1940.
HCIDUXU-DI-2014-FernandesP #evaluation #experience #online #user interface
Online Shopping Websites: An Evaluation of User Experience and Interface Ergonomic Criteria from the Perspective of Older Users (FRF, LCP), pp. 104–115.
HCIDUXU-DI-2014-FernandesP14a #evaluation #experience #named #online #user interface
Erratum: Online Shopping Websites: An Evaluation of User Experience and Interface Ergonomic Criteria from the Perspective of Older Users (FRF, LCP).
The Impact of Human Likeness on the Older Adults’ Perceptions and Preferences of Humanoid Robot Appearance (KR, ÖÖ, ÖA), pp. 164–172.
HCILCT-TRE-2014-Garcia-PenalvoGO #development #mobile #people #repository
Mobile Apps for Older Users — The Development of a Mobile Apps Repository for Older People (FJGP, MÁCG, VMO), pp. 117–126.
HTHT-2013-BellFFNHF #social #social media
Examining social media use among older adults (CB, CBF, SF, JN, LH, WBF), pp. 158–163.
CHICHI-2013-RiceTOYWN #behaviour #game studies #interactive
The dynamics of younger and older adult’s paired behavior when playing an interactive silhouette game (MDR, WPT, JO, LJY, MW, JN), pp. 1081–1090.
CHICHI-2013-WarnockMB #multi
Multiple notification modalities and older users (DW, MRML, SAB), pp. 1091–1094.
Older adults as digital content producers (JW, FV, SP, LK, EO, AG, JD), pp. 39–48.
HCIDUXU-NTE-2013-CombeHD #design #people #self #usability
Designing Technology for Older People — The Role of Technical Self-confidence in Usability of an Inclusive Heating Control (NC, DH, HD), pp. 49–56.
HCIDUXU-NTE-2013-ReisDR #usability #using
Main Usability Issues in Using Virtual Environments for Older Population Warning Studies (LR, ED, FR), pp. 189–198.
HCIHCI-UC-2013-BrohlBJS #design #project management
Icon Design for Older Users of Project Management Software (CB, JB, NJ, CMS), pp. 127–135.
HCIHIMI-D-2013-VuH #memory management #strict
The Influence of Password Restrictions and Mnemonics on the Memory for Passwords of Older Adults (KPLV, MMH), pp. 660–668.
CHICHI-2012-BrehmerMTJ #testing
Investigating interruptions in the context of computerised cognitive testing for older adults (MB, JM, CT, CJ), pp. 2649–2658.
CHICHI-2012-GerlingLNM #game studies #interactive
Full-body motion-based game interaction for older adults (KMG, IJL, LN, RLM), pp. 1873–1882.
CHICHI-2012-LindsayJSO #design #people #using
Engaging older people using participatory design (SL, DJ, GS, PO), pp. 1199–1208.
CHICHI-2011-HillDAGM #experience #eye tracking #web
Older web users’ eye movements: experience counts (RLH, AD, JLA, PG, LM), pp. 1151–1160.
Cursor relocation techniques to help older adults find “lost” cursors (NH, FH), pp. 863–866.
CHICHI-2011-LeeD #functional
Reflecting on pills and phone use: supporting awareness of functional abilities for older adults (MLL, AKD), pp. 2095–2104.
CHICHI-2011-OlwalLZ #mobile #named #personalisation
OldGen: mobile phone personalization for older adults (AO, DL, EZ), pp. 3393–3396.
HCIDUXU-v2-2011-WatanabeYHA #user interface #web
Study of User Interface for Browsing Web Contents That Considers the Cognitive Features of Older Users (MW, SY, RH, YA), pp. 60–67.
Electronic Medication Reminder for Older Adults (YLL, CFL, WCT), pp. 327–334.
HCIHCI-ITE-2011-KwonCSAG #how #interactive #internet
Older User-Computer Interaction on the Internet: How Conversational Agents Can Help (WSK, VC, SIS, HA, JEG), pp. 533–536.
HCIHCI-MIIE-2011-CharissisPMA #evaluation #interface #prototype
Evaluation of Collision Avoidance Prototype Head-Up Display Interface for Older Drivers (VC, SP, LMM, SA), pp. 367–375.
HCIHCI-MIIE-2011-Edlin-WhiteCDFLR #adaptation #challenge #interface
Accessibility for Older Users through Adaptive Interfaces: Opportunities, Challenges and Achievements (REW, SC, MD, AF, SL, JckhR), pp. 483–489.
HCIHCI-UA-2011-VellaVR #people
Investigating Drag and Drop Techniques for Older People with Cognitive Impairment (FV, NV, PR), pp. 530–538.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-TanakaYSN #comparison #using
Characteristics of Comfortable Sheet Switches on Control Panels of Electrical Appliances: Comparison Using Older and Younger Users (YT, YY, MS, MN), pp. 498–507.
HCIIDGD-2011-YuehLLC #design
Menu Design of Digital Photo Frame for Older Users (HPY, WJL, TYL, YLC), pp. 265–272.
Pointassist for older adults: analyzing sub-movement characteristics to aid in pointing tasks (JPH, CMN, KBP, NLD), pp. 1115–1124.
CHICHI-2010-MoffattM #fault #named
Steadied-bubbles: combining techniques to address pen-based pointing errors for younger and older adults (KM, JM), pp. 1125–1134.
CHICHI-2010-PiperCH #health
Exploring the accessibility and appeal of surface computing for older adult health care support (AMP, RC, JDH), pp. 907–916.
Desiring to be in touch in a changing communications landscape: attitudes of older adults (SEL, RHRH, AS), pp. 1693–1702.
HCIDHM-2009-LoudonM #design #representation #towards #visual notation
Towards a Visual Representation of the Effects of Reduced Muscle Strength in Older Adults: New Insights and Applications for Design and Healthcare (DL, ASM), pp. 540–549.
HCIHCD-2009-SimoesP #adaptation
Older Drivers and New In-Vehicle Technologies: Adaptation and Long-Term Effects (AS, MP), pp. 552–561.
HCIHCI-AUII-2009-Sixsmith #comprehension
Understanding the Older User of Ambient Technologies (AS), pp. 511–519.
HCIHCI-VAD-2009-FerreAIM #game studies #testing
Playability Testing of Web-Based Sport Games with Older Children and Teenagers (XF, AdA, RI, NM), pp. 315–324.
HTHT-2007-HishamE #case study #interface
Incorporating culture in user-interface: a case study of older adults in malaysia (SH, ADNE), pp. 145–146.
CHICHI-2007-DickinsonSANH #navigation #web
Approaches to web search and navigation for older computer novices (AD, MJS, JLA, AFN, RLH), pp. 281–290.
CHICHI-2007-ZiefleSSM #how
How younger and older adults master the usage of hyperlinks in small screen devices (MZ, US, JS, TM), pp. 307–316.
Effect of Noise-Enhanced on the Balance Control Ability in Older Adults (FW, RW, DJ, XH, YY, JZ, NY), pp. 483–489.
HCIHCI-IDU-2007-GaoSRA #design #effectiveness #navigation #tool support #web
Design Effective Navigation Tools for Older Web Users (QG, HS, PLPR, YA), pp. 765–773.
HCIHCI-IDU-2007-WangSJRA #animation
Perception of Movements and Transformations in Flash Animations of Older Adults (LW, HS, LJ, PLPR, YA), pp. 966–975.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2005-GouldS #user interface
User interface considerations for older users (JG, MS), p. 408.
ICEISICEIS-v5-2004-Zajicek #design #interface
A Methodology for Interface Design for Older Adults (MZ), pp. 81–88.
CHICHI-2003-JackoSSBEEKMZ #feedback #multimodal #performance #question #visual notation #what
Older adults and visual impairment: what do exposure times and accuracy tell us about performance gains associated with multimodal feedback? (JAJ, IUS, FS, LB, PJE, VKE, TK, KPM, BSZ), pp. 33–40.
ICFPICFP-2002-HansenC #case study #garbage collection
An experimental study of renewal-older-first garbage collection (LTH, WDC), pp. 247–258.
HCIHCI-CCAD-1999-Sandhu #human-computer #information management #people
HCI public service information systems focused on the needs of disabled and older people (JSS), pp. 927–931.
Making Computers Easier for Older Adults to Use: Area Cursors and Sticky Icons (AW, NW, KB, SEH), pp. 266–271.
CHICHI-1990-Telles #interface
Updating an older interface (MT), pp. 243–248.

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