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Tag #facebook

93 papers:

CIKMCIKM-2019-NiYWLNQC #algorithm #feature model #ranking
Feature Selection for Facebook Feed Ranking System via a Group-Sparsity-Regularized Training Algorithm (XN, YY, PW, YL, SN, QQ, CC), pp. 2085–2088.
Facebook Disaster Maps: Aggregate Insights for Crisis Response & Recovery (PM), p. 3173.
SASSAS-2018-OHearn #analysis #concurrent #experience
Experience Developing and Deploying Concurrency Analysis at Facebook (PWO), pp. 56–70.
ECIRECIR-2016-LinOLVVKP #recommendation
A Business Zone Recommender System Based on Facebook and Urban Planning Data (JL, RJO, EPL, CV, AV, ATK, PKP), pp. 641–647.
FSEFSE-2016-RossiSSBSS #deployment #mobile
Continuous deployment of mobile software at facebook (showcase) (CR, ES, SS, KLB, TS, MS), pp. 12–23.
HTHT-2015-HeimbachSSH #empirical #network #online #social #twitter
Content Virality on Online Social Networks: Empirical Evidence from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ on German News Websites (IH, BS, TS, OH), pp. 39–47.
Tag Me Maybe: Perceptions of Public Targeted Sharing on Facebook (SS, AMH, KB, TH), pp. 299–303.
Networked Empowerment on Facebook Groups for Parents of Children with Special Needs (TA, SYS), pp. 2805–2814.
CHICHI-2015-BirnholtzMP #quote
“Is it Weird to Still Be a Virgin”: Anonymous, Locally Targeted Questions on Facebook Confession Boards (JPB, NARM, AP), pp. 2613–2622.
CHICHI-2015-RaderG #algorithm #comprehension
Understanding User Beliefs About Algorithmic Curation in the Facebook News Feed (ER, RG), pp. 173–182.
CSCWCSCW-2015-BazarovaCSCW #difference #social
Social Sharing of Emotions on Facebook: Channel Differences, Satisfaction, and Replies (NNB, YHC, VSS, DC, JW), pp. 154–164.
CSCWCSCW-2015-HaimsonBDH #gender
Disclosure, Stress, and Support During Gender Transition on Facebook (OLH, JRB, LD, GRH), pp. 1176–1190.
The Facebook Study: A Personal Account of Data Science, Ethics and Change (JTH), p. 1.
CSCWCSCW-2015-KangLOKHS #comprehension #process #relational #towards
Towards Understanding Relational Orientation: Attachment Theory and Facebook Activities (BK, SL, AO, SK, IH, JS), pp. 1404–1415.
CSCWCSCW-2015-KumarS #privacy #women
The Modern Day Baby Book: Enacting Good Mothering and Stewarding Privacy on Facebook (PK, SYS), pp. 1302–1312.
CSCWCSCW-2015-MarshallS #persistent
Exploring the Ownership and Persistent Value of Facebook Content (CCM, FMSI), pp. 712–723.
CSCWCSCW-2015-ParkKLYJC #case study #network #social
Manifestation of Depression and Loneliness on Social Networks: A Case Study of Young Adults on Facebook (SP, IK, SWL, JY, BJ, MC), pp. 557–570.
HCISCSM-2015-BeldadK #risk management
It’s Not About the Risks, I’m just Used to Doing It: Disclosure of Personal Information on Facebook Among Adolescent Dutch Users (ADB, RK), pp. 185–195.
PDPPDP-2015-CostantinoS #design #development #privacy
Design and Development of a Facebook Application to Raise Privacy Awareness (GC, DS), pp. 583–586.
SOSPSOSP-2015-LuVAHSTKL #comprehension #consistency
Existential consistency: measuring and understanding consistency at Facebook (HL, KV, PA, JH, YJS, WT, SK, WL), pp. 295–310.
SOSPSOSP-2015-TangKVCWNDK #configuration management
Holistic configuration management at Facebook (CT, TK, PV, AC, ZW, AN, PD, RK), pp. 328–343.
LICSLICS-2015-OHearn #category theory #logic
From Categorical Logic to Facebook Engineering (PWO), pp. 17–20.
An argument for archiving Facebook as a heterogeneous personal store (CCM, FMSI), pp. 11–20.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2014-GoelCGMMHW #database #performance
Fast database restarts at facebook (AG, BC, CG, DM, JM, FUH, JLW), pp. 541–549.
CHICHI-2014-0005LACFS #privacy
A field trial of privacy nudges for facebook (YW, PGL, AA, LFC, AF, NMS), pp. 2367–2376.
CHICHI-2014-BurkeK #network #social
Growing closer on facebook: changes in tie strength through social network site use (MB, REK), pp. 4187–4196.
CHICHI-2014-CrivellaroCBWO #social
A pool of dreams: facebook, politics and the emergence of a social movement (CC, RC, JB, PCW, PO), pp. 3573–3582.
CHICHI-2014-WisniewskiXC #adaptation #comprehension #timeline
Understanding user adaptation strategies for the launching of facebook timeline (PJW, HX, YC), pp. 2421–2430.
CSCWCSCW-2014-BackstromK #analysis #network #social
Romantic partnerships and the dispersion of social ties: a network analysis of relationship status on facebook (LB, JMK), pp. 831–841.
CSCWCSCW-2014-ChoudhuryCHH #predict
Characterizing and predicting postpartum depression from shared facebook data (MDC, SC, EH, AH), pp. 626–638.
Help is on the way: patterns of responses to resource requests on facebook (CL, RG, ATF, NBE), pp. 3–15.
CSCWCSCW-2014-LittSBHSR #self
Awkward encounters of an “other” kind: collective self-presentation and face threat on facebook (EL, ELS, JPB, JTH, MES, LR), pp. 449–460.
Capturing the mood: facebook and face-to-face encounters in the workplace (GM, STI, MC, PJ), pp. 1082–1094.
Framing the conversation: the role of facebook conversations in shopping for eyeglasses (KS, MAB, AH, SKK), pp. 652–661.
CSCWCSCW-2014-Vitak #maintenance #strict
Facebook makes the heart grow fonder: relationship maintenance strategies among geographically dispersed and communication-restricted connections (JV), pp. 842–853.
CSCWCSCW-2014-VitakK #how #people #process #quote
“You can’t block people offline”: examining how facebook’s affordances shape the disclosure process (JV, JK), pp. 461–474.
HCISCSM-2014-SolingerHHFL #approach #multi #predict #social #social media
Beyond Facebook Personality Prediction: — A Multidisciplinary Approach to Predicting Social Media Users’ Personality (CS, LMH, SHH, RF, CL), pp. 486–493.
CIKMCIKM-2014-SpirinHDKB #analysis #graph #network #online #people #query #scalability #social
People Search within an Online Social Network: Large Scale Analysis of Facebook Graph Search Query Logs (NVS, JH, MD, KGK, MB), pp. 1009–1018.
OSDIOSDI-2014-SubramanianLRHLLPSVTK #named
f4: Facebook’s Warm BLOB Storage System (MS, WL, SR, CH, EL, WL, SP, SS, SV, LT, SK), pp. 383–398.
HTHT-2013-NasimIRN #behaviour #on the
On commenting behavior of Facebook users (MN, MUI, AR, NN), pp. 179–183.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2013-ArmstrongPBC #benchmark #database #graph #metric #named #social
LinkBench: a database benchmark based on the Facebook social graph (TGA, VP, DB, MC), pp. 1185–1196.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2013-Borthakur #database
Petabyte scale databases and storage systems at Facebook (DB), pp. 1267–1268.
Scuba: Diving into Data at Facebook (LA, JA, OB, VRB, BC, CG, DM, JM, DR, SS, JLW, OZ), pp. 1057–1067.
CHICHI-2013-BaumerAKLSSW #case study #experience
Limiting, leaving, and (re)lapsing: an exploration of facebook non-use practices and experiences (EPSB, PA, VDK, TCL, MES, VSS, KW), pp. 3257–3266.
CHICHI-2013-Egelman #exclamation #privacy #trade-off #verification
My profile is my password, verify me!: the privacy/convenience tradeoff of facebook connect (SE), pp. 2369–2378.
CHICHI-2013-JungGLE #social
Favors from facebook friends: unpacking dimensions of social capital (YJ, RG, CL, NBE), pp. 11–20.
CHICHI-2013-SpiliotopoulosO #comprehension #metric #network #privacy
Understanding motivations for facebook use: usage metrics, network structure, and privacy (TS, IO), pp. 3287–3296.
CHICHI-2013-WangBK #analysis #gender #topic
Gender, topic, and audience response: an analysis of user-generated content on facebook (YCW, MB, REK), pp. 31–34.
CHICHI-2013-WycheFS #comprehension #online
Hustling online: understanding consolidated facebook use in an informal settlement in Nairobi (SW, AF, SYS), pp. 2823–2832.
CHICHI-2013-ZhaoSNAVC #performance #social #social media
The many faces of facebook: experiencing social media as performance, exhibition, and personal archive (XZ, NS, SN, SA, SV, DC), pp. 1–10.
CSCWCSCW-2013-BurkeK #difference #using
Using facebook after losing a job: differential benefits of strong and weak ties (MB, RK), pp. 1419–1430.
Who wants to know?: question-asking and answering practices among facebook users (RG, NBE, JV, CL), pp. 1213–1224.
Uses & gratifications of a facebook media sharing group (MK, IO, JV, TS, VN), pp. 821–826.
CSCWCSCW-2013-SleeperBDMWC #self
The post that wasn’t: exploring self-censorship on facebook (MS, RB, SD, ALM, JW, LFC), pp. 793–802.
CSCWCSCW-2013-WycheSF #case study #quote #social #social media
“Facebook is a luxury”: an exploratory study of social media use in rural Kenya (SW, SYS, AF), pp. 33–44.
HCIOCSC-2013-FardounZC #collaboration #education #process #using
Using Facebook for Collaborative Academic Activities in Education (HMF, BZ, APC), pp. 137–146.
HCIOCSC-2013-GoodSP #roadmap
Looking Back at Facebook Content and the Positive Impact Upon Wellbeing: Exploring Reminiscing as a Tool for Self Soothing (AG, AS, VP), pp. 278–286.
HCIOCSC-2013-Huang13a #community
Motivations of Facebook Users for Responding to Posts on a Community Page (FHH), pp. 33–39.
HCIOCSC-2013-LeeKCC #case study #network #online #social
Exploratory Study on Online Social Networks User from SASANG Constitution-Focused on Korean Facebook Users (JYL, HSK, EJC, SJC), pp. 58–66.
ICEISICEIS-v3-2013-BorgesRMS #privacy
Who Is This Guy Who Liked My Picture? — Privacy Control Mechanisms on Facebook for Generations X and Y (GB, TR, CM, PCdS), pp. 179–186.
SOSPSOSP-2013-HuangBRLKL #analysis
An analysis of Facebook photo caching (QH, KB, RvR, WL, SK, HCL), pp. 167–181.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2012-VenkataramaniABCCDDFGHKLMPP #graph #how #named #social
TAO: how facebook serves the social graph (VV, ZA, NB, GCI, PC, PD, HD, JF, AG, JH, SK, NL, MM, DP, LP), pp. 791–792.
CHICHI-2012-ArchambaultG #twitter
A longitudinal study of facebook, linkedin, & twitter use (AA, JG), pp. 2741–2750.
The spread of emotion via facebook (ADIK), pp. 767–770.
Perceptions of facebook’s value as an information source (CL, JV, RG, NBE), pp. 3195–3204.
CHICHI-2012-ZhaoSC #how
It’s complicated: how romantic partners use facebook (XZ, VSS, DC), pp. 771–780.
Contents and contexts: disclosure perceptions on facebook (NNB), pp. 369–372.
The personality of popular facebook users (DQ, RL, DS, MK, JC), pp. 955–964.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2011-BorthakurGSMSKRMMRSA #realtime
Apache hadoop goes realtime at Facebook (DB, JG, JSS, KM, NS, HK, KR, DM, AM, SR, RS, ASA), pp. 1071–1080.
DiGRADiGRA-2011-JacobsS #design #game studies
In Perpetual Beta? On the Participatory Design of Facebook Games (MJ, TS).
CHICHI-2011-BurkeKM #social
Social capital on facebook: differentiating uses and users (MB, RK, CM), pp. 571–580.
CHICHI-2011-EgelmanOK #data access #fault
Oops, I did it again: mitigating repeated access control errors on facebook (SE, AO, SK), pp. 2295–2304.
I said your name in an empty room: grieving and continuing bonds on facebook (EG, JC, MG, CN, EW, JTH), pp. 997–1000.
CHICHI-2011-JianqiangMZKBJ #game studies #volunteer
Farmer’s tale: a facebook game to promote volunteerism (DSJ, XM, SZ, JTK, SLB, ZJ), pp. 581–584.
CHICHI-2011-YoderS #identification #interface #social
Identifying social capital in the facebook interface (CY, FS), pp. 585–588.
CSCWCSCW-2011-NewmanLMRM #challenge #health #network #online #problem #social #using
It’s not that I don’t have problems, I’m just not putting them on facebook: challenges and opportunities in using online social networks for health (MWN, DL, SAM, PR, MEM), pp. 341–350.
CSCWCSCW-2011-TangCDRSH #self
A tale of two languages: strategic self-disclosure via language selection on facebook (DT, TC, ND, AR, WCS, JTH), pp. 387–390.
HCIHIMI-v2-2011-FagerstromG #empirical #network #social #using
Co-Creation of Value through Social Network Marketing: A Field Experiment Using a Facebook Campaign to Increase Conversion Rate (AF, GG), pp. 229–235.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2010-ThusooSABJSML #framework
Data warehousing and analytics infrastructure at facebook (AT, ZS, SA, DB, NJ, JSS, RM, HL), pp. 1013–1020.
CHICHI-2010-BarkhuusT #student
Student socialization in the age of facebook (LB, JT), pp. 133–142.
CHICHI-2010-KirmanLLMGG #game studies #information management #social
Improving social game engagement on facebook through enhanced socio-contextual information (BK, SWL, CL, FM, LG, AG), pp. 1753–1756.
CHICHI-2010-StutzmanK #behaviour #privacy
Friends only: examining a privacy-enhancing behavior in facebook (FS, JKD), pp. 1553–1562.
CSCWCSCW-2010-LampeE #student
Student athletes on facebook (CL, NBE), pp. 193–196.
SACSAC-2010-SorniottiM #implementation #network #social
Secret interest groups (SIGs) in social networks with an implementation on Facebook (AS, RM), pp. 621–628.
Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook’s Photo Storage (DB, SK, HCL, JS, PV), pp. 47–60.
HTHT-2009-CarmagnolaLB #network #similarity #social
Vcast on facebook: bridging social and similarity networks (FC, AL, GB), pp. 329–330.
JCDLJCDL-2009-McCownN #question #what
What happens when facebook is gone? (FM, MLN), pp. 251–254.
DiGRADiGRA-2009-Maietti #hybrid
The hybrid identity of player characters: between Facebook and the Sacred book [Abstract] (MM).
HCIOCSC-2009-FerebeeD #architecture
The Innovation Architectures of Facebook (SSF, JWD), pp. 322–325.
HCIOCSC-2009-Gould #quote #self #student
“I Heard It on the Grapevine” — Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, and Student Self-organization during a Faculty Strike (EWG), pp. 336–345.
CHICHI-2008-Joinson #people #using
Looking at, looking up or keeping up with people?: motives and use of facebook (ANJ), pp. 1027–1036.
Changes in use and perception of facebook (CL, NBE, CS), pp. 721–730.
EDOCEDOC-2008-CurryKMSTAW #enterprise
Facebook Meets the Virtualized Enterprise (RC, CK, NM, RS, TT, MFA, BW), pp. 286–292.

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