Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management
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Vincent G. Duffy
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management
HCI/DHM, 2014.

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	address       = "Crete, Greece",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-319-07725-3",
	editor        = "Vincent G. Duffy",
	isbn          = "978-3-319-07724-6",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management}",
	volume        = 8529,
	year          = 2014,

Contents (65 items)

DHM-2014-Delgado-GonzaloRCSLBL #algorithm #embedded #energy #modelling #state of the art
Human Energy Expenditure Models: Beyond State-of-the-Art Commercialized Embedded Algorithms (RDG, PR, EMC, JS, CL, MB, ML), pp. 3–14.
DHM-2014-DuWZHM #evolution #image #using
Human Skeleton Extraction of Depth Images Using the Polygon Evolution (HD, JW, XxZ, YH, LM), pp. 15–23.
DHM-2014-KikuchiTTGH #information management
Biomechanics Investigation of Skillful Technician in Spray-up Fabrication Method — Converting Tacit Knowledge to Explicit Knowledge in the Fiber Reinforced Plastics Molding (TK, YT, YT, AG, HH), pp. 24–34.
DHM-2014-Luo #artificial reality #case study #metric #re-engineering #using
Study on Three Dimensions Body Reconstruction and Measurement by Using Kinect (QL), pp. 35–42.
DHM-2014-OhgiriYYKH #analysis #comparison
Comparison of Gait Analysis by the Way of Semi-structured Interviews (MO, KY, HY, NK, HH), pp. 43–54.
DHM-2014-OkaGTNH #analysis
Motion Analysis of the Pounding Technique Used for the Second Lining in the Fabrication of Traditional Japanese Hanging Scrolls (YO, AG, YT, CN, HH), pp. 55–65.
DHM-2014-SugimotoYG #analysis
Analysis of Expert Skills on Handheld Grinding Work for Metallographic Sample (TS, HY, AG), pp. 66–77.
Caregiver’s Gaze and Field of View Presumption Method During Bath Care in the Elderly Facility (AY, NK, AG, TO, TA, SY, HBJ), pp. 78–87.
DHM-2014-GaoH #approach #fault #nondeterminism #research
Research on the Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) Operational Error of Pilot Base on Cloud Model and Uncertainty Theory (YG, YH), pp. 91–100.
DHM-2014-Li0ZHZ #case study #evaluation
Study on the Evaluation of Automotive Seat Comfort during Prolonged Simulated Driving (XL, LD, QXZ, HH, CZ), pp. 101–111.
DHM-2014-LiZYD #simulation
Simulation on Thermal Control System of the Extravehicular Spacesuit (TL, JZ, XY, LD), pp. 112–123.
DHM-2014-MamessierDO #artificial reality #assessment #online #using
Calibration of Online Situation Awareness Assessment Systems Using Virtual Reality (SM, DD, MO), pp. 124–135.
DHM-2014-MarlerBVJRD #design
A Digital Human Model for Performance-Based Design (TM, SB, UV, RJ, VR, BD), pp. 136–147.
DHM-2014-WongpatikasereeKT #analysis
Context-Aware Posture Analysis in a Workstation-Oriented Office Environment (KW, HK, YT), pp. 148–159.
DHM-2014-XueZCZ #evaluation
Comfort Evaluation of Cockpit Based on Dynamic Pilot Posture (HX, XZ, YC, LZ), pp. 160–166.
DHM-2014-YangZYHZL #design
Based on Upper Extremity Comfort ROM of Ergonomic Methods for Household Products Design (FY, QXZ, AY, HH, XZ, ZQL), pp. 167–173.
DHM-2014-ZhouLXZZ #analysis #metric #parametricity
Measurement and Analysis of Anthropometric Parameters of Young Male Vehicle Drivers (QXZ, ZQL, FX, SZ, SZ), pp. 174–181.
Future Applied Conventional Technology Engineering New Academic Fields from Manufacturing Country JAPAN (TO, AE, HH), pp. 185–196.
DHM-2014-OtaWKTGH #comparison #process
Comparison of Different Tea Whisk Influence on Bubble Form in Processes of “The Way of Tea” (TO, ZW, SK, YT, AG, HH), pp. 197–203.
DHM-2014-ChenCLC #quality
Bedroom Temperature and Sleeping Quality (HCC, CCC, FLL, CLC), pp. 204–211.
DHM-2014-EndoNKTGSH #comparison #recognition
Comparison of Characteristics Recognition in the “Mitate” of Urushi Crafts (AE, CN, KK, YT, AG, YS, HH), pp. 212–223.
DHM-2014-FurukawaTGKK #evaluation
Evaluation of Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Fabrics with Different Pastes (TF, YT, AG, NK, NK), pp. 224–235.
DHM-2014-GoreW #concept #process
A Task Analytic Process to Define Future Concepts in Aviation (BFG, CW), pp. 236–246.
Application of E-learning System Reality in Kyoto-style Earthen Wall Training (AG, HY, YT, ZW, HS), pp. 247–253.
DHM-2014-HuangLCCC #performance #quality
The Influence of Shift Workers Sleeping Quality upon Job Performance (YCH, FLL, HCC, CCC, CLC), pp. 254–262.
DHM-2014-IkenoboKKTG #classification
The Classification Tendency and Common Denomination of the Points Paid Attention in Ikebana Instruction (YI, NK, NK, YT, AG), pp. 263–272.
DHM-2014-KarlovicPMSRRS #analysis #case study #comparison
Analysis and Comparison of Ergonomics in Laparoscopic and Open Surgery — A Pilot Study (KK, SP, TM, KDS, RR, MAR, BS), pp. 273–281.
DHM-2014-NishimuraTGEK #performance
Effect of Wall Material of a Room on Performance in Long Monotonous Work (HN, YT, AG, AE, NK), pp. 282–291.
DHM-2014-TakaiYGWI #case study #comparative
Comparative Study on the Feature of Kitchen Knife Sharpening Skill between Expert and Non-Expert (YT, MY, AG, ZW, AI), pp. 292–300.
DHM-2014-YamadaOFYGKH #behaviour #music #performance #visual notation
Visual Behavior in a Japanese Drum Performance of Gion Festival Music (KY, MO, TF, HY, AG, NK, HH), pp. 301–310.
DHM-2014-AbibBA #communication #comprehension #process
Understanding and Facilitating the Communication Process among Healthcare Professionals (JCA, AOB, JCA), pp. 313–324.
DHM-2014-CarrinoCKAM #named #towards
PEGASO: Towards a Life Companion (SC, MC, OAK, GA, EM), pp. 325–331.
Biomechanical Study of Foot Force Pattern in Hallux Valgus (HV) Patients (SE, IIE), pp. 332–339.
An Environment for Domestic Supervised Amblyopia Treatment (GF, AG, AV), pp. 340–350.
DHM-2014-GuarneriA #design
Active Prevention by Motivating and Engaging Teenagers in Adopting Healthier Lifestyles: — PEGASO Strategy in Designing Future Healthcare Pillars (RG, GA), pp. 351–360.
DHM-2014-HuangNKMKNAKOO #self
Robot Patient for Nursing Self-training in Transferring Patient from Bed to Wheel Chair (ZH, AN, MKP, JM, YK, MN, KA, NK, TO, JO), pp. 361–368.
DHM-2014-HuangC #testing #usability
Evaluating the Healthcare Management System by Usability Testing (PHH, MCC), pp. 369–376.
DHM-2014-KhairatR #framework #interactive
Building a Telemedicine Framework to Improve the Interactions between Cancer Patients and Oncology Triage Nurses (SK, VR), pp. 377–384.
DHM-2014-KimCBH #challenge #usability
Usability Challenges and Barriers in EHR Training of Primary Care Resident Physicians (MSK, MAC, JLB, EH), pp. 385–391.
DHM-2014-KitajimaNMKAHNOKO #education
Robotics as a Tool in Fundamental Nursing Education (YK, MN, JM, MKP, KA, ZH, AN, TO, NK, JO), pp. 392–402.
DHM-2014-MazzolaACRADA #architecture #education #monitoring
Integrated Architecture for Next-Generation m-Health Services (Education, Monitoring and Prevention) in Teenagers (MM, PA, GC, CR, MA, CD, GA), pp. 403–414.
DHM-2014-MeryS #refinement #semantics
The Semantics of Refinement Chart (DM, NKS), pp. 415–426.
DHM-2014-PanneseMLADB #game studies #named
Pegaso: A Serious Game to Prevent Obesity (LP, DM, PL, SA, ID, TB), pp. 427–435.
DHM-2014-RasoolSPK #image #using
Virtual Knee Arthroscopy Using Haptic Devices and Real Surgical Images (SR, AS, VP, FK), pp. 436–447.
DHM-2014-SantosST #information management #ontology #semantics #using #web
Using Ontologies and Semantic Web Technology on a Clinical Pedigree Information System (JMS, BSS, LT), pp. 448–459.
DHM-2014-SinghWLMW #formal method
Formalizing the Glucose Homeostasis Mechanism (NKS, HW, ML, TSEM, AW), pp. 460–471.
DHM-2014-YoganathanK #using
ENT Disease Diagnosis Using an Expert System (DY, SK), pp. 472–483.
DHM-2014-ZhangGBD #industrial #network
Application of Bayesian Networks in Consumer Service Industry and Healthcare (LZ, YG, BB, VGD), pp. 484–495.
DHM-2014-AndreoniCABMNPBPRP #design #monitoring
Design and Ergonomics of Monitoring System for Elderly (GA, FC, AA, GB, SM, PN, AP, RB, RP, MR, PP), pp. 499–507.
DHM-2014-FacoettiVCR #low cost #modelling
A Low Cost Haptic Mouse for Prosthetic Socket Modeling (GF, AV, GC, CR), pp. 508–515.
DHM-2014-FuCLCZ #framework #modelling
Evaluating Work Disability of Lower Limb Handicapped within a Human Modeling Framework (YF, XC, SL, JGC, BZ), pp. 516–526.
DHM-2014-GaliastroZRMCL #development
Development of a Tendon-Driven Dexterous Hand for Fine Manipulation (JG, HZ, DR, AM, WC, KL), pp. 527–534.
DHM-2014-Harriehausen-Muhlabauter #mobile #navigation
Mobile Navigation for Limited Mobility Users (BHM), pp. 535–545.
DHM-2014-MirandaRV #analysis #development #memory management #mobile #testing
Analysis of Luria Memory Tests for Development on Mobile Devices (JAHM, EHR, AMV), pp. 546–557.
DHM-2014-ItoTGK #analysis #research
Research on Senior Response to Transfer Assistance between Wheelchair and Bed — EEG Analysis (MI, YT, AG, NK), pp. 558–566.
DHM-2014-Kawabata #effectiveness
Effectiveness of Paper Coloring Recreation in an Elderly Persons Care Home (SK), pp. 567–574.
DHM-2014-ButlewskiMC #development #safety
Non-financial Factors of Job Satisfaction in the Development of a Safety Culture Based on Examples from Poland and Romania (MB, AM, RC), pp. 577–587.
Reclaiming Human Machine Nature (DF), pp. 588–599.
Evacuation Support System for Everyday Use in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster (AH, TF, TY, NE), pp. 600–611.
Safe Walker-Shoes That Alert the Wearer to a Danger (MI, HS, TK), pp. 612–619.
DHM-2014-Kull #using
Using the Critical Path Method in Analyzing the Interdependencies of Critical Services — Feasibility Study (AK), pp. 620–629.
DHM-2014-LiuTZSLSF #assessment #behaviour #framework #modelling #named #performance #platform
COMPAss: A Space Cognitive Behavior Modeling and Performance Assessment Platform (YL, ZT, YZ, QS, JL, JS, FF), pp. 630–636.
DHM-2014-StreefkerkNMPD #challenge #human-computer
HCI Challenges for Community-Based Disaster Recovery (JWS, MN, KM, RP, KvD), pp. 637–648.
DHM-2014-YouZLW #collaboration #design
Service-Oriented Emergency Management Collaboration System Design (FY, RPZ, PTL, JMW), pp. 649–660.
DHM-2014-ZhangTWHFC #modelling
Modeling Human Control Strategies in Simulated RVD Tasks through the Time-Fuel Optimal Control Model (SZ, YT, CW, SH, YF, SC), pp. 661–670.

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