Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Context
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Sakae Yamamoto
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Context
HCI/HIMI p2, 2015.

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	address       = "Los Angeles, California, USA",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-319-20618-9",
	editor        = "Sakae Yamamoto",
	isbn          = "978-3-319-20617-2",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human Interface and the Management of Information. Part II: Information and Knowledge in Context}",
	volume        = 9173,
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Contents (66 items)

HIMI-IKC-2015-PereiraSBSCFC #multi
Multi-criteria Fusion of Heterogeneous Information for Improving Situation Awareness on Emergency Management Systems (VAPJ, MFS, LCB, JOdS, CSC, EF, MRdC), pp. 3–14.
Situational Transformation of Personal Space (YK, NM), pp. 15–24.
HIMI-IKC-2015-RobertsACC #communication #complexity
A Method for Calculating Air Traffic Controller Communication Complexity (ZR, BA, JC, DC), pp. 25–32.
HIMI-IKC-2015-SouzaBSBCA #concept #framework
Conceptual Framework to Enrich Situation Awareness of Emergency Dispatchers (JOdS, LCB, JESS, CBB, MRdC, RBdA), pp. 33–44.
HIMI-IKC-2015-SturreCVS #assessment #eye tracking #using
Using Eye Movements to Test Assumptions of the Situation Present Assessment Method (LS, DC, KPLV, TZS), pp. 45–52.
HIMI-IKC-2015-VerstocktSB #recommendation
Map-Based Linking of Geographic User and Content Profiles for Hyperlocal Content Recommendation (SV, VS, KB), pp. 53–63.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ZengCLSHC #framework #mobile #query
Scene Feature Recognition-Enabled Framework for Mobile Service Information Query System (YCZ, YHC, TYL, MJS, PYH, GLC), pp. 64–74.
HIMI-IKC-2015-AhangamaP15a #empirical #what
What Methodological Attributes Are Essential for Novice Users to Analytics? — An Empirical Study (SA, DCCP), pp. 77–88.
HIMI-IKC-2015-BrunsVGZS #personalisation #recommendation #visual notation #what
What Should I Read Next? A Personalized Visual Publication Recommender System (SB, ACV, CG, MZ, US), pp. 89–100.
The Effect of Timing When Introducing a Decision Aid in a Decision Support System for Supply Chain Management (NG, HN), pp. 101–108.
HIMI-IKC-2015-Kaewkiriya #design #framework #recommendation #student
Design of Framework for Students Recommendation System in Information Technology Skills (TK), pp. 109–117.
HIMI-IKC-2015-LiangG #approach #information management #ontology #safety #semantics #web
Improving Knowledge Management in Patient Safety Reporting: A Semantic Web Ontology Approach (CL, YG), pp. 118–128.
HIMI-IKC-2015-Porathe #fault
Human Error and e-Navigation: Developing the Nautical Chart as Resilient Decision Support (TP), pp. 129–139.
HIMI-IKC-2015-VorvoreanuMDM #comprehension #research
Dealing with Data Deluge at National Funding Agencies: An Investigation of User Needs for Understanding and Managing Research Investments (MV, AFM, ZD, KPCM), pp. 140–151.
HIMI-IKC-2015-WangN #analysis #identification #matrix
Dot Matrix Analysis of Plant Operation Data for Identifying Sequential Alarms Triggered by Single Root Cause (ZW, MN), pp. 152–158.
HIMI-IKC-2015-YamadaAY #analysis #internet
An Analysis of the Synergistic Effect in the Advertisement — Between the Television Commercials and the Internet Commercials (TY, YA, KY), pp. 159–170.
HIMI-IKC-2015-Bretschneider-Hagemes #development #low cost #mobile #multi #question #simulation
Development of a New Low Cost Driving Simulation for Assessing Multidimensional Task Loads Caused by Mobile ICT at Drivers’ Workplaces. — Objective-Fidelity Beats Equipment-Fidelity? (MBH), pp. 173–179.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ChongS #difference
Differences in Driver Distractibility Between Monolingual and Bilingual Drivers (IC, TZS), pp. 180–189.
HIMI-IKC-2015-GotzeB #comparison #what
Urban Driving: Where to Present What Types of Information — Comparison of Head-Down and Head-Up Displays (MG, KB), pp. 190–200.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ItoSK #information management
Information Sharing System Based on Situation Comprehensions of Intelligent Vehicles to Improve Drivers’ Acceptability for Proactive ADAS (TI, TS, MK), pp. 201–212.
HIMI-IKC-2015-MakhtarI #analysis #evaluation
An Analysis of Ear Plethysmogram for Evaluation of Driver’s Mental Workload Level (AKM, MI), pp. 213–224.
HIMI-IKC-2015-KosakaN #behaviour #education
Education Method for Safe Bicycle Riding to Evaluate Actual Cycling Behaviors When Entering an Intersection (HK, MN), pp. 225–232.
HIMI-IKC-2015-KurihashiMT #self
Self-perception of Assister Driver Responsibility and Contribution in Mutual Assistance System (SK, YM, KT), pp. 233–242.
HIMI-IKC-2015-NoridukiSIT #fault
Map Matching to Correct Location Error in an Electric Wheel Chair (YN, HS, SI, HT), pp. 243–252.
HIMI-IKC-2015-SotokawaMNSI #detection #evaluation
Driving Evaluation of Mild Unilateral Spatial Neglect Patients-Three High-Risk Cases Undetected by BIT After Recovery (TS, TM, JN, YS, MI), pp. 253–261.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ZhouI #adaptation #behaviour
Effect of Adaptive Caution on Driver’s Lane-Change Behavior under Cognitively Distracted Condition (HZ, MI), pp. 262–271.
Hand-Raising Robot for Promoting Active Participation in Classrooms (SA, RK, MY, TW), pp. 275–284.
HIMI-IKC-2015-AraiTA #development #learning
Development of a Learning Support System for Class Structure Mapping Based on Viewpoint (TA, TT, TA), pp. 285–293.
HIMI-IKC-2015-HasegawaD #approach #framework #learning #platform #ubiquitous
A Ubiquitous Lecture Archive Learning Platform with Note-Centered Approach (SH, JD), pp. 294–303.
HIMI-IKC-2015-HayashiH #analysis #concept #learning #process
Analysis of the Relationship Between Metacognitive Ability and Learning Activity with Kit-Build Concept Map (YH, TH), pp. 304–312.
HIMI-IKC-2015-HoriguchiTH #comprehension #concept #physics #problem #sequence #student
The Effect of Problem Sequence on Students’ Conceptual Understanding in Physics (TH, TT, TH), pp. 313–322.
HIMI-IKC-2015-IshiiMKS #clustering #education #topic
A Topic Model for Clustering Learners Based on Contents in Educational Counseling (TI, SM, KK, YS), pp. 323–331.
HIMI-IKC-2015-Iwata #difference #learning
Method to Generate an Operation Learning Support System by Shortcut Key Differences in Similar Software (HI), pp. 332–340.
HIMI-IKC-2015-KimitaMMNIS #education #learning
Learning State Model for Value Co-Creative Education Services (KK, KM, SM, YN, TI, YS), pp. 341–349.
HIMI-IKC-2015-KometaniN #development
Development of a Seminar Management System (YK, KN), pp. 350–361.
HIMI-IKC-2015-MatsudaOHT #analysis #automation #generative #multi #problem #testing #using
Analysis of Multiple-Choice Tests Through Erroneous Choices Using a Technique of Automatic Problem Generation (NM, HO, TH, HT), pp. 362–369.
HIMI-IKC-2015-NakamuraTA #design #student
Proposal of an Instructional Design Support System Based on Consensus Among Academic Staff and Students (SN, TT, TA), pp. 370–377.
HIMI-IKC-2015-SejimaSWJ #development
Development of a Speech-Driven Embodied Entrainment Character System with Pupil Response (YS, YS, TW, MJ), pp. 378–386.
HIMI-IKC-2015-WatanabeTA #abstraction #development #learning #source code
Development of a Learning Support System for Reading Source Code by Stepwise Abstraction (KW, TT, TA), pp. 387–394.
HIMI-IKC-2015-BanKNTH #interactive
Virtual Jizai-Ryu: Hi-Fidelity Interactive Virtual Exhibit with Digital Display Case (YB, TK, TN, TT, MH), pp. 397–408.
Next Step of Cultural and Creative Products — Embracing Users Creativity (CLC, MHH), pp. 409–419.
Association of National Dimensions of Culture with Perceived Public Sector Corruption (DAC), pp. 420–427.
HIMI-IKC-2015-HaKKKLHKKKW #development
K-Culture Time Machine: Development of Creation and Provision Technology for Time-Space-Connected Cultural Contents (TH, YK, EK, KK, SL, SH, JIK, SK, JK, WW), pp. 428–435.
HIMI-IKC-2015-IkeiSKKHAK #experience
Experience Simulator for the Digital Museum (YI, SS, SK, KK, KH, TA, MK), pp. 436–446.
HIMI-IKC-2015-MakiY #3d #animation #artificial reality #definite clause grammar
Virtual Aquarium: Mixed Reality Consisting of 3DCG Animation and Underwater Integral Photography (NM, KY), pp. 447–456.
HIMI-IKC-2015-OgusuOKY #generative #music
Enhancing Abstract Imaginations of Viewers of Abstract Paintings by a Gaze Based Music Generation System (TO, JO, JK, SY), pp. 457–464.
HIMI-IKC-2015-Frimodt-MollerB #information management
Possible Strategies for Facilitating the Exchange of Tacit Knowledge in a Team of Creative Professionals (SRFM, NB, EPB, YG), pp. 467–475.
Innovation Compass: Integrated System to Support Creativity in Both Individuals and Groups (YK, TH, ST), pp. 476–487.
HIMI-IKC-2015-MayerBPGV #automation #generative #process #using #visualisation
Automatic Generation of Integrated Process Data Visualizations Using Human Knowledge (FM, UB, DP, DG, BVH), pp. 488–498.
HIMI-IKC-2015-OliveiraCBA #artificial reality #gamification #interface #motivation #using
A Head-up Display with Augmented Reality and Gamification for an E-Maintenance System: Using Interfaces and Gamification to Motivate Workers in Procedural Tasks (AO, NC, LCB, RBdA), pp. 499–510.
HIMI-IKC-2015-PatitadS #collaboration #representation
Representation Model of Collaboration Mechanism with Channel Theory (PP, HS), pp. 511–521.
HIMI-IKC-2015-FilhoHTJM #smarttech #using
Using Wearable and Contextual Computing to Optimize Field Engineering Work Practices (RSSF, CLH, AT, JJ, PM), pp. 522–533.
HIMI-IKC-2015-BotegaFOOBNA #user interface
SAW-Oriented User Interfaces for Emergency Dispatch Systems (LCB, LCF, NPO, AO, CBB, VPdAN, RBdA), pp. 537–548.
HIMI-IKC-2015-HamaguchiMTKN #design #generative #matrix #using
A Method for Generation and Check of Alarm Configurations Using Cause-Effect Matrices for Plant Alarm System Design (TH, BM, KT, NK, MN), pp. 549–556.
Parking Autonomous Skids (JH, RB, KH), pp. 557–568.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ParkBH #named #recognition
SAFT: Firefighting Environment Recognition Improvement for Firefighters (JHP, IJB, SJH), pp. 569–578.
HIMI-IKC-2015-TakedaHKN #lifecycle #modelling #process
Modelling of a Business Process for Alarm Management Lifecycle in Chemical Industries (KT, TH, NK, MN), pp. 579–587.
HIMI-IKC-2015-TogawaK #collaboration #framework #using
Disaster Recovery Framework for e-Learning Environment Using Private Cloud Collaboration and Emergency Alerts (ST, KK), pp. 588–596.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ItaiM #development #interactive #using
Study About Creation of “Maai” Involving Intention Using Rhythm Controller — Development of Maai Creating Agent and Interaction Experiments Between Human and Agent (SI, YM), pp. 599–609.
HIMI-IKC-2015-KajitaTMI #3d #design #using
Designing the Embodied Shadow Media Using Virtual Three-Dimensional Space (YK, TT, YM, SI), pp. 610–621.
HIMI-IKC-2015-NakashimaMHOWP #nondeterminism
Kick Extraction for Reducing Uncertainty in RoboCup Logs (TN, SM, JH, OO, PW, MP), pp. 622–633.
Virtual Bogie: Exhibition System to Understand Mechanism of Bogie with Digital Display Case (TT, HO, RK, TN, MH), pp. 634–645.
HIMI-IKC-2015-UeokaK #interactive #using
Fortune Air: An Interactive Fortune Telling System Using Vortex Air Cannon (RU, NK), pp. 646–656.
HIMI-IKC-2015-UeokaI #development
Development of the Horror Emotion Amplification System by Means of Biofeedback Method (RU, KI), pp. 657–665.
HIMI-IKC-2015-UjitokoH #interface #using
Application of the Locomotion Interface Using Anthropomorphic Finger Motion (YU, KH), pp. 666–674.
HIMI-IKC-2015-ZhangT #design #game studies
Considering a New Nanbu Fuurin Design that Play a Healing Sound — Including Innovations in Appearance and Texture, and Continually Improving- (YZ, TT), pp. 675–684.

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