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138 papers:

CASECASE-2015-OgunmoluGJG #realtime
A real-time, soft robotic patient positioning system for maskless head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy: An initial investigation (OPO, XG, SBJ, NRG), pp. 1539–1545.
CASECASE-2015-ProdelAXJL #database #integer #linear #mining #process #programming #using
Discovery of patient pathways from a national hospital database using process mining and integer linear programming (MP, VA, XX, BJ, LL), pp. 1409–1414.
CASECASE-2015-QiuSL #data access #realtime
Real time access control of patient service in the pediatrics department (YQ, JS, ZL), pp. 734–739.
CASECASE-2015-XieZLSD #agile #analysis #approach #multi #process
Analysis of multi-patient rapid response processes: An iterative approach (XX, ZZ, JL, CHS, PD), pp. 740–745.
CHICHI-2015-LatulipeGNMQBSA #design
Design Considerations for Patient Portal Adoption by Low-Income, Older Adults (CL, AG, HTN, DPM, SAQ, AGB, AS, TAA), pp. 3859–3868.
CHICHI-2015-MentisSPFS #programming
Being Seen: Co-Interpreting Parkinson’s Patient’s Movement Ability in Deep Brain Stimulation Programming (HMM, RS, SP, PF, LS), pp. 511–520.
CHICHI-2015-SkovJSL #monitoring
No News is Good News: Remote Monitoring of Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Patients (MBS, PGJ, CSS, AL), pp. 827–836.
CSCWCSCW-2015-HoubenFB #collaboration #hybrid
Collaborative Affordances of Hybrid Patient Record Technologies in Medical Work (SH, MF, JEB), pp. 785–797.
CSCWCSCW-2015-JacobsCM #health #information management
Comparing Health Information Sharing Preferences of Cancer Patients, Doctors, and Navigators (MLJ, JC, EDM), pp. 808–818.
HCIDUXU-IXD-2015-DasBRD #co-evolution #design #generative
The Use of Generative Techniques in Co-design of mHealth Technology and Healthcare Services for COPD Patients (AD, SB, JR, YD), pp. 587–595.
HCIDUXU-IXD-2015-FernandesL #interface #internet #monitoring
An Internet of Things Application with an Accessible Interface for Remote Monitoring Patients (COF, CJPdL), pp. 651–661.
HCIHIMI-IKC-2015-LiangG #approach #information management #ontology #safety #semantics #web
Improving Knowledge Management in Patient Safety Reporting: A Semantic Web Ontology Approach (CL, YG), pp. 118–128.
HCIHIMI-IKC-2015-SotokawaMNSI #detection #evaluation
Driving Evaluation of Mild Unilateral Spatial Neglect Patients-Three High-Risk Cases Undetected by BIT After Recovery (TS, TM, JN, YS, MI), pp. 253–261.
KDDKDD-2015-BarajasA #approach #health #modelling
Dynamically Modeling Patient’s Health State from Electronic Medical Records: A Time Series Approach (KLCB, RA), pp. 69–78.
KDDKDD-2015-GongSRG #modelling
Instance Weighting for Patient-Specific Risk Stratification Models (JJG, TMS, JDR, JVG), pp. 369–378.
KDDKDD-2015-RoyTZLHNM #classification
Dynamic Hierarchical Classification for Patient Risk-of-Readmission (SBR, AT, KZ, RL, DH, SN, AM), pp. 1691–1700.
MLDMMLDM-2015-RibeiroOFVC #modelling
Patient-Specific Modeling of Medical Data (GASR, ACMdO, ALSF, SV, GFC), pp. 415–424.
GPCEGPCE-2015-FlorenceFFTKWNY #named #programming language
POP-PL: a patient-oriented prescription programming language (SPF, BF, MF, WHT, TK, DPW, CN, PRY, RBF, SMB), pp. 131–140.
CASECASE-2014-LiaoLCHF #analysis
Vision based gait analysis on robotic walking stabilization system for patients with Parkinson’s Disease (CKL, CDL, CYC, CMH, LCF), pp. 818–823.
CASECASE-2014-PuTC #design #development #smarttech
Design and development of the wearable hand exoskeleton system for rehabilitation of hand impaired patients (SWP, SYT, JYC), pp. 996–1001.
CASECASE-2014-QiuSL #multi #optimisation #simulation
A simulation based GA for multi-objective optimization in patient flow distribution (YQ, JS, ZL), pp. 1–6.
CASECASE-2014-ShamsAY #modelling #predict
Predicting patient risk of readmission with frailty models in the Department of Veteran Affairs (IS, SA, KY), pp. 576–581.
CHICHI-2014-JacobsCM #mobile
My journey compass: a preliminary investigation of a mobile tool for cancer patients (MLJ, JC, EDM), pp. 663–672.
CHICHI-2014-MaziluBHTGH #named
GaitAssist: a daily-life support and training system for parkinson’s disease patients with freezing of gait (SM, UB, MH, GT, EG, JMH), pp. 2531–2540.
Biomechanical Study of Foot Force Pattern in Hallux Valgus (HV) Patients (SE, IIE), pp. 332–339.
HCIDHM-2014-HuangNKMKNAKOO #self
Robot Patient for Nursing Self-training in Transferring Patient from Bed to Wheel Chair (ZH, AN, MKP, JM, YK, MN, KA, NK, TO, JO), pp. 361–368.
HCIDHM-2014-KhairatR #framework #interactive
Building a Telemedicine Framework to Improve the Interactions between Cancer Patients and Oncology Triage Nurses (SK, VR), pp. 377–384.
HCIDUXU-ELAS-2014-Spinillo #how #usability
How Do Patient Information Leaflets Aid Medicine Usage? A Proposal for Assessing Usability of Medicine Inserts (CGS), pp. 115–124.
HCIDUXU-ELAS-2014-Waarde #question
Information about Medicines for Patients in Europe: To Impede or to Empower? (KvdW), pp. 132–140.
HCIHIMI-AS-2014-AbujaradSDP #online #safety
Management of On-Line Registries Information for Patient Safety in Long-Term Care (FA, SJS, TAD, LAP), pp. 307–316.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2014-DominguezAERLE #data mining #fuzzy #logic #mining #roadmap #using
Advances in the Decision Making for Treatments of Chronic Patients Using Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining Techniques (MD, JA, JGE, IMR, JMLS, MJE), pp. 325–330.
CIKMCIKM-2014-LimsopathamMO #modelling #multi #ranking #towards
Modelling Relevance towards Multiple Inclusion Criteria when Ranking Patients (NL, CM, IO), pp. 1639–1648.
CIKMCIKM-2014-Liu0LXL #identification #towards
Towards Pathway Variation Identification: Aligning Patient Records with a Care Pathway (HL, YL, XL, GTX, GTL), pp. 1359–1368.
ICPRICPR-2014-LandgrenOH #image #segmentation #using
A Measure of Septum Shape Using Shortest Path Segmentation in Echocardiographic Images of LVAD Patients (ML, NCO, AH), pp. 3398–3403.
SACSAC-2014-TupakulaV #monitoring
Secure monitoring for dementia patients (UKT, VV), pp. 14–19.
CASECASE-2013-SharabianiDBCND #machine learning #predict
Machine learning based prediction of warfarin optimal dosing for African American patients (AS, HD, AB, LC, EN, KD), pp. 623–628.
CASECASE-2013-TanTL #policy #resource management
Improving patient length-of-stay in emergency department through dynamic resource allocation policies (KWT, WHT, HCL), pp. 984–989.
CHICHI-2013-Starbird #community #volunteer
Delivering patients to sacré coeur: collective intelligence in digital volunteer communities (KS), pp. 801–810.
CHICHI-2013-SunZDRX #comprehension
Messaging to your doctors: understanding patient-provider communications via a portal system (SS, XZ, JCD, STR, HX), pp. 1739–1748.
CSCWCSCW-2013-AbrahamR #coordination #process
Re-coordinating activities: an investigation of articulation work in patient transfers (JA, MCR), pp. 67–78.
CSCWCSCW-2013-OKaneMT #health #information management #privacy
Non-static nature of patient consent: shifting privacy perspectives in health information sharing (AAO, HMM, ET), pp. 553–562.
HCIDHM-HB-2013-CaoJHK #assessment #modelling #using
Ergonomic Assessment of Patient Barrow Lifting Technique Using Digital Human Modeling (WC, MJ, YH, MTK), pp. 20–29.
HCIDHM-SET-2013-BrooksB #game studies #using #video
Facilitators’ Intervention Variance and Outcome Influence When Using Video Games with Fibromyalgia Patients (ALB, EPB), pp. 163–172.
Feedback-Based Self-training System of Patient Transfer (ZH, AN, MKP, JM, YK, MN, KA, NK, TO, JO), pp. 197–203.
HCIDHM-SET-2013-HungCSC #analysis #case study #comparative #education #effectiveness #women
A Comparative Analysis of the Educational Effectiveness of Leaflet and Website for Low-Literate Patients — A Case Study of Immigrant Mothers in Taipei (YLH, KRC, CS, TC), pp. 204–213.
HCIDHM-SET-2013-LauterbachS #evaluation #implementation #interactive
Implementing Scenarios as an Evaluation Method of the Patient-Physician Interaction in Decision Aids (CVL, JDS), pp. 232–239.
HCIDHM-SET-2013-SaparovaBLKMY #health #how #information management #problem #question #usability #what
Usability Problems in Patient- and Clinician-Oriented Health Information Systems: What Are They and How Do They Differ? (DS, JB, YL, FK, YM, BY), pp. 276–285.
HCIDUXU-NTE-2013-AbujaradSDP #monitoring #safety
Rap Backs: Continuous Workforce Monitoring to Improve Patient Safety in Long-Term Care (FA, SJS, TAD, LAP), pp. 3–9.
HCIDUXU-NTE-2013-SonntagZSWT #artificial reality #cyber-physical #information management #multimodal #towards
Towards Medical Cyber-Physical Systems: Multimodal Augmented Reality for Doctors and Knowledge Discovery about Patients (DS, SZ, CHS, MW, TT), pp. 401–410.
HCIHCI-AS-2013-HuaG #comprehension #difference #evaluation #predict #protocol #safety #usability
Usability Evaluation of a Voluntary Patient Safety Reporting System: Understanding the Difference between Predicted and Observed Time Values by Retrospective Think-Aloud Protocols (LH, YG), pp. 94–100.
HCIHCI-UC-2013-Acharya #named #privacy
SP-CIP: A Secure and Privacy Aware Patient Centric Information Portal (SA), pp. 3–9.
HCIHIMI-HSM-2013-Wesugi #approach #design #experience #novel #simulation
Design Approach of Simulation Exercise with Use of Device and Its Significance — Design of Novel Device for Realistic Experience of Being a Hemiplegia Patient (SW), pp. 315–324.
HCIOCSC-2013-LanghorneTK #health #multi #online #web
Untangling the Web of e-Health: Multiple Sclerosis Patients’ Perceptions of Online Health Information, Information Literacy, and the Impact on Treatment Decision Making (ALL, PT, LK), pp. 304–312.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2013-QasimR #analysis #classification #evaluation #linear #using
Classification of Hepatitis Patients and Fibrosis Evaluation using Decision Trees and Linear Discriminant Analysis (RQ, RMR), pp. 239–246.
KDIRKDIR-KMIS-2013-ZhouNL #case study #collaboration #problem
Mitigating Barriers to Patient-centred Knowledge Sharing — A Case-study of Knowledge Sharing Problems in the Collaboration of Traditional and Western Practitioners in Chinese Hospitals (LZ, MBN, WL), pp. 298–307.
KEODKEOD-2013-GeibelEZKJSBMNSTUFTSHT #documentation #identification #information management #ontology
Patient Identification for Clinical Trials with Ontology-based Information Extraction from Documents (PG, HE, LZ, SK, KJ, JS, AB, FM, CHN, JFS, ST, TU, MF, MT, TS, AH, TT), pp. 230–236.
RecSysRecSys-2013-PessemierDM13a #recommendation
A food recommender for patients in a care facility (TDP, SD, LM), pp. 209–212.
SIGIRSIGIR-2013-Limsopatham #comprehension #framework #query
A query and patient understanding framework for medical records search (NL), p. 1145.
CASECASE-2012-KammererP #fault #flexibility #geometry
High accuracy patient positioning system: geometric and elastic error calibration of a flexible model (NK, YP), pp. 1033–1039.
CASECASE-2012-ReeseWLDOOBE #modelling
Early warning system modeling for patient bispectral index prognosis in anesthesia and the operating room (JR, YW, LL, HD, EO, MSO, VLB, GE), pp. 297–302.
CASECASE-2012-SharabianiD #policy
Observation policies for patient and resource tracking in outpatient clinics (AS, HD), pp. 532–537.
CASECASE-2012-TanWL #queue
Improving patient flow in emergency department through dynamic priority queue (KWT, CW, HCL), pp. 125–130.
CHICHI-2012-HaqueKAALDRHS #mobile #monitoring
Findings of e-ESAS: a mobile based symptom monitoring system for breast cancer patients in rural Bangladesh (MMH, FAK, MA, SIA, RL, RD, DR, SH, RS), pp. 899–908.
CHICHI-2012-HuhPP #community #online
Tackling dilemmas in supporting “the whole person” in online patient communities (JH, RAP, WP), pp. 923–926.
CHICHI-2012-VardoulakisKMSGT #mobile #using
Using mobile phones to present medical information to hospital patients (LPV, AKK, DM, GS, JG, DST), pp. 1411–1420.
CSCWCSCW-2012-LeeTPC #challenge #communication #design
Loosely formed patient care teams: communication challenges and technology design (SL, CT, SYP, YC), pp. 867–876.
Fragmentation and choreography: caring for a patient and a chart during childbirth (KP), pp. 887–896.
CSCWCSCW-2012-ZhouZAH #documentation #health #problem
Cooperative documentation: the patient problem list as a nexus in electronic health records (XZ, KZ, MSA, DAH), pp. 911–920.
ICPRICPR-2012-0001HS #feedback #similarity
Medical prognosis based on patient similarity and expert feedback (FW, JH, JS), pp. 1799–1802.
ICPRICPR-2012-DufourZWK #classification
Classification of drusen positions in optical coherence tomography data from patients with age-related macular degeneration (PAD, SDZ, UWS, JK), pp. 2067–2070.
ICPRICPR-2012-ZhangFLZG #online
Online ICP forecast for patients with traumatic brain injury (FZ, MF, LYL, ZZ, CG), pp. 37–40.
MLDMMLDM-2012-KalpakisYHMSSS #analysis #permutation #predict #using
Outcome Prediction for Patients with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Using Permutation Entropy Analysis of Electronic Vital Signs Data (KK, SY, PFMH, CFM, LGS, DMS, TMS), pp. 415–426.
SACSAC-2012-MatthaiouK #documentation #information management
An information extraction system from patient historical documents (EM, EK), pp. 787–791.
Preclinically assessed optimal control of postprandial glucose excursions for type 1 patients with diabetes (TP, AB, GF, DG), pp. 702–707.
CASECASE-2011-Ruiz-VelazquezAFQ #modelling
Neural modeling of the blood glucose level for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus patients (ERV, AYA, RF, GQ), pp. 696–701.
CASECASE-2011-WangLH #analysis #modelling
Modeling and analysis of care delivery services within patient rooms (JW, JL, PKH), pp. 537–542.
CHICHI-2011-ChenNHD #interactive
Unpacking exam-room computing: negotiating computer-use in patient-physician interactions (YC, VN, SH, VD), pp. 3343–3352.
CHICHI-2011-DasFS #design #interactive #question
Interaction design for cancer patients: do we need to take into account the effects of illness and medication? (AD, AF, DS), pp. 21–24.
CHICHI-2011-NiKW #communication #named #using
AnatOnMe: facilitating doctor-patient communication using a projection-based handheld device (TN, AKK, DW), pp. 3333–3342.
CHICHI-2011-TaylorAGC #internet
Group pulmonary rehabilitation delivered to the home via the internet: feasibility and patient perception (AT, AA, DG, JC), pp. 3083–3092.
Characterizing patient-friendly “micro-explanations” of medical events (LW, DM, DST, JG, EH), pp. 29–32.
HCIHCD-2011-DasFS #requirements
Management of Weight-Loss: Patients’ and Healthcare Professionals’ Requirements for an E-health System for Patients (AD, AF, DS), pp. 285–294.
HCIHCD-2011-LaubliGN #design
Human-Centered Design in the Care of Immobile Patients (TL, RG, MN), pp. 321–326.
HCIHCI-ITE-2011-LuBD #interactive #named
mediRobbi: An Interactive Companion for Pediatric Patients during Hospital Visit (SCL, NB, EYLD), pp. 547–556.
KDDKDD-2011-NeuvirthOHLKER #case study #personalisation #towards
Toward personalized care management of patients at risk: the diabetes case study (HN, MOF, JH, JL, MSK, SE, MRZ), pp. 395–403.
KEODKEOD-2011-ColantonioMSPEM #knowledge base
Knowledge based Decision Support for the Management of Chronic Patients (SC, MM, OS, GDP, ME, AM), pp. 220–225.
CASECASE-2010-GengAXJ #case study #process
Experimental study of Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination reservation process for stroke patients (NG, VA, XX, ZJ), pp. 774–779.
CASECASE-2010-MazierXS #scheduling
Scheduling inpatient admission under high demand of emergency patients (AM, XX, MS), pp. 792–797.
Patients assignment for an oncology outpatient unit (AS, XX, FC), pp. 891–896.
CHICHI-2010-Civan-HartzlerMPSMP #design
Bringing the field into focus: user-centered design of a patient expertise locator (ACH, DWM, CP, MMS, MM, WP), pp. 1675–1684.
CHICHI-2010-DenningBFGKM #security
Patients, pacemakers, and implantable defibrillators: human values and security for wireless implantable medical devices (TD, AB, BF, BTG, TK, WHM), pp. 917–926.
Blowing in the wind: unanchored patient information work during cancer care (PVK, ACH, KTU, WP), pp. 193–202.
CHICHI-2010-Sarcevic #quote
“Who’s scribing?”: documenting patient encounter during trauma resuscitation (AS), pp. 1899–1908.
CHICHI-2010-SkeelsUPP #social
Catalyzing social support for breast cancer patients (MMS, KTU, CP, WP), pp. 173–182.
Transforming clinic environments into information workspaces for patients (KTU, MMS, ACH, WP), pp. 183–192.
Physician-driven management of patient progress notes in an intensive care unit (LW, JL, JCL, SF, DAJ), pp. 1879–1888.
CHICHI-2010-WilcoxMTG #design
Designing patient-centric information displays for hospitals (LW, DM, DST, JG), pp. 2123–2132.
ICMLICML-2010-SyedR #dataset #identification
Unsupervised Risk Stratification in Clinical Datasets: Identifying Patients at Risk of Rare Outcomes (ZS, IR), pp. 1023–1030.
Distinguishing Patients with Gastritis and Cholecystitis from the Healthy by Analyzing Wrist Radial Arterial Doppler Blood Flow Signals (XJ, DZ, KW, WZ), pp. 2492–2495.
ICPRICPR-2010-KaramanBMDDG #monitoring #process #smarttech
Human Daily Activities Indexing in Videos from Wearable Cameras for Monitoring of Patients with Dementia Diseases (SK, JBP, RM, VD, JFD, YG), pp. 4113–4116.
MRI reservation for neurovascular patients (NG, VA, XX, ZJ), pp. 391–396.
CHICHI-2009-BickmorePJ #health
Taking the time to care: empowering low health literacy hospital patients with virtual nurse agents (TWB, LMP, BWJ), pp. 1265–1274.
HCIHCD-2009-NewlonHSM #design
Design of a Web-based Symptom Management Intervention for Cancer Patients (CMN, CCAH, RMS, AMM), pp. 775–784.
HCIHCI-VAD-2009-KennyPR #interactive #standard
Human Computer Interaction in Virtual Standardized Patient Systems (PGK, TDP, AAR), pp. 514–523.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-FujitaS #case study #process #safety
The Importance of Information in the Process of Acquisition and Usage of a Medicine for Patient Safety: A Study of the Brazilian Context (PLF, CGS), pp. 489–496.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-ItoTHNYUST #human-computer #interface
Clinical Usefulness of Human-Computer Interface for Training Targeted Facial Expression: Application to Patients with Cleft Lip and/or Palate (KI, AT, SH, SN, MY, SU, NS, KT), pp. 513–521.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-LeeD #safety
Impact of Healthcare Information Technology Systems on Patient Safety (BCL, VGD), pp. 559–565.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-MacedoI #identification #standard
Patient Standardization Identification as a Healthcare Issue (MM, PTI), pp. 566–575.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-SpinilloPL #analysis #safety
Patient Safety: Contributions from a Task Analysis Study on Medicine Usage by Brazilians (CS, SP, CL), pp. 604–608.
CASECASE-2008-LamiriAX #scheduling
Patients scheduling in a hospital operating theatre (ML, VA, XX), pp. 627–632.
CSCWCSCW-2008-AbrahamR #case study #coordination
Moving patients around: a field study of coordination between clinical and non-clinical staff in hospitals (JA, MCR), pp. 225–228.
Error-Correcting output coding for chagasic patients characterization (SE, OP, PR), pp. 1–4.
KDDKDD-2008-NorenBHSE #roadmap
Temporal pattern discovery for trends and transient effects: its application to patient records (GNN, AB, JH, KS, IRE), pp. 963–971.
SACSAC-2008-ItoMI #concept #modelling #named
CPRM: a chronic patient’s management model based on the concepts of customer’s relationship (MI, JSCM, LCI), pp. 1364–1368.
SACSAC-2008-SahayAF #game studies #named
PPEPR: plug and play electronic patient records (RS, WA, RF), pp. 2298–2304.
ICSEICSE-2008-AmmonHJF #architecture #knowledge-based
Developing an architecture of a knowledge-based electronic patient record (DA, DH, TJ, EF), pp. 653–660.
HCIDHM-2007-RapalaN #reliability #safety
Clinical Patient Safety — Achieving High Reliability in a Complex System (KR, JCN), pp. 710–716.
ICPRICPR-v1-2006-ChenCLT #algorithm #automation #graph #image #segmentation #using
Automatic Segmentation of Lung Fields from Radiographic Images of SARS Patients Using a New Graph Cuts Algorithm (SC, LC, JL, XT), pp. 271–274.
CASECASE-2005-ZhuZL #adaptation
An adaptive PI controller for regulation of pressure of hypertension patients (KZ, HZ, JL), pp. 67–72.
SACSAC-2005-PowerSPS #query
Protecting sensitive patient data via query modification (DJP, MS, EAP, ACS), pp. 224–230.
VLDBVLDB-2004-AbiteboulABCFMS #distributed #peer-to-peer #privacy
An Electronic Patient Record “on Steroids”: Distributed, Peer-to-Peer, Secure and Privacy-conscious (SA, BA, OB, BC, IF, TM, AS), pp. 1273–1276.
ICEISICEIS-v2-2004-ZarateAPR #data mining #mining
Data Mining Application to Obtain Profiles of Patients with Nephrolithiasis (LEZ, PA, RP, TR), pp. 104–109.
SACSAC-2004-Aguilar-RuizCD #information management
Knowledge discovery from doctor-patient relationship (JSAR, RC, FD), pp. 280–284.
SACSAC-2004-HoodaDS #health
Health Level-7 compliant clinical patient records system (JSH, ED, RS), pp. 259–263.
SACSAC-2004-PaulussenZHBPL #nondeterminism #scheduling
Patient scheduling under uncertainty (TOP, AZ, AH, LB, AP, WL), pp. 309–310.
KDDKDD-2003-RaoSNGR #analysis
Clinical and financial outcomes analysis with existing hospital patient records (RBR, SS, RSN, CG, HR), pp. 416–425.
SACSAC-2003-MabrySEE #monitoring
Intelligent Agents for Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics (SLM, TS, TE, NE), pp. 257–262.
SACSAC-2003-Tufts-ConradZZ #feature model #named #summary
SOM — Feature Extraction from Patient Discharge Summaries (DJTC, ANZH, DZ), pp. 263–267.
CHICHI-2002-FarnhamCSZHSCA #named #social
HutchWorld: clinical study of computer-mediated social support for cancer patients and their caregivers (SF, LC, LS, MZG, CH, KS, AMC, JA), pp. 375–382.
ICEISICEIS-2002-XiaoouP #enterprise #xml
An XML-Based Virtual Patient Records System for Healthcare Enterprises (ZX, HKP), pp. 203–209.
CHICHI-2001-BersGD #community
Identity construction environments: supporting a virtual therapeutic community of pediatric patients undergoing dialysis (MUB, JGH, DRD), pp. 380–387.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2001-RobardetV #case study #classification
A Preliminary Study of a New Classification to Build Homogeneous Patient’s Groups in Home-Based Care (CR, CV), pp. 397–403.
SACSAC-2001-KhatriR #approach #automation #education #health #reuse
A software reuse reference model approach in developing an automated educational system for patients health care management (AK, DCR), pp. 675–678.
KDDKDD-2000-HsuLLL #database #mining
Exploration mining in diabetic patients databases: findings and conclusions (WH, MLL, BL, TWL), pp. 430–436.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-ChiouW #design #human-computer
An Ergonomic Design of EMG Signal Controlled HCI for Stroke Patients (WKC, MKW), pp. 745–749.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-KindlerDMF #visual notation
Visual Access Tool to the Computer-Based Patient Record (HK, DD, HM, TMF), pp. 757–760.
SACSAC-1996-FerriRCP #object-oriented
An object-oriented information model for a patient definition and management system (FF, FLR, FC, DMP), pp. 50–57.
CIKMCIKM-1993-WarrenWF #knowledge-based
A Knowledge-Based Patient Data Acquisition System for Primary Care Medicine (JRW, DEW, RWF), pp. 547–553.

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