Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability. Part III: User Experience Design for Everyday Life Applications and Services
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Aaron Marcus
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability. Part III: User Experience Design for Everyday Life Applications and Services
HCI/DUXU p3, 2014.

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	address       = "Crete, Greece",
	doi           = "10.1007/978-3-319-07635-5",
	editor        = "Aaron Marcus",
	isbn          = "978-3-319-07634-8",
	publisher     = "{Springer International Publishing}",
	series        = "{Lecture Notes in Computer Science}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability. Part III: User Experience Design for Everyday Life Applications and Services}",
	volume        = 8519,
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Contents (70 items)

DUXU-ELAS-2014-WinklerP14a #design #named #smarttech #towards #transitive
Erratum: ReFlexLab: Designing Transitive Wearable Technologies towards Poetic Aesthetics (CW, SP).
DUXU-ELAS-2014-AldazHSSL #experience #personalisation #user interface
User Experience in Training a Personalized Hearing System (GA, TH, DS, MS, LJL), pp. 3–14.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-CravenLM #design #multi #research
Developing mHealth Apps with Researchers: Multi-Stakeholder Design Considerations (MPC, ARL, JLM), pp. 15–24.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-GoodS #design #health #interface #people #web
Accessing Web Based Health Care and Resources for Mental Health: Interface Design Considerations for People Experiencing Mental Illness (AG, AS), pp. 25–33.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-HammerschmidtS #interactive #mobile
Reading Digital Medicine Leaflets in Mobile Devices an Interactive Study Conducted in Brazil (CH, CGS), pp. 34–43.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-HungS #case study #design #visual notation
Visual Design in Healthcare for Low-Literate Users — A Case Study of Healthcare Leaflets for New Immigrants in Taiwan (YLH, CS), pp. 44–55.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-IbrahimSHAAA #in the cloud #information management
Enhanced Hospital Information System by Cloud Computing: SHEFA’A (LFI, SS, SH, LAS, AIMA, AHAS), pp. 56–62.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-KuruK #design #difference #gender #health
Exploring Possibilities of Designing Virtual Personal Health Coach in Relation to Gender Differences (HK, AK), pp. 63–71.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MartinsM #case study
Wayfinding in Hospital: A Case Study (LBM, HFVdM), pp. 72–82.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MontAlvao #health #overview #using
Health Care Professionals vs Other Professionals: Do They Have Different Perceptions about Health Care Waste and Dangerous Products Pictograms? Some Findings Using a Digital Device in Field Survey (CRM), pp. 83–90.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-SchmeilS #health #how #quote
“How am I Doing?” — Personifying Health through Animated Characters (AS, LSS), pp. 91–102.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-SharmaMTZRTGJ #named #personalisation #smarttech
SPARK: Personalized Parkinson Disease Interventions through Synergy between a Smartphone and a Smartwatch (VS, KM, FDlT, AZ, NR, TGNT, RG, SJ), pp. 103–114.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Spinillo #how #usability
How Do Patient Information Leaflets Aid Medicine Usage? A Proposal for Assessing Usability of Medicine Inserts (CGS), pp. 115–124.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-ThumKGRBSKBH #usability
Usability Improvement of a Clinical Decision Support System (FT, MSK, NG, LR, RB, JS, JLK, KB, UH), pp. 125–131.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Waarde #question
Information about Medicines for Patients in Europe: To Impede or to Empower? (KvdW), pp. 132–140.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-JoshiW #collaboration #delivery #empirical
A Collaborative Change Experiment: Telecare as a Means for Delivery of Home Care Services (SGJ, AW), pp. 141–151.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-CagiltayCKCA #education #usability
Innovative Educational Technology for Special Education and Usability Issues (, , NK, HC, GKA), pp. 155–163.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-DysonJ #interface #question #what
Examining the Interfaces to E-journal Articles: What Do Users Expect? (MCD, EMJ), pp. 164–172.
The Impact of Media and Background Color on Handwriting (CYY, WLH, TYCH), pp. 173–183.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-LimaAMS #online
The Relation between Online and Print Information Graphics for Newspapers (RCL, RdCA, ASM, CGS), pp. 184–194.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Martins #industrial #learning #prototype
Prototyping in a Learning Environment — Digital Publishing Projects from the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial (MAFM), pp. 195–206.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MedeirosJG #learning #memory management #named #student
Logograms: Memory Aids for Learning, and an Example with Hearing-Impaired Students (LM, MBJ, LVG), pp. 207–216.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-George-PalilonisB #multi #student #tablet #tool support
SMART Note: Student-Centered Multimedia Active Reading Tools for Tablet Textbooks (JGP, DB), pp. 217–229.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Portugal #design
Design, User-Experience and Teaching-Learning (CP), pp. 230–241.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Abbas #behaviour #case study #challenge #implementation
Challenges in Implementation of TVM (Ticket Vending Machine) in Developing Countries for Mass Transport System: A Study of Human Behavior while Interacting with Ticket Vending Machine-TVM (MA), pp. 245–254.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Abdullah #monitoring #network #simulation
Simulation of Wireless Sensor Network for Flood Monitoring System (MA), pp. 255–264.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-ChenDCY #comprehension #experience #user interface
Enhance User Experience Moving in Campus through Understanding Human Spatial Cognition (SMC, YSD, SFC, HCY), pp. 265–272.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-GeabelJHABA #identification #using
Pilgrim Smart Identification Using RFID Technology (PSI) (AG, KJ, RAH, RA, MB, MA), pp. 273–280.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-KamiyaKASNMF #design #using
Timeaxis Design of a Service System Growing Values of Mobility Using the M-V Model (KK, AK, JA, KS, HN, YM, SF), pp. 281–292.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-KnollVS #comprehension #user interface
Developing the HMI of Electric Vehicles — On the Necessity of a Broader Understanding of Automotive User Interface Engineering (CK, RV, IS), pp. 293–304.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Lai #design #interactive #usability
Examining the Functionality and Usability of Interactive Wayfinding Design within Cities in China (FHSL), pp. 305–316.
The Encourage Operators to Promote Manual Flight Operations- a Pandemic in Modern Aviation (ETM, ITM, MMS), pp. 317–325.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-PetkovB #design #platform
Hardwired Critical Action Panels for Emergency Preparedness: — Design Principles and CAP Design for Offshore Petroleum Platforms (BP, AOB), pp. 326–337.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Savage-KnepshieldTPDQM #design #experience #user interface
Designing the User Experience for C4ISR Systems in the U.S. Army (PASK, JT, CP, JD, DQ, DM), pp. 338–346.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-ShalashAAASA #mobile
A Mobile Application for Controlling Domestic Gas Cylinders Remotely (WMS, SAB, NAQ, MAM, BS, AA), pp. 347–356.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-ThalenV #case study #design
Virtual Personas: A Case Study on Truck Cabin Design (JPT, MCvdV), pp. 357–368.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-VilarDRNV #artificial reality #case study #using
A Pilot Study Using Virtual Reality to Investigate the Effects of Emergency Egress Signs Competing with Environmental Variables on Route Choices (EV, ED, FR, PN, EV), pp. 369–377.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-YangWW #multi #safety
Impact of Multi-sensory On-Bicycle Rider Assistance Devices on Rider Concentration and Safety (CYY, YTW, CTW), pp. 378–388.
Barriers and Reforms for Promoting ICTs in Rural Areas of Pakistan (AA, MH, MI, SA, SR, MS, WA, NY), pp. 391–399.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-BackhausBT #experience #user interface
Positive Technology and User Experience for Human Needs in Developing Countries: Some Considerations (NB, SB, AT), pp. 400–410.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Cossio #case study #experience
Transforming Data into Information Experiences (MGdC), pp. 411–422.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-IftikharMIBEK #community #design #health
Design for Rural Community Regarding Health (SI, UM, AI, TAB, HE, MFK), pp. 423–431.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MahmoodST #content management #people #user interface
Content Management and User Interface for Uneducated People (ZM, SSS, ST), pp. 432–441.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MustafaMMAAMEBK #development #interface #learning #multi
Rural Area Development through Multi-interface Technology and Virtual Learning System (FuM, AM, SM, SA, UA, SM, HE, TAB, MFK), pp. 442–451.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-EmilianoSFBP #network
Traffic Management in Rural Networks (RE, FS, LF, JB, AP), pp. 452–461.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-SheikhDS #design #guidelines #knowledge base #towards #usability #women
Usability Guidelines for Designing Knowledge Base in Rural Areas — Towards Women Empowerment (JAS, HSD, FJS), pp. 462–469.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Trocka-Leszczynska #order
The Contemporary Rural Landscape in the South-Western Region of Poland (Sudeten Region) — A Search for Spatial Order (ETL), pp. 470–481.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-WoldmariamGAG #design #mobile
Mobile Money System Design for Illiterate Users in Rural Ethiopia (MFW, GG, SA, TMG), pp. 482–491.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Chunpir0B #comprehension #using
Using Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) in Understanding Current User-Support Scenario in the Climate Science Domain of Cyber-Infrastructures (HIC, TL, AAB), pp. 495–506.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Duffy #usability
Improving Sustainability through Usability (VGD), pp. 507–519.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-FloraB #behaviour #energy #feedback #graph
Energy Graph Feedback: Attention, Cognition and Behavior Intentions (JAF, BB), pp. 520–529.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-FordPLNCM #design #feedback
User-Centred Design of an Audio Feedback System for Power Demand Management (RF, JP, YCL, KN, WC, MM), pp. 530–541.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-FordSCT #energy #personalisation
Personalized Energy Priorities: A User-Centric Application for Energy Advice (RF, OS, AC, PT), pp. 542–553.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Kampf #social #social media
Experiencing CSR in Asia: A Social Media Perspective from the Outside In (CK), pp. 554–561.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-KarlinPC #experience #learning #online #user interface
Pumping Up the Citizen Muscle Bootcamp: Improving User Experience in Online Learning (BK, BP, AC), pp. 562–573.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-KhokharEBIMIMMAA #community #usability #user interface
Enhancement of Usability for Farmers: User Interface for Rural Community (MFK, HE, TAB, SI, UM, AI, FuM, AM, UA, UA), pp. 574–582.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-MarcusDW #design
User-Experience for Personal Sustainability Software: Applying Design Philosophy and Principles (AM, JD, LW), pp. 583–593.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-RettieBH #design #energy #feedback
Energy Consumption Feedback: Engagement by Design (RR, KB, TH), pp. 594–604.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-YunALZLSMZW #design #energy #evaluation
The Design and Evaluation of Intelligent Energy Dashboard for Sustainability in the Workplace (RY, AA, BL, CZ, VL, PS, YM, JZ, NW), pp. 605–615.
Investigating Sustainability Stages in the Workplace (RY, PS, AA, BL, VL, NW), pp. 616–627.
Public Perception and Acceptance of Electric Vehicles: Exploring Users’ Perceived Benefits and Drawbacks (MZ, SBL, KK, MS), pp. 628–639.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-VegaAEF #interactive
FX e-Makeup for Muscle Based Interaction (KV, AA, FE, HF), pp. 643–652.
The HARSim Application to the Task of Carrying School Supplies (RD, EF), pp. 653–661.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-DesouzartFMM #behaviour #interactive
Human-Bed Interaction: A Methodology and Tool to Measure Postural Behavior during Sleep of the Air Force Military (GD, EF, FM, RM), pp. 662–674.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Flanagan #evolution #experience #smarttech
A Vibrant Evolution: From Wearable Devices to Objects as Mediators of Experience (PJF), pp. 675–686.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-HeibachST #research
Extended Senses in Responsive Environments — An Artistic Research Project on Atmosphere (CH, AS, JLT), pp. 687–698.
Ultralight Backpack System for Heavy Loaded Users (MP), pp. 699–709.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-Takei #interactive #smarttech
Human Interactive Wearable Devices: Applications of Artificial Electronic Skins and Smart Bandages (KT), pp. 710–718.
Aesthetically Enhanced RFID Inkjet Antenna Logos on Skin (AERIALS) (JT, WW, JCB), pp. 719–730.
DUXU-ELAS-2014-WinklerP #design #named #smarttech #towards #transitive
ReFlexLab: Designing Transitive Wearable Technologies towards Poetic Aesthetics (CW, SP), pp. 731–738.

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