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Collaborated with:
M.C.Weigle F.McCown M.Klein M.Zubair H.SalahEldeen H.V.d.Sompel K.Maly M.Kelly C.L.Cartledge J.F.Brunelle J.A.Smith Y.AlNoamany A.Alsum X.Liu T.L.Harrison S.Alam R.B.Byrnes S.Ainsworth J.Bollen A.C.Nwala M.Prellwitz S.N.T.Shen E.G.d.Paula R.Haq A.Alasaadi H.M.SalahEldeen R.Sanderson L.Balakireva S.G.Ainsworth M.Aturban J.L.Shipman O.Hunsicker T.Lutkenhouse S.Warner N.Diawara J.Ware F.u.d.B.Mehmood L.M.Alkwai R.Luce A.Amrou L.Wang C.Chu W.E.Baskin J.Z.Pao S.Kwak R.B.McGhee G.Marchionini G.Geisler M.Yang N.McFarland A.B.Ziegler A.Aizman H.Shankar D.S.H.Rosenthal S.Kothamasa S.Kothasama H.Anan J.C.French E.A.Fox P.Shivakumar R.Tang M.I.Padshah G.Roncaglia J.Rocker W.v.Ofenheim J.Stack F.Knudson B.Goldsmith I.Holtkamp M.Blake J.Carter M.D.Giacomo J.Nutter S.Brown R.Montbrand S.Landenberger K.Pierson V.Duran B.Moser
Talks about:
web (27) archiv (22) oai (9) resourc (8) evalu (8) page (8) use (8) preserv (7) time (6) websit (5)

Person: Michael L. Nelson

DBLP DBLP: Nelson:Michael_L=

Facilitated 2 volumes:

JCDL 2006Ed
JCDL 2012Ed

Contributed to:

HT 20152015
TPDL 20152015
ECIR 20142014
JCDL 20142014
TPDL 20132013
TPDL 20122012
TPDL 20112011
HT 20102010
ECIR 20092009
Hypertext 20092009
ECDL 20082008
ECDL 20062006
Hypertext 20062006
ECDL 20052005
Hypertext 20052005
ECDL 20042004
ECDL 20022002
ECDL 19991999
TOOLS USA 19931993
TOOLS USA 19921992
TOOLS USA 19911991
ADL 19981998
JCDL 20012001
JCDL 20022002
JCDL 20032003
JCDL 20042004
JCDL 20072007
JCDL 20082008
JCDL 20092009
JCDL 20102010
JCDL 20112011
JCDL 20132013
JCDL 20152015
JCDL 20172017
JCDL 20182018

Wrote 73 papers:

HT-2015-AinsworthNS #web
Only One Out of Five Archived Web Pages Existed as Presented (SGA, MLN, HVdS), pp. 257–266.
TPDL-2015-AlNoamanyWN #detection #topic #web
Detecting Off-Topic Pages in Web Archives (YA, MCW, MLN), pp. 225–237.
TPDL-2015-AlNoamanyWN15a #social #social media
Characteristics of Social Media Stories (YA, MCW, MLN), pp. 267–279.
TPDL-2015-AlamNSBSR #profiling #summary #web
Web Archive Profiling Through CDX Summarization (SA, MLN, HVdS, LB, HS, DSHR), pp. 3–14.
Quantifying Orphaned Annotations in (MA, MLN, MCW), pp. 15–27.
ECIR-2014-AlsumN #summary #web
Thumbnail Summarization Techniques for Web Archives (AA, MLN), pp. 299–310.
JCDL-2014-BrunelleKSWN #impact analysis
Not all mementos are created equal: Measuring the impact of missing resources (JFB, MK, HS, MCW, MLN), pp. 321–330.
JCDL-2014-CartledgeN #question
When should I make preservation copies of myself? (CLC, MLN), pp. 1–10.
JCDL-2014-KellyNW #html #javascript #performance
The Archival Acid Test: Evaluating archive performance on advanced HTML and JavaScript (MK, MLN, MCW), pp. 25–28.
JCDL-2014-KellyNW14a #experience #named #using #web
Mink: Integrating the live and archived web viewing experience using web browsers and memento (MK, MLN, MCW), pp. 469–470.
TPDL-2013-AlNoamanyAWN #internet #what
Who and What Links to the Internet Archive (YA, AA, MCW, MLN), pp. 346–357.
TPDL-2013-AlsumWNS #profiling #web
Profiling Web Archive Coverage for Top-Level Domain and Content Language (AA, MCW, MLN, HVdS), pp. 60–71.
TPDL-2013-BrunelleNBSS #transaction #web
Evaluating the SiteStory Transactional Web Archive with the ApacheBench Tool (JFB, MLN, LB, RS, HVdS), pp. 204–215.
TPDL-2013-KellyBWN #on the
On the Change in Archivability of Websites Over Time (MK, JFB, MCW, MLN), pp. 35–47.
TPDL-2013-SalahEldeenN #social #using #web
Resurrecting My Revolution — Using Social Link Neighborhood in Bringing Context to the Disappearing Web (HS, MLN), pp. 333–345.
TPDL-2013-SompelNKS #framework #named
ResourceSync: The NISO/OAI Resource Synchronization Framework (HVdS, MLN, MK, RS), pp. 488–489.
TPDL-2012-SalahEldeenN #how #question #social #social media
Losing My Revolution: How Many Resources Shared on Social Media Have Been Lost? (HS, MLN), pp. 125–137.
TPDL-2011-KleinN #web
Find, New, Copy, Web, Page — Tagging for the (Re-)Discovery of Web Pages (MK, MLN), pp. 27–39.
TPDL-2011-PrellwitzN #music #video
Music Video Redundancy and Half-Life in YouTube (MP, MLN), pp. 143–150.
HT-2010-CartledgeN #analysis #graph
Analysis of graphs for digital preservation suitability (CLC, MLN), pp. 109–118.
HT-2010-KleinSN #question
Is this a good title? (MK, JLS, MLN), pp. 3–12.
ECIR-2009-KleinN #correlation #documentation #n-gram
Correlation of Term Count and Document Frequency for Google N-Grams (MK, MLN), pp. 620–627.
HT-2009-KleinHN #performance #web
Comparing the performance of us college football teams in the web and on the field (MK, OH, MLN), pp. 63–72.
ECDL-2008-KleinN #web
Revisiting Lexical Signatures to (Re-)Discover Web Pages (MK, MLN), pp. 371–382.
ECDL-2008-SmithN #evaluation #metadata
A Quantitative Evaluation of Dissemination-Time Preservation Metadata (JAS, MLN), pp. 346–357.
ECDL-2006-ChuBPN #architecture #research
OAI-PMH Architecture for the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Science Data Center (CC, WEB, JZP, MLN), pp. 524–527.
ECDL-2006-SmithKN #replication #repository #using
Repository Replication Using NNTP and SMTP (JAS, MK, MLN), pp. 51–62.
HT-2006-HarrisonN #web
Just-in-time recovery of missing web pages (TLH, MLN), pp. 145–156.
HT-2006-McCownN #crawling #evaluation #policy
Evaluation of crawling policies for a web-repository crawler (FM, MLN), pp. 157–168.
ECDL-2005-McCownBN #evaluation
Evaluation of the NSDL and Google for Obtaining Pedagogical Resources (FM, JB, MLN), pp. 344–355.
ECDL-2005-NelsonSLHM #metadata #named
mod_oai: An Apache Module for Metadata Harvesting (MLN, HVdS, XL, TLH, NM), pp. 509–510.
HT-2005-LutkenhouseNB #community #distributed #realtime
Distributed, real-time computation of community preferences (TL, MLN, JB), pp. 88–97.
ECDL-2004-MalyNZAKWL #performance #usability
Enhancing Kepler Usability and Performance (KM, MLN, MZ, AA, SK, LW, RL), pp. 317–328.
Technical Report Interchange through Synchronized OAI Caches (XL, KM, MZ, RT, MIP, GR, JR, MLN, WvO, RL, JS, FK, BG, IH, MB, JC, MDG, JN, SB, RM, SL, KP, VD, BM), pp. 176–189.
ECDL-1999-NelsonMZS #named
SODA: Smart Objects, Dumb Archives (MLN, KM, MZ, SNTS), pp. 453–464.
TOOLS-USA-1993-NelsonBKM #object-oriented
Putting Object-Oriented Technology to Work in Autonomous Vehicles (MLN, RBB, SHK, RBM), pp. 279–288.
TOOLS-USA-1992-NelsonB #agile #object-oriented #prototype
A Spiral Model of Object-Oriented Rapid Prototyping (MLN, RBB), pp. 111–120.
TOOLS-USA-1991-PaulaN #design
Designing a Class Hierarchy (EGdP, MLN), pp. 203–218.
ADL-1998-NelsonMSZ #clustering #multi #protocol #using
NCSTRL+: Adding Multi-Discipline and Multi-Genre Support to the Dienst Protocol Using Clusters and Buckets (MLN, KM, SNTS, MZ), pp. 128–136.
JCDL-2001-LiuMZN #named
Arc: an OAI service provider for cross-archive searching (XL, KM, MZ, MLN), pp. 65–66.
JCDL-2001-NelsonMGY #architecture #video
A bucket architecture for the open video project (MLN, GM, GG, MY), pp. 310–311.
JCDL-2002-AnanLMNZFFS #architecture #using
Preservation and transition of NCSTRL using an OAI-based architecture (HA, XL, KM, MLN, MZ, JCF, EAF, PS), pp. 181–182.
JCDL-2002-LiuMZN #crawling #named #web
DP9: an OAI gateway service for web crawlers (XL, KM, MZ, MLN), pp. 283–284.
JCDL-2002-NelsonSW #metadata #overview #protocol
Advanced overview of version 2.0 of the open archives initiative protocol for metadata harvesting (MLN, HVdS, SW), p. 418.
The Dienst-OAI Gateway (TLH, MLN, MZ), pp. 309–311.
JCDL-2003-LiuMZN #framework #repository
Repository Synchronization in the OAI Framework (XL, KM, MZ, MLN), pp. 191–198.
JCDL-2004-MalyNZAKWL #library
Light-weight communal digital libraries (KM, MLN, MZ, AA, SK, LW, RL), pp. 237–238.
JCDL-2007-McCownDN #framework #re-engineering #web
Factors affecting website reconstruction from the web infrastructure (FM, ND, MLN), pp. 39–48.
JCDL-2007-McCownN #interface
Agreeing to disagree: search engines and their public interfaces (FM, MLN), pp. 309–318.
JCDL-2007-SmithN #generative #metadata #web
Generating best-effort preservation metadata for web resources at time of dissemination (JAS, MLN), pp. 51–52.
JCDL-2008-McCownN #component #framework #web
Recovering a website’s server components from the web infrastructure (FM, MLN), pp. 124–133.
JCDL-2008-McCownN08a #analysis #re-engineering
Usage analysis of a public website reconstruction tool (FM, MLN), pp. 371–374.
JCDL-2009-CartledgeN #network
Unsupervised creation of small world networks for the preservation of digital objects (CLC, MLN), pp. 349–352.
JCDL-2009-HaqN #encryption #using
Using timed-release cryptography to mitigate the preservation risk of embargo periods (RH, MLN), pp. 183–192.
JCDL-2009-McCownN #facebook #question #what
What happens when facebook is gone? (FM, MLN), pp. 251–254.
JCDL-2009-McCownN09a #framework #repository #web
A framework for describing web repositories (FM, MLN), pp. 341–344.
JCDL-2010-KleinN #framework #web
Evaluating methods to rediscover missing web pages from the web infrastructure (MK, MLN), pp. 59–68.
JCDL-2011-AinsworthASWN #how #question #web
How much of the web is archived? (SA, AA, HS, MCW, MLN), pp. 133–136.
JCDL-2011-AlasaadiN #persistent
Persistent annotations deserve new URIs (AA, MLN), pp. 195–198.
JCDL-2011-KleinWN #using #web
Rediscovering missing web pages using link neighborhood lexical signatures (MK, JW, MLN), pp. 137–140.
JCDL-2013-AinsworthN #policy #web
Evaluating sliding and sticky target policies by measuring temporal drift in acyclic walks through a web archive (SA, MLN), pp. 39–48.
JCDL-2013-AlNoamanyWN #data access #web
Access patterns for robots and humans in web archives (YA, MCW, MLN), pp. 339–348.
JCDL-2013-BrunelleN #evaluation #policy
An evaluation of caching policies for memento timemaps (JFB, MLN), pp. 267–276.
JCDL-2013-SalahEldeenN #modelling #resource management
Reading the correct history?: modeling temporal intention in resource sharing (HS, MLN), pp. 257–266.
Improving Accessibility of Archived Raster Dictionaries of Complex Script Languages (SA, FudBM, MLN), pp. 47–56.
JCDL-2015-AlkwaiNW #how #question
How Well Are Arabic Websites Archived? (LMA, MLN, MCW), pp. 223–232.
JCDL-2015-SalahEldeenN #predict #resource management
Predicting Temporal Intention in Resource Sharing (HMS, MLN), pp. 205–214.
JCDL-2017-AlamKWN #re-engineering #using
Client-Side Reconstruction of Composite Mementos Using ServiceWorker (SA, MK, MCW, MLN), pp. 237–240.
JCDL-2017-BrunelleWN #crawling #javascript
Archival Crawlers and JavaScript: Discover More Stuff but Crawl More Slowly (JFB, MCW, MLN), pp. 1–10.
JCDL-2017-NwalaWZAN #memory management #tool support
Local Memory Project: Providing Tools to Build Collections of Stories for Local Events from Local Sources (ACN, MCW, ABZ, AA, MLN), pp. 219–228.
JCDL-2018-KellyNW #framework #web
A Framework for Aggregating Private and Public Web Archives (MK, MLN, MCW), pp. 273–282.
JCDL-2018-NwalaWN #matter
Scraping SERPs for Archival Seeds: It Matters When You Start (ACN, MCW, MLN), pp. 263–272.

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