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1 × Austria
1 × Cyprus
1 × Czech Republic
1 × Estonia
1 × Greece
1 × Hungary
1 × Ireland
1 × Italy
1 × Portugal
1 × Romania
1 × Slovenia
1 × Spain
10 × Canada
10 × USA
2 × Belgium
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3 × France
3 × Germany
3 × Norway
3 × Switzerland
3 × The Netherlands
3 × United Kingdom
Collaborated with:
S.Ducasse M.Lungu T.Gîrba D.Röthlisberger S.Demeyer A.Lienhard J.Ressia A.Bergel L.Renggli O.Greevy A.Chis A.Kuhn G.Arévalo D.Tsichritzis A.Caracciolo M.F.Lungu R.Wuyts N.Milojkovic B.Spasojevic E.Wernli N.Schwarz M.Denker R.Vasa M.Gälli F.Perin N.Schärli M.Papathomas T.Verwaest C.Bruni M.Lanza A.Syrel R.Robbes H.Osman J.Kurs D.Langone D.Erni D.Matter J.Fierz P.Loretan J.Schneider R.Wampfler F.Buchli M.Harry A.Villazón D.Ansaloni W.Binder P.Moret E.Aeschlimann C.F.Worms M.Lumpe P.Branch A.Brühlmann A.P.Black A.Aryani A.N.Mahmood D.Gurtner D.Pollet M.Kobel H.Bunke J.Kubelka S.Reichhart
Talks about:
object (13) softwar (8) orient (7) languag (6) dynam (6) class (6) ide (6) reengin (5) pattern (5) domain (5)

♂ Person: Oscar Nierstrasz

DBLP DBLP: Nierstrasz:Oscar

Facilitated 12 volumes:

SLE 2014PrCo
MoDELS 2013SCo
MoDELS 2012SCo
GTTSE 2011SciCo
ICMT 2011PrCo
MoDELS 2006Ed
MoDELS 2006Ed
ECOOP 1993Ed
SLE 2019Ed

Contributed to:

ICPC 20152015
Onward! 20152015
WICSA 20152015
CSMR-WCRE 20142014
ECSA 20142014
ICSME 20142014
Onward! 20142014
SLE 20142014
WCRE 20132013
ICPC 20122012
ICSE 20122012
TOOLS Europe 20122012
TOOLS Europe 20122013
ICPC 20112011
OOPSLA 20112011
TOOLS Europe 20112011
TOOLS Europe 20112012
WCRE 20112011
ECOOP 20102010
ICSM 20102010
MoDELS (2) 20102010
OOPSLA 20102010
SOFTVIS 20102010
TOOLS Europe 20102010
ICPC 20092009
ICSM 20092009
MSR 20092009
SLE 20092009
TOOLS Europe 20092009
CSMR 20082008
ECOOP 20082008
ICPC 20082008
MoDELS 20082008
WCRE 20082008
CSMR 20072007
ICPC 20072007
ICSM 20072007
OOPSLA 20072007
TOOLS Europe 20072007
CSMR 20052005
ESEC/FSE 20052005
GPCE 20052005
ICSM 20052005
OOPSLA 20052005
CBSE 20042004
ECOOP 20042004
ICSE 20042004
ICSM 20042004
WCRE 20042004
ASE 20032003
ECOOP 20032003
OOPSLA 20002000
WCRE 20092009
OOPSLA 19931993
OOPSLA 19901990
ECOOP 19881988
OOPSLA 19871987
VLDB 19851985
FASE 20162016
PLATEAU 20152015
Onward! 20162016

Wrote 70 papers:

ICPC-2015-MilojkovicCLNRR #java #morphism #polymorphism #smalltalk
Polymorphism in the spotlight: studying its prevalence in Java and Smalltalk (NM, AC, MFL, ON, DR, RR), pp. 186–195.
The moldable inspector (AC, ON, AS, TG), pp. 44–60.
WICSA-2015-CaraccioloLN #approach #architecture #consistency
A Unified Approach to Architecture Conformance Checking (AC, MFL, ON), pp. 41–50.
CSMR-WCRE-2014-OsmanLN #debugging #mining
Mining frequent bug-fix code changes (HO, ML, ON), pp. 343–347.
ECSA-2014-CaraccioloLN #architecture #how #quality #question #requirements #validation
How Do Software Architects Specify and Validate Quality Requirements? (AC, MFL, ON), pp. 374–389.
ICSME-2014-SpasojevicLN #documentation
Overthrowing the Tyranny of Alphabetical Ordering in Documentation Systems (BS, ML, ON), pp. 511–515.
Onward-2014-SpasojevicLN #ecosystem #mining #type inference
Mining the Ecosystem to Improve Type Inference for Dynamically Typed Languages (BS, ML, ON), pp. 133–142.
SLE-2014-ChisGN #debugging #framework
The Moldable Debugger: A Framework for Developing Domain-Specific Debuggers (AC, TG, ON), pp. 102–121.
SLE-2014-KursLN #bound #semiparsing
Bounded Seas — Island Parsing Without Shipwrecks (JK, ML, ON), pp. 62–81.
WCRE-2013-AeschlimannLNW #case study #ecosystem #experience #legacy #pl-i
Analyzing PL/1 legacy ecosystems: An experience report (EA, ML, ON, CFW), pp. 441–448.
ICPC-2012-NierstraszL #agile #assessment
Agile software assessment (ON, ML), pp. 3–10.
ICSE-2012-RessiaBN #debugging
Object-centric debugging (JR, AB, ON), pp. 485–495.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2012-WernliLN #incremental
Incremental Dynamic Updates with First-Class Contexts (EW, ML, ON), pp. 304–319.
TOOLS-EUROPE-J-2012-WernliLN13 #incremental
Incremental Dynamic Updates with First-class Contexts (EW, ML, ON), pp. 1–27.
ICPC-2011-RothlisbergerND #ide #named
SmartGroups: Focusing on Task-Relevant Source Artifacts in IDEs (DR, ON, SD), pp. 61–70.
OOPSLA-2011-VerwaestBLN #flexibility #lightweight
Flexible object layouts: enabling lightweight language extensions by intercepting slot access (TV, CB, ML, ON), pp. 959–972.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2011-BergelNRR #profiling
Domain-Specific Profiling (AB, ON, LR, JR), pp. 68–82.
Unifying Subjectivity (DL, JR, ON), pp. 115–130.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2011-Nierstrasz #modelling
Synchronizing Models and Code (ON), p. 1.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2011-SchwarzLN #dependence #injection #named
Seuss: Better Class Responsibilities through Language-Based Dependency Injection (NS, ML, ON), pp. 276–289.
TOOLS-EUROPE-J-2011-RessiaBNR12 #modelling
Modeling Domain-Specific Profilers (JR, AB, ON, LR), pp. 1–21.
TOOLS-EUROPE-J-2011-SchwarzLN12 #fine-grained #named
Seuss: Decoupling responsibilities from static methods for fine-grained configurability (NS, ML, ON), pp. 1–23.
WCRE-2011-AryaniPLMN #dependence #predict #question #using
Can We Predict Dependencies Using Domain information? (AA, FP, ML, ANM, ON), pp. 55–64.
ECOOP-2010-RenggliGN #tool support
Embedding Languages without Breaking Tools (LR, TG, ON), pp. 380–404.
ICSM-2010-PerinGN #analysis #enterprise #java #transaction
Recovery and analysis of transaction scope from scattered information in Java Enterprise Applications (FP, TG, ON), pp. 1–10.
MoDELS-v2-2010-DenkerRGN #modelling #runtime
Modeling Features at Runtime (MD, JR, OG, ON), pp. 138–152.
OOPSLA-2010-VerwaestBGLN #named
Pinocchio: bringing reflection to life with first-class interpreters (TV, CB, DG, AL, ON), pp. 774–789.
SOFTVIS-2010-KuhnEN #case study #ide #visualisation
Embedding spatial software visualization in the IDE: an exploratory study (AK, DE, ON), pp. 113–122.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2010-RenggliDGN #domain-specific language
Domain-Specific Program Checking (LR, SD, TG, ON), pp. 213–232.
ICPC-2009-RothlisbergerNDPR #configuration management #heatmap #ide #navigation
Supporting task-oriented navigation in IDEs with configurable HeatMaps (DR, ON, SD, DP, RR), pp. 253–257.
ICSM-2009-RothlisbergerHVABNM #ide #metric
Augmenting static source views in IDEs with dynamic metrics (DR, MH, AV, DA, WB, ON, PM), pp. 253–262.
ICSM-2009-RothlisbergerHVABNM09a #eclipse #metric #named
Senseo: Enriching Eclipse’s static source views with dynamic metrics (DR, MH, AV, DA, WB, ON, PM), pp. 383–384.
ICSM-2009-VasaLBN #analysis #comparative #evolution #using
Comparative analysis of evolving software systems using the Gini coefficient (RV, ML, PB, ON), pp. 179–188.
MSR-2009-MatterKN #debugging #developer #using
Assigning bug reports using a vocabulary-based expertise model of developers (DM, AK, ON), pp. 131–140.
Language Boxes (LR, MD, ON), pp. 274–293.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2009-LienhardFN #debugging
Flow-Centric, Back-in-Time Debugging (AL, JF, ON), pp. 272–288.
CSMR-2008-LienhardGGN #execution #testing
Test Blueprint — Exposing Side Effects in Execution Traces to Support Writing Unit Tests (AL, TG, OG, ON), pp. 83–92.
ECOOP-2008-LienhardGN #debugging #object-oriented
Practical Object-Oriented Back-in-Time Debugging (AL, TG, ON), pp. 592–615.
ICPC-2008-RothlisbergerGN #ide #runtime
Exploiting Runtime Information in the IDE (DR, OG, ON), pp. 63–72.
MoDELS-2008-BruhlmannGGN #reverse engineering
Enriching Reverse Engineering with Annotations (AB, TG, OG, ON), pp. 660–674.
WCRE-2008-KuhnLN #consistency #layout
Consistent Layout for Thematic Software Maps (AK, PL, ON), pp. 209–218.
CSMR-2007-NierstraszKGLB #modelling #re-engineering
Example-Driven Reconstruction of Software Models (ON, MK, TG, ML, HB), pp. 275–286.
ICPC-2007-LienhardGN #dependence #detection
Tracking Objects to Detect Feature Dependencies (AL, OG, ON), pp. 59–68.
The Inevitable Stability of Software Change (RV, JGS, ON), pp. 4–13.
User-changeable visibility: resolving unanticipated name clashes in traits (SD, RW, AB, ON), pp. 171–190.
TOOLS-EUROPE-2007-GalliWN #testing
Composing Tests from Examples (MG, RW, ON), pp. 71–86.
CSMR-2005-ArevaloDN #dependence
Discovering Unanticipated Dependency Schemas in Class Hierarchies (GA, SD, ON), pp. 62–71.
ESEC-FSE-2005-DucasseGN #agile #named #re-engineering #smalltalk
Moose: an agile reengineering environment (SD, TG, ON), pp. 99–102.
ESEC-FSE-2005-NierstraszDG #agile #re-engineering #smalltalk
The story of moose: an agile reengineering environment (ON, SD, TG), pp. 1–10.
GPCE-2005-NierstraszDD #object-oriented #overview #perspective #re-engineering
Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns — An Overview (ON, SD, SD), pp. 1–9.
ICSM-2005-DemeyerDN #object-oriented #re-engineering
Object-Oriented Reengineering: Patterns and Techniques (SD, SD, ON), pp. 723–724.
OOPSLA-2005-BergelDN #java #named
Classbox/J: controlling the scope of change in Java (AB, SD, ON), pp. 177–189.
CBSE-2004-Nierstrasz #process
Putting Change at the Center of the Software Process (ON), pp. 1–4.
ECOOP-2004-ScharliDNW #composition #encapsulation #policy
Composable Encapsulation Policies (NS, SD, ON, RW), pp. 26–50.
ICSE-2004-NierstraszD #object-oriented #re-engineering
Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns (ON, SD), pp. 734–735.
ICSM-2004-GalliLNW #debugging #testing
Ordering Broken Unit Tests for Focused Debugging (MG, ML, ON, RW), pp. 114–123.
WCRE-2004-ArevaloBN #collaboration #detection
Detecting Implicit Collaboration Patterns (GA, FB, ON), pp. 122–131.
ASE-2003-ArevaloDN #comprehension
XRay Views: Understanding the Internals of Classes (GA, SD, ON), pp. 267–270.
ECOOP-2003-ScharliDNB #behaviour #composition #named
Traits: Composable Units of Behaviour (NS, SD, ON, APB), pp. 248–274.
OOPSLA-2000-DemeyerDN #metric #refactoring
Finding refactorings via change metrics (SD, SD, ON), pp. 166–177.
WCRE-1999-RothlisbergerND99a #ide
Autumn Leaves: Curing the Window Plague in IDEs (DR, ON, SD), pp. 237–246.
Regular Types for Active Objects (ON), pp. 1–15.
OOPSLA-ECOOP-1990-NierstraszP #communication
Viewing Objects as Patterns of Communicating Agents (ON, MP), pp. 38–43.
ECOOP-1988-TsichritzisN #database
Fitting Round Objects into Square Databases (DT, ON), pp. 283–299.
OOPSLA-1987-Nierstrasz #hybrid
Active Objects in Hybrid (ON), pp. 243–253.
VLDB-1985-NierstraszT #object-oriented
An Object-Oriented Environment for OIS Applications (ON, DT), pp. 335–345.
FASE-2016-Nierstrasz #object-oriented #programming
The Death of Object-Oriented Programming (ON), pp. 3–10.
PLATEAU-2015-ChisNG #development #tool support #towards
Towards moldable development tools (AC, ON, TG), pp. 25–26.
Moldable, context-aware searching with Spotter (AC, TG, JK, ON, SR, AS), pp. 128–144.
Onward-2016-MilojkovicN #heuristic #type inference
Exploring cheap type inference heuristics in dynamically typed languages (NM, ON), pp. 43–56.

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