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Stem tactil$ (all stems)

79 papers:

Tactile prosthetics in WiseSkin (JF, JDD, JB, PNV, CRQ, VK, CCE, SL, HM, RM, VK, HH, TL, CA), pp. 1695–1697.
CHICHI-2015-CorstenCKB #named
HaptiCase: Back-of-Device Tactile Landmarks for Eyes-Free Absolute Indirect Touch (CC, CC, TK, JOB), pp. 2171–2180.
CHICHI-2015-IonWB #physics
Skin Drag Displays: Dragging a Physical Tactor across the User’s Skin Produces a Stronger Tactile Stimulus than Vibrotactile (AI, EJW, PB), pp. 2501–2504.
CHICHI-2015-KimY #3d #towards #visual notation
Toward 3D-Printed Movable Tactile Pictures for Children with Visual Impairments (JK, TY), pp. 2815–2824.
CHICHI-2015-LeeHL #performance
Investigating the Information Transfer Efficiency of a 3x3 Watch-back Tactile Display (JL, JH, GL), pp. 1229–1232.
The Trial of Bendi in a Coffeehouse: Use of a Shape-Changing Device for a Tactile-Visual Phone Conversation (YP, JP, TJN), pp. 2181–2190.
HCIHCI-IT-2015-KabilK #named #navigation
RICHIE: A Step-by-step Navigation Widget to Enhance Broad Hierarchy Exploration on Handheld Tactile Devices (AK, SK), pp. 196–207.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-ElliottMHZM #navigation
Augmenting Soldier Situation Awareness and Navigation Through Tactile Cueing (LRE, BJPM, GHP, GAZ, GRM), pp. 345–353.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-KobayashiM #design
Designing Memorable Tactile Patterns (DK, HM), pp. 396–404.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-KotaniIAS #interface #using #variability
Changes in Heart Rate Variability by Using Tactile Thermal Interface Device (KK, SI, TA, SS), pp. 405–411.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-SkinnerVB #communication #development #gesture #navigation
Development of Tactile and Gestural Displays for Navigation, Communication, and Robotic Control (AS, JMV, LB), pp. 445–457.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-TanumaOM #feedback #recognition
Human Characteristics of Figure Recognition in Tactile Feedback (MT, MO, HM), pp. 458–465.
Study of Haptics and Tactile Sense of the Direction of Movement (SY, YY, DK), pp. 477–487.
CASECASE-2014-SuKLLHKK #array #design #recognition
Design of tactile sensor array on electric gripper jaws for wire gripping recognition (JYS, WCK, YCL, CHL, JSH, HCK, CCK), pp. 1014–1019.
HCIHCI-AIMT-2014-LifOHALP #evaluation
Evaluation of Tactile Drift Displays in Helicopter (PL, PAO, JH, PA, BL, CP), pp. 578–588.
HCIHIMI-DE-2014-SakuraiKNTH #pseudo #using
Evoking Emotions in a Story Using Tactile Sensations as Pseudo-body Responses with Contextual Cues (SS, TK, TN, TT, MH), pp. 241–250.
CHICHI-2013-AtkinsonOPBWBPC #approach #design #research
Tactile perceptions of digital textiles: a design research approach (DA, PMO, BP, NBB, PW, SB, SP, MJC), pp. 1669–1678.
CHICHI-2013-DoucetteMGNP #feedback #interactive
The effects of tactile feedback and movement alteration on interaction and awareness with digital embodiments (AD, RLM, CG, MAN, AP), pp. 1891–1900.
CHICHI-2013-GustafsonRB #comprehension #interface #visual notation
Understanding palm-based imaginary interfaces: the role of visual and tactile cues when browsing (SG, BR, PB), pp. 889–898.
CHICHI-2013-ObristSS #case study #experience
Talking about tactile experiences (MO, SAS, SS), pp. 1659–1668.
Proposal of Automotive 8-directional Warning System That Makes Use of Tactile Apparent Movement (AM, SK, MM, TH), pp. 98–107.
HCIHIMI-D-2013-JinnaiONKAS #evaluation #multi
Evaluation of Somatosensory Evoked Responses When Multiple Tactile Information Was Given to the Palm: A MEG Study (AJ, AO, SN, KK, TA, SS), pp. 594–603.
HCIHIMI-D-2013-KotaniKSA #analysis #development #memory management #using
Analysis of Spatiotemporal Memory Using Air-Jets as Tactile Stimuli for Development of Noncontact Tactile Displays (KK, NK, SS, TA), pp. 620–627.
Tactile Vibration of Personal Digital Assistants for Conveying Feelings (AN, MN), pp. 400–410.
CASECASE-2012-HoNNH #question #what
What can be inferred from a tactile arrayed sensor in autonomous in-hand manipulation? (VAH, TN, AN, SH), pp. 461–468.
CASECASE-2012-HuangZL #adaptation #design
Design of a grasp force adaptive control system with tactile and slip perception (ZXH, XDZ, YNL), pp. 1101–1105.
CASECASE-2012-WeiZW #detection #recognition #research
Research on a detection and recognition method of tactile-slip sensation used to control the Elderly-assistant & Walking-assistant Robot (XW, XZ, YW), pp. 1040–1045.
CHICHI-2012-FallahABF #navigation #using #visual notation
The user as a sensor: navigating users with visual impairments in indoor spaces using tactile landmarks (NF, IA, KEB, EF), pp. 425–432.
CHICHI-2012-LeeKK #interactive
Funneling and saltation effects for tactile interaction with virtual objects (JL, YK, GJK), pp. 3141–3148.
CHICHI-2012-PielotPHB #named #navigation
PocketNavigator: studying tactile navigation systems in-situ (MP, BP, WH, SB), pp. 3131–3140.
CHICHI-2012-YataniBT #feedback #named #people #representation #using #visual notation
SpaceSense: representing geographical information to visually impaired people using spatial tactile feedback (KY, NB, KNT), pp. 415–424.
CSCWCSCW-2012-YataniGT #collaboration #coordination #feedback #visual notation
Investigating effects of visual and tactile feedback on spatial coordination in collaborative handheld systems (KY, DG, KNT), pp. 661–670.
CHICHI-2011-IannacciTAP #feedback #interactive #multi #physics
The haptic laser: multi-sensation tactile feedback for at-a-distance physical space perception and interaction (FI, ET, DA, SNP), pp. 2047–2050.
CHICHI-2011-IsrarP #grid
Tactile brush: drawing on skin with a tactile grid display (AI, IP), pp. 2019–2028.
CHICHI-2011-LylykangasSSRLRR #design #feedback
Designing tactile feedback for piezo buttons (JL, VS, KS, JR, PL, KR, RR), pp. 3281–3284.
CHICHI-2011-PasqueroH #feedback #interactive #mobile
Tactile feedback can assist vision during mobile interactions (JP, VH), pp. 3277–3280.
CHICHI-2011-SrikulwongO #case study #comparative #representation #smarttech
A comparative study of tactile representation techniques for landmarks on a wearable device (MS, EO), pp. 2029–2038.
HCIHCI-MIIE-2011-MortimerZMS #effectiveness #implementation #navigation
Implementing Effective Tactile Symbology for Orientation and Navigation (BJPM, GAZ, GRM, CS), pp. 321–328.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-ElliottSR #communication #development #navigation
Development of Tactile and Haptic Systems for U.S. Infantry Navigation and Communication (LRE, ETS, ESR), pp. 399–407.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-KotaniHKA #information management #using
Characteristics of Information Transmission Rates Using Noncontact Tactile Display (KK, MH, NK, TA), pp. 450–453.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-LifOLHS #multimodal
Multimodal Threat Cueing in Simulated Combat Vehicle with Tactile Information Switching between Threat and Waypoint Indication (PL, PAO, BL, JH, JS), pp. 454–461.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-MoriTK #adaptation #design #interface
Design of Vibration Alert Interface Based on Tactile Adaptation Model to Vibration Stimulation (YM, TT, SK), pp. 462–469.
HCIHIMI-v1-2011-NasuKAN #information management
Information Processing for Constructing Tactile Perception of Motion: A MEG Study (AN, KK, TA, SN), pp. 478–487.
Shape sensing by vision-based tactile sensor for dexterous handling of robot hands (YI, YK, CN, GO), pp. 574–579.
The secure haptic keypad: a tactile password system (AB, IO, DSK), pp. 1089–1092.
CHICHI-2010-HuangSDWKAL #learning #mobile #music
Mobile music touch: mobile tactile stimulation for passive learning (KH, TS, EYLD, GW, DK, CA, RL), pp. 791–800.
CHICHI-2010-LeeS #named #smarttech
BuzzWear: alert perception in wearable tactile displays on the wrist (SCL, TS), pp. 433–442.
Where is my team: supporting situation awareness with tactile displays (MP, OK, SB), pp. 1705–1714.
CHICHI-2009-BrownSKH #communication
Exploring the potential of audio-tactile messaging for remote interpersonal communication (LMB, AS, RK, RHRH), pp. 1527–1530.
CHICHI-2009-DunlopT #feedback #predict
Tactile feedback for predictive text entry (MDD, FT), pp. 2257–2260.
CHICHI-2009-HarrisonH09a #approach
Texture displays: a passive approach to tactile presentation (CH, SEH), pp. 2261–2264.
CHICHI-2009-HoffmannSB #fault #named
TypeRight: a keyboard with tactile error prevention (AH, DS, JOB), pp. 2265–2268.
CHICHI-2009-HogganCBK #feedback #question
Audio or tactile feedback: which modality when? (EEH, AC, SAB, TK), pp. 2253–2256.
CHICHI-2009-KeranenBK #gesture #interface #mobile #music
Gravity sphere: gestural audio-tactile interface for mobile music exploration (JK, JB, JK), pp. 1531–1534.
CHICHI-2009-SpelmezanJHB #physics #process
Tactile motion instructions for physical activities (DS, MJ, AH, JOB), pp. 2243–2252.
HCIHCI-NIMT-2009-AsaoHHKH #case study #information management
A Study on Fundamental Information Transmission Characteristics of an Air-Jet Driven Tactile Display (TA, HH, MH, KK, KH), pp. 397–406.
HCIHCI-NIMT-2009-KotaniYAH #representation #using
Representation of Velocity Information by Using Tactile Apparent Motion (KK, TY, TA, KH), pp. 470–478.
Tactile Spatial Cognition by the Palm (MGK), pp. 479–485.
HCIHCI-NIMT-2009-NakanishiOY #case study #effectiveness
A Study on Effective Tactile Feeling of Control Panels for Electrical Appliances (MN, YO, SY), pp. 486–495.
f-MRI Study of Brain Activation in Tactile Feeling (YK, MT, YK, NS), pp. 534–542.
CHICHI-2008-ForlinesB #feedback
Evaluating tactile feedback and direct vs. indirect stylus input in pointing and crossing selection tasks (CF, RB), pp. 1563–1572.
CHICHI-2008-HogganBJ #effectiveness #feedback #mobile
Investigating the effectiveness of tactile feedback for mobile touchscreens (EEH, SAB, JJ), pp. 1573–1582.
CHICHI-2008-Murray-SmithWHQ #named
Stane: synthesized surfaces for tactile input (RMS, JW, SH, TQ), pp. 1299–1302.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2007-Dickinson07a #diagrams
“Touching the void”…: narrowing the crevasse between the tactile diagrams that tutors request and those that work in reality (AD), p. 339.
CHICHI-2007-BrewsterCB #feedback #interactive #mobile
Tactile feedback for mobile interactions (SAB, FC, LMB), pp. 159–162.
HCIHCI-IPT-2007-ChoH #recognition
Drawing Type Tactile Presentation for Tactile Letter Recognition (JHC, MH), pp. 798–807.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-ShinLPKOL #chat #interface
A Tactile Emotional Interface for Instant Messenger Chat (HS, JL, JP, YK, HO, TL), pp. 166–175.
CHICHI-2006-LukPLMLH #design #interactive #mobile #prototype #using
A role for haptics in mobile interaction: initial design using a handheld tactile display prototype (JL, JP, SL, KEM, VL, VH), pp. 171–180.
CHICHI-2006-WallB #feedback #graph #navigation #what
Feeling what you hear: tactile feedback for navigation of audio graphs (SAW, SAB), pp. 1123–1132.
HTHT-2005-RotardKE #visual notation #web
A tactile web browser for the visually disabled (MR, SK, TE), pp. 15–22.
DATEDATE-2005-KirsteinSSHVH04 #monitoring
A CMOS-Based Tactile Sensor for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring (KUK, JS, TS, CH, TV, AH), pp. 210–214.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-ChenC #case study #interface #visual notation
A study on tactile interfaces as an aid to home electronic appliance operation for the visually impaired (WZC, WKC), pp. 740–744.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-Lange #design
Design of Tactile Graphics (ML), pp. 536–539.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-PuckW #documentation #image
Deriving Tactile Images from Paper-based Documents (TP, GW), pp. 540–544.
Virtual Tactile Maps (JS, TS), pp. 531–535.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-Thompson #feedback
Keyboard Tactile Feedback and its Effect on Keying Force Applied (DAT), pp. 157–161.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-EbinaI #approach #user interface
A New Approach to Providing GUI Access for Blind People-Combined Tactile/Voice GUI Access (TE, SI), pp. 405–408.
Texture Display for Tactile Sensation (YI, KW, SF), pp. 961–964.
ICMLML-1990-ThintW #clustering #feature model #modelling
Feature Extraction and Clustering of Tactile Impressions with Connectionist Models (MT, PPW), pp. 253–258.

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