Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
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Jürgen Dingel, Wolfram Schulte, Isidro Ramos, Silvia Abrahão, Emilio Insfrán
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems
MoDELS, 2014.

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	address       = "Valencia, Spain",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-319-11653-2",
	editor        = "Jürgen Dingel and Wolfram Schulte and Isidro Ramos and Silvia Abrahão and Emilio Insfrán",
	isbn          = "978-3-319-11652-5",
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	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems}",
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  • Demo Track Chairs: Tao Yue, Benoît Combemale
  • Doctoral Symposium Chair: Benoit Baudry
  • Finance Chairs: José Ángel Carsí, Patricio Letelier
  • General Chairs: Isidro Ramos, Silvia Abrahão
  • Local Chairs: Emilio Insfrán, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta
  • Panel Chair: Timothy C. Lethbridge
  • Poster Chairs: Manuel Wimmer, Stefan Sauer
  • Practical Track Program Committee: Shaukat Ali, Balbir Barn, Fernando Brito e Abreu, Andreas Graf, Wolfgang Grieskamp, Pavel Hruby, Tihamer Levendovszky, Pieter J. Mosterman, Barbara Paech, Oscar Pastor, Alexander Pretschner, Shaz Qadeer, Bernhard Schätz, Bran Selic, Ketil Stølen, Stephan Thesing, Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Mario Trapp, Markus Völter
  • Program Board: Jean-Michel Bruel, Jürgen Dingel, Gregor Engels, Martin Gogolla, Øystein Haugen, Heinrich Hußmann, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Gerti Kappel, Ana M. D. Moreira, Richard F. Paige, Andy Schürr, Wolfram Schulte, Perdita Stevens
  • Program Chairs: Jürgen Dingel, Wolfram Schulte
  • Program Committee: Daniel Amyot, João Araújo, Mira Balaban, Benoit Baudry, Nelly Bencomo, Xavier Blanc, Ruth Breu, Jordi Cabot, Michel R. V. Chaudron, Marsha Chechik, Siobhán Clarke, Juan de Lara, Zinovy Diskin, Alexander Egyed, Rik Eshuis, Lidia Fuentes, Alessandro Garcia, Sébastien Gérard, Holger Giese, Jeff Gray, John Grundy, Reiko Heckel, Constance L. Heitmeyer, Peter Herrmann, James H. Hill, Zhenjiang Hu, Ferhat Khendek, Jörg Kienzle, Thomas Kühne, Yvan Labiche, Yves Le Traon, Timothy C. Lethbridge, Frédéric Mallet, Shahar Maoz, Hong Mei, Dragan Milicev, Raffaela Mirandola, Henry Muccini, Shiva Nejati, Ileana Ober, Alfonso Pierantonio, Gianna Reggio, Bernhard Rumpe, Ina Schaefer, Friedrich Steimann, Gabriele Täntzer, Stavros Tripakis, Antonio Vallecillo, Dániel Varró, Andrzej Wasowski, Michael W. Whalen, Tao Yue, Steffen Zschaler
  • Publicity Chairs: Alessandro Garcia, Nelly Bencomo
  • Satellite Events Chairs: Gabriele Täntzer, Alfonso Pierantonio
  • Social Media Chairs: Jordi Cabot, Dimitris S. Kolovos
  • Steering Chair: Gregor Engels
  • Student Research Competition Chair: Marcela Genero
  • Student Volunteers Chairs: M. Carmen Penadés, Miguel Angel Zúñiga
  • Tutorials Chairs: Juan de Lara, Michel R. V. Chaudron
  • Web Chair: Priscila Cedillo
  • Contents (39 items)

    MODELS-2014-VaupelTHSGG #development #mobile #modelling
    Model-Driven Development of Mobile Applications Allowing Role-Driven Variants (SV, GT, JPH, RS, RG, MG), pp. 1–17.
    MODELS-2014-ThummalaO #effectiveness #evaluation
    An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Atomic Section Model (ST, JO), pp. 35–49.
    MODELS-2014-ZaytsevB #in a broad sense #parsing
    Parsing in a Broad Sense (VZ, AHB), pp. 50–67.
    MODELS-2014-DavidRV #model transformation #streaming
    Streaming Model Transformations By Complex Event Processing (ID, IR, DV), pp. 68–83.
    MODELS-2014-OgunyomiRK #incremental #model-to-text #on the #using
    On the Use of Signatures for Source Incremental Model-to-text Transformation (BO, LMR, DSK), pp. 84–98.
    MODELS-2014-Pazzi #behaviour #composition #modelling
    Modeling Systemic Behavior by State-Based Holonic Modular Units (LP), pp. 99–115.
    MODELS-2014-LangerMK #behaviour #difference #semantics #specification
    Semantic Model Differencing Utilizing Behavioral Semantics Specifications (PL, TM, GK), pp. 116–132.
    MODELS-2014-TatibouetCGT #execution #formal method #modelling #semantics #uml
    Formalizing Execution Semantics of UML Profiles with fUML Models (JT, AC, SG, FT), pp. 133–148.
    MODELS-2014-ReggioLR #overview #uml #what
    Who Knows/Uses What of the UML: A Personal Opinion Survey (GR, ML, FR), pp. 149–165.
    MODELS-2014-LiebelMTLH #embedded #modelling
    Assessing the State-of-Practice of Model-Based Engineering in the Embedded Systems Domain (GL, NM, MT, AL, JH), pp. 166–182.
    MODELS-2014-MussbacherABBCCCFHHKSSSW #modelling
    The Relevance of Model-Driven Engineering Thirty Years from Now (GM, DA, RB, JMB, BHCC, PC, BC, RBF, RH, JHH, JK, MS, FS, DRS, JW), pp. 183–200.
    MODELS-2014-ChakiE #compilation #distributed #modelling #verification
    Model-Driven Verifying Compilation of Synchronous Distributed Applications (SC, JRE), pp. 201–217.
    MODELS-2014-WestmanN #contract #cyber-physical #design
    Environment-Centric Contracts for Design of Cyber-Physical Systems (JW, MN), pp. 218–234.
    MODELS-2014-MaraeeB #diagrams #uml
    Removing Redundancies and Deducing Equivalences in UML Class Diagrams (AM, MB), pp. 235–251.
    MODELS-2014-SongZFCS0 #adaptation #constraints #modelling #policy
    Modelling Adaptation Policies as Domain-Specific Constraints (HS, XZ, NF, FC, AS, GH), pp. 269–285.
    MODELS-2014-BousseCB14a #scalability
    Scalable Armies of Model Clones through Data Sharing (EB, BC, BB), pp. 286–301.
    MODELS-2014-BergerNRACW #industrial #modelling #variability
    Three Cases of Feature-Based Variability Modeling in Industry (TB, DN, RR, JMA, KC, AW), pp. 302–319.
    MODELS-2014-RabiserVGDSL #case study #experience #lessons learnt #modelling #multi
    Supporting Multiplicity and Hierarchy in Model-Based Configuration: Experiences and Lessons Learned (RR, MV, PG, DD, HS, ML), pp. 320–336.
    MODELS-2014-ChavarriagaNCJ #detection #multi #process
    Propagating Decisions to Detect and Explain Conflicts in a Multi-step Configuration Process (JC, CN, RC, VJ), pp. 337–352.
    MODELS-2014-NataleCSS #adaptation #approach #communication #component #generative
    An MDA Approach for the Generation of Communication Adapters Integrating SW and FW Components from Simulink (MDN, FC, AS, ALSV), pp. 353–369.
    MODELS-2014-EnriciAP #approach #communication #modelling #uml
    A UML Model-Driven Approach to Efficiently Allocate Complex Communication Schemes (AE, LA, RP), pp. 370–385.
    MODELS-2014-DerakhshanmaneshEIE #component
    Model-Integrating Software Components (MD, JE, TI, GE), pp. 386–402.
    MODELS-2014-AndolfatoKSSZC #case study #experience #modelling
    Experiences in Applying Model Driven Engineering to the Telescope and Instrument Control System Domain (LA, RK, MS, HS, MZ, GC), pp. 403–419.
    MODELS-2014-KolovosMWP #modelling
    Model Driven Grant Proposal Engineering (DSK, NDM, JRW, RFP), pp. 420–432.
    MODELS-2014-EliassonHL0 #agile #case study #industrial #modelling
    Agile Model-Driven Engineering in Mechatronic Systems — An Industrial Case Study (UE, RH, JL, CB), pp. 433–449.
    MODELS-2014-SoltanaFASB #approach #case study #modelling #uml #using
    Using UML for Modeling Procedural Legal Rules: Approach and a Study of Luxembourg’s Tax Law (GS, EF, MA, MS, LCB), pp. 450–466.
    MODELS-2014-VasilevskiyH #product line
    Resolution of Interfering Product Fragments in Software Product Line Engineering (AV, ØH), pp. 467–483.
    MODELS-2014-LuddeckeBS #modelling #ontology
    Ontology-Based Modeling of Context-Aware Systems (DL, NB, IS), pp. 484–500.
    MODELS-2014-Reinhartz-BergerFH #feature model #modelling
    Comprehending Feature Models Expressed in CVL (IRB, KF, ØH), pp. 501–517.
    MODELS-2014-Storrle #comprehension #diagrams #layout #matter #on the #quality #uml
    On the Impact of Layout Quality to Understanding UML Diagrams: Size Matters (HS), pp. 518–534.
    MODELS-2014-GranadaVBM #development #domain-specific language #effectiveness #visual notation
    Enabling the Development of Cognitive Effective Visual DSLs (DG, JMV, VAB, EM), pp. 535–551.
    MODELS-2014-BergmayrGWK #java #named #uml
    JUMP — From Java Annotations to UML Profiles (AB, MG, MW, GK), pp. 552–568.
    MODELS-2014-KrikavaCF #domain-specific language #named #scala
    SIGMA: Scala Internal Domain-Specific Languages for Model Manipulations (FK, PC, RBF), pp. 569–585.
    MODELS-2014-ShahWKRPB #benchmark #framework #metric #persistent #scalability
    A Framework to Benchmark NoSQL Data Stores for Large-Scale Model Persistence (SMS, RW, DSK, LMR, RFP, KB), pp. 586–601.
    MODELS-2014-BascianiRIP #automation #metamodelling #model transformation
    Automated Chaining of Model Transformations with Incompatible Metamodels (FB, DDR, LI, AP), pp. 602–618.
    MODELS-2014-GomesBA #classification #model transformation #pattern matching #tool support
    Classification of Model Transformation Tools: Pattern Matching Techniques (CG, BB, VA), pp. 619–635.
    MODELS-2014-BakiSCMF #learning #model transformation
    Learning Implicit and Explicit Control in Model Transformations by Example (IB, HAS, QC, PM, MF), pp. 636–652.
    MODELS-2014-SzarnyasIRHBV #distributed #framework #in the cloud #incremental #named #query
    IncQuery-D: A Distributed Incremental Model Query Framework in the Cloud (GS, BI, IR, DH, GB, DV), pp. 653–669.
    MODELS-2014-Bergmann #graph #ocl
    Translating OCL to Graph Patterns (GB), pp. 670–686.

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