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123 papers:

DACDAC-2015-LinYP #constraints #performance
High performance dummy fill insertion with coupling and uniformity constraints (YL, BY, DZP), p. 6.
DATEDATE-2015-DupuisBFNR #hardware #testing
New testing procedure for finding insertion sites of stealthy hardware trojans (SD, PSB, MLF, GDN, BR), pp. 776–781.
DATEDATE-2015-YinLLWG15a #policy
Cooperatively managing dynamic writeback and insertion policies in a last-level DRAM cache (SY, JL, LL, SW, YG), pp. 187–192.
PODSPODS-2015-Kapralov #complexity #nearest neighbour #query #trade-off
Smooth Tradeoffs between Insert and Query Complexity in Nearest Neighbor Search (MK), pp. 329–342.
ESOPESOP-2015-AbdullaAP #performance
The Best of Both Worlds: Trading Efficiency and Optimality in Fence Insertion for TSO (PAA, MFA, NTP), pp. 308–332.
LATALATA-2015-EremondiIM #bound
Insertion Operations on Deterministic Reversal-Bounded Counter Machines (JE, OHI, IM), pp. 200–211.
FMFM-2015-0001K #bound #model checking #using
Property-Driven Fence Insertion Using Reorder Bounded Model Checking (SJ, DK), pp. 291–307.
Light Transmission Properties of Insert Molded GFRPs with Different Crape Structure of Silk Fabrics (KF, ES, TK, TF, AE, YT, YY), pp. 267–276.
HCIDHM-HM-2015-FujiwaraSKFSEST #evaluation
Colorimetry and Impression Evaluation of Insert Molded GFRP Plate with Black Silk Fabrics (KF, ES, TK, TF, TS, AE, YS, YT, YY), pp. 256–266.
OOPSLAOOPSLA-2015-BenderLP #declarative
Declarative fence insertion (JB, ML, JP), pp. 367–385.
DACDAC-2014-WuWNBP #on the
On Timing Closure: Buffer Insertion for Hold-Violation Removal (PCW, MDFW, IN, SB, VP), p. 6.
HCIDUXU-ELAS-2014-Spinillo #how #usability
How Do Patient Information Leaflets Aid Medicine Usage? A Proposal for Assessing Usability of Medicine Inserts (CGS), pp. 115–124.
ICPRICPR-2014-MicoO #algorithm #performance
Dynamic Insertions in TLAESA Fast NN Search Algorithm (LM, JO), pp. 3828–3833.
KDDKDD-2014-Melli #automation #parsing #semantics
Shallow semantic parsing of product offering titles (for better automatic hyperlink insertion) (GM), pp. 1670–1678.
ISMMISMM-2014-Joisha #performance #scalability
Sticky tries: fast insertions, fast lookups, no deletions for large key universes (PGJ), pp. 35–46.
CAVCAV-2014-AlglaveKNP #approach #automation #static analysis
Don’t Sit on the Fence — A Static Analysis Approach to Automatic Fence Insertion (JA, DK, VN, DP), pp. 508–524.
DACDAC-2013-KimJK #algorithm #problem
An optimal algorithm of adjustable delay buffer insertion for solving clock skew variation problem (JK, DJ, TK), p. 6.
TACASTACAS-2013-AbdullaACLR #automation #precise
Memorax, a Precise and Sound Tool for Automatic Fence Insertion under TSO (PAA, MFA, YFC, CL, AR), pp. 530–536.
TACASTACAS-2013-LindenW #approach #memory management
A Verification-Based Approach to Memory Fence Insertion in PSO Memory Systems (AL, PW), pp. 339–353.
SEKESEKE-2013-BuenoA #experience #knowledge base
Releasing the OMCS-Br Knowledgebase to Facilitate Insertion of Culture in Applications: Brazilian Experience (S) (AdOB, JCA), pp. 137–140.
NBTI mitigation by optimized NOP assignment and insertion (FF, SK, MBT), pp. 218–223.
DocEngDocEng-2012-Damera-VenkataB #automation #documentation
Ad insertion in automatically composed documents (NDV, JB), pp. 3–12.
Counter-Example Guided Fence Insertion under TSO (PAA, MFA, YFC, CL, AR), pp. 204–219.
SASSAS-2012-AbdullaACLR #abstraction #automation #integer #source code
Automatic Fence Insertion in Integer Programs via Predicate Abstraction (PAA, MFA, YFC, CL, AR), pp. 164–180.
Computing by Observing Insertion (AK, PL), pp. 377–388.
DLTDLT-J-2010-KariS11 #parallel #revisited
Schema for Parallel Insertion and Deletion: Revisited (LK, SS), pp. 1655–1668.
DLTDLT-J-2010-KuppusamyMK11 #ambiguity #on the
On the Ambiguity of Insertion Systems (LK, AM, KK), pp. 1747–1758.
Morphic Characterizations in Terms of Insertion Systems with a Context of Length One (KF), pp. 474–475.
ICALPICALP-v1-2011-ChimaniH #approximate
A Tighter Insertion-Based Approximation of the Crossing Number (MC, PH), pp. 122–134.
HCIHCI-ITE-2011-ShinPCPK #feedback
Needle Insertion Simulator with Haptic Feedback (SS, WP, HC, SHP, LK), pp. 119–124.
CIKMCIKM-2011-ZhuangLF #xml
Insert-friendly XML containment labeling scheme (CZ, ZL, SF), pp. 2449–2452.
DACDAC-2010-ChenDC #synthesis
Clock tree synthesis under aggressive buffer insertion (YYC, CD, DC), pp. 86–89.
DACDAC-2010-GuthausWR #linear #optimisation #programming
Non-uniform clock mesh optimization with linear programming buffer insertion (MRG, GW, RR), pp. 74–79.
DATEDATE-2010-Mirza-AghatabarBG #algorithm #pipes and filters
Algorithms to maximize yield and enhance yield/area of pipeline circuitry by insertion of switches and redundant modules (MMA, MAB, SKG), pp. 1249–1254.
DLTDLT-2010-KariS #parallel
Schema for Parallel Insertion and Deletion (LK, SS), pp. 267–278.
LATALATA-2010-Zantema #complexity
Complexity of Guided Insertion-Deletion in RNA-Editing (HZ), pp. 608–619.
ICGTICGT-2010-Khomenko #behaviour
A New Type of Behaviour-Preserving Transition Insertions in Unfolding Prefixes (VK), pp. 75–90.
ICPRICPR-2010-MicoO #algorithm #constant #nearest neighbour #performance
A Constant Average Time Algorithm to Allow Insertions in the LAESA Fast Nearest Neighbour Search Index (LM, JO), pp. 3911–3914.
Tear-Insert-Fold grammars (AJ, ES), p. 6.
DACDAC-2009-HuLA #approximate #polynomial
A fully polynomial time approximation scheme for timing driven minimum cost buffer insertion (SH, ZL, CJA), pp. 424–429.
DATEDATE-2009-ChenL #design
Performance-driven dual-rail insertion for chip-level pre-fabricated design (FWC, YYL), pp. 308–311.
DATEDATE-2009-GriessnigMSW #fault #novel #testing
Fault insertion testing of a novel CPLD-based fail-safe system (GG, RM, CS, RW), pp. 214–219.
LATALATA-2009-Onodera #locality #using
New Morphic Characterizations of Languages in Chomsky Hierarchy Using Insertion and Locality (KO), pp. 648–659.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-KimuraONOT #analysis
Analysis on Descriptions of Dosage Regimens in Package Inserts of Medicines (MK, KO, KN, MO, FT), pp. 539–548.
A Proposal of a Method to Extract Active Ingredient Names from Package Inserts (KN, MK, MO, FT), pp. 576–585.
DACDAC-2008-JiangS #algorithm #scalability
Circuit-wise buffer insertion and gate sizing algorithm with scalability (ZJ, WS), pp. 708–713.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2008-SilbersteinCSVYR #distributed #order #performance
Efficient bulk insertion into a distributed ordered table (AS, BFC, US, EV, RY, RR), pp. 765–778.
Further Results on Insertion-Deletion Systems with One-Sided Contexts (AK, YR, SV), pp. 333–344.
DACDAC-2007-ChenZ #performance #process
Fast Min-Cost Buffer Insertion under Process Variations (RC, HZ), pp. 338–343.
Clock Period Minimization with Minimum Delay Insertion (SHH, CHC, CMC, YTN), pp. 970–975.
Layout-aware gate duplication and buffer insertion (DB, JC, MK), pp. 1367–1372.
ICEISICEIS-DISI-2007-OsbornB #2d
An insertion strategy for a two-dimensional spatial access method (WO, KB), pp. 295–300.
SACSAC-2007-SarfrazR #algorithm #image #polynomial #random #using
A randomized knot insertion algorithm for outline capture of planar images using cubic spline (MS, AR), pp. 71–75.
DACDAC-2006-ChenCCCH #novel
Novel full-chip gridless routing considering double-via insertion (HYC, MFC, YWC, LC, BH), pp. 755–760.
DACDAC-2006-FengH #equivalence #verification
Early cutpoint insertion for high-level software vs. RTL formal combinational equivalence verification (XF, AJH), pp. 1063–1068.
DACDAC-2006-PengL #constraints #power management
Low-power repeater insertion with both delay and slew rate constraints (YP, XL), pp. 302–307.
DACDAC-2006-WaghmodeLS #scalability
Buffer insertion in large circuits with constructive solution search techniques (MW, ZL, WS), pp. 296–301.
DACDAC-2006-WangZ #bound
Optimal jumper insertion for antenna avoidance under ratio upper-bound (JW, HZ), pp. 761–766.
Enabling fine-grain leakage management by voltage anchor insertion (PB, LB, AM, EM), pp. 868–873.
DATEDATE-2006-ViswanathAJ #automation #pipes and filters #power management
Automatic insertion of low power annotations in RTL for pipelined microprocessors (VV, JAA, WAHJ), pp. 496–501.
CHICHI-2006-DrennerHFRT #web
Insert movie reference here: a system to bridge conversation and item-oriented web sites (SD, FMH, DF, JR, LGT), pp. 951–954.
Synthesizing Reflections of Inserted Objects (XC, HF), pp. 1225–1228.
DACDAC-2005-PengL #named #performance #power management #using
Freeze: engineering a fast repeater insertion solver for power minimization using the ellipsoid method (YP, XL), pp. 813–818.
DACDAC-2005-SuC #algorithm
An exact jumper insertion algorithm for antenna effect avoidance/fixing (BYS, YWC), pp. 325–328.
Path based buffer insertion (CCNS, CJA, JH, WS), pp. 509–514.
DACDAC-2005-ZhaoZD #constraints #robust
Constraint-aware robustness insertion for optimal noise-tolerance enhancement in VLSI circuits (CZ, YZ, SD), pp. 190–195.
DATEDATE-2005-KallakuriDF #communication
Buffer Insertion for Bridges and Optimal Buffer Sizing for Communication Sub-System of Systems-on-Chip (SK, AD, EAF), pp. 826–827.
DATEDATE-2005-LiS05a #algorithm
An O(bn2) Time Algorithm for Optimal Buffer Insertion with b Buffer Types (ZL, WS), pp. 1324–1329.
DATEDATE-2005-LiuPP #hybrid #named #performance #power management
RIP: An Efficient Hybrid Repeater Insertion Scheme for Low Power (XL, YP, MCP), pp. 1330–1335.
DATEDATE-2005-XiongTH #process
Buffer Insertion Considering Process Variation (JX, KHT, LH), pp. 970–975.
LOPSTRLOPSTR-2005-SuenagaKY #approach #automation #generative #source code #type system
Extension of Type-Based Approach to Generation of Stream-Processing Programs by Automatic Insertion of Buffering Primitives (KS, NK, AY), pp. 98–114.
DACDAC-2004-LiuPP #library #power management #question #what
Practical repeater insertion for low power: what repeater library do we need? (XL, YP, MCP), pp. 30–35.
DATEDATE-v1-2004-BabighianBM #algorithm #scalability
A Scalable ODC-Based Algorithm for RTL Insertion of Gated Clocks (PB, LB, EM), pp. 500–505.
DATEDATE-v1-2004-EfthymiouSE #automation #generative
Automatic Scan Insertion and Pattern Generation for Asynchronous Circuits (AE, CPS, DAE), pp. 672–673.
DATEDATE-v2-2004-VrankenSW #layout
Impact of Test Point Insertion on Silicon Area and Timing during Layout (HPEV, FSS, HJW), pp. 810–815.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2004-ONeilOPCSW #named #xml
ORDPATHs: Insert-Friendly XML Node Labels (PEO, EJO, SP, IC, GS, NW), pp. 903–908.
ISMMISMM-2004-LeeY #automation #effectiveness #memory management #source code
Experiments on the effectiveness of an automatic insertion of memory reuses into ML-like programs (OL, KY), pp. 97–107.
DACDAC-2003-ShiL #algorithm
An O(nlogn) time algorithm for optimal buffer insertion (WS, ZL), pp. 580–585.
VLDBVLDB-2003-AnKR #performance
Improving Performance with Bulk-Inserts in Oracle R-Trees (NA, KVRK, SR), pp. 948–951.
SASSAS-2003-LeeYY #memory management #reuse #source code
Inserting Safe Memory Reuse Commands into ML-Like Programs (OL, HY, KY), pp. 171–188.
DATEDATE-2002-HuangLWG #constraints
Maze Routing with Buffer Insertion under Transition Time Constraints (LDH, ML, DFW, YG), pp. 702–707.
DATEDATE-2002-HuangTXWL #algorithm #polynomial #problem
A Polynomial Time Optimal Diode Insertion/Routing Algorithm for Fixing Antenna Problem (LDH, XT, HX, DFW, IML), pp. 470–475.
Flip-Flop and Repeater Insertion for Early Interconnect Planning (RL, GZ, CKK, KYC), pp. 690–695.
An Enhanced Q-Sequence Augmented with Empty-Room-Insertion and Parenthesis Trees (CZ, YK, KS, LJ), pp. 61–68.
SCAMSCAM-2002-Ghosh #concurrent #fault #metric #object-oriented #source code #testing #towards #using
Towards Measurement of Testability of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs Using Fault Insertion: A Preliminary Investigation (SG), pp. 17–25.
DACDAC-2001-LepakLH #constraints
Simultaneous Shield Insertion and Net Ordering under Explicit RLC Noise Constraint (KML, IL, LH), pp. 199–202.
DATEDATE-2001-GaoW #algorithm #graph #modelling
A graph based algorithm for optimal buffer insertion under accurate delay models (YG, DFW), pp. 535–539.
Extracting Textual Inserts from Digital Videos (AM, TH, GTI), pp. 1079–1083.
STOCSTOC-2001-ErgunSSS #performance
Biased dictionaries with fast insert/deletes (FE, SCS, JS, RKS), pp. 483–491.
Inserting Data Warehouse in Corporations (WALP, KB), pp. 3–9.
DACDAC-2000-JagannathanHL #algorithm #performance
A fast algorithm for context-aware buffer insertion (AJ, SWH, JL), pp. 368–373.
Maze routing with buffer insertion and wiresizing (ML, DFW), pp. 374–378.
DATEDATE-2000-LiuAW #constraints
Meeting Delay Constraints in DSM by Minimal Repeater Insertion (IML, AA, DFW), pp. 436–440.
DATEDATE-2000-VardanianM #concurrent #detection #fault
Improving the Error Detection Ability of Concurrent Checkers by Observation Point Insertion in the Circuit Under Check (VAV, LBM), p. 762.
HPCAHPCA-2000-RajwarKG #throughput
Improving the Throughput of Synchronization by Insertion of Delays (RR, AK, JRG), pp. 168–179.
OSDIOSDI-2000-BrownM #memory management #physics #using
Taming the Memory Hogs: Using Compiler-Inserted Releases to Manage Physical Memory Intelligently (ADB, TCM), pp. 31–44.
Structural Coverage For LOTOS — a Probe Insertion Technique (DA, LL), pp. 19–34.
Buffer Insertion with Accurate Gate and Interconnect Delay Computation (CJA, AD, STQ), pp. 479–484.
DACDAC-1999-ChenM #using
Noise-Aware Repeater Insertion and Wire-Sizing for On-Chip Interconnect Using Hierarchical Moment-Matching (CPC, NM), pp. 502–506.
Effects of Inductance on the Propagation Delay and Repeater Insertion in VLSI Circuits (YII, EGF), pp. 721–724.
DACDAC-1999-ZhouWLA #strict
Simultaneous Routing and Buffer Insertion with Restrictions on Buffer Locations (HZ, DFW, IML, AA), pp. 96–99.
DATEDATE-1999-NicoliciA #hardware #performance
Efficient BIST Hardware Insertion with Low Test Application Time for Synthesized Data Paths (NN, BMAH), p. 289–?.
VLDBVLDB-1999-JermaineDO #novel
A Novel Index Supporting High Volume Data Warehouse Insertion (CJ, AD, EO), pp. 235–246.
SACSAC-1999-Julstrom #heuristic #permutation
Coding TSP Tours as Permutations via an Insertion Heuristic (BAJ), pp. 297–301.
ICSEICSE-1999-DevanbuCGMM #maintenance #named #re-engineering
CHIME: Customizable Hyperlink Insertion and Maintenance Engine for Software Engineering Environments (PTD, YFC, ERG, HAM, JM), pp. 473–482.
DACDAC-1998-AlpertDQ #optimisation
Buffer Insertion for Noise and Delay Optimization (CJA, AD, STQ), pp. 362–367.
A Practical Repeater Insertion Method in High Speed VLSI Circuits (JC, CA, JM), pp. 392–395.
Wire Segmenting for Improved Buffer Insertion (CJA, AD), pp. 588–593.
DACDAC-1997-LillisC #multi #optimisation
Timing Optimization for Multi-Source Nets: Characterization and Optimal Repeater Insertion (JL, CKC), pp. 214–219.
DATEEDTC-1997-NouraniP #analysis #behaviour #using
Structural BIST insertion using behavioral test analysis (MN, CAP), pp. 64–68.
DACDAC-1996-LinMCL #logic
Test Point Insertion: Scan Paths through Combinational Logic (CCL, MMS, KTC, MTCL), pp. 268–273.
WPCWPC-1996-Wong #comprehension #on the #process
On Inserting Program Understanding Technology into the Software Change Process (KW), pp. 90–99.
OOPSLAOOPSLA-1996-DickyDHL #automation #on the
On Automatic Class Insertion with Overloading (HD, CD, MH, TL), pp. 251–267.
DACDAC-1995-XiD #power management #process
Buffer Insertion and Sizing Under Process Variations for Low Power Clock Distribution (JGX, WWMD), pp. 491–496.
ICALPICALP-1995-Henzinger #approximate
Approximating Minimum Cuts under Insertions (MRH), pp. 280–291.
FSEFSE-1994-CeceFI #communication #fault
Duplication, Insertion and Lossiness Errors in Unreliable Communication Channels (GC, AF, SPI), pp. 35–43.
Utilization of B-trees with Inserts, Deletes and Modifies (TJ, DS), pp. 235–246.
DACDAC-1988-KimTH #automation #hardware #using
Automatic Insertion of BIST Hardware Using VHDL (KK, JGT, DSH), pp. 9–15.
DACDAC-1987-Krishnamurthy #approach #problem #programming
A Dynamic Programming Approach to the Test Point Insertion Problem (BK), pp. 695–705.
SIGMODSIGMOD-1986-Willard #algorithm #worst-case
Good Worst-Case Algorithms for Inserting and Deleting Records in Dense Sequential Files (DEW), pp. 251–260.
ICALPICALP-1986-VarmanD #algorithm #parallel
A Parallel Vertex Insertion Algorithm For Minimum Spanning Trees (PJV, KD), pp. 424–433.
DACDAC-1980-Northcutt #design #fault #implementation
The design and implementation of fault insertion capabilities for ISPS (JDN), pp. 197–209.
POPLPOPL-1977-FischerMQ #ll #parsing #performance
An Efficient Insertion-Only Error-Corrector for LL(1) Parsers (CNF, DRM, SBQ), pp. 97–103.

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