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83 papers:

CASECASE-2015-CarnielBRM #scheduling
Including workers with disabilities in flow shop scheduling (GCC, AJB, MR, CM), pp. 985–991.
HTHT-2015-GadirajuSFK #behaviour #categorisation #comprehension
Breaking Bad: Understanding Behavior of Crowd Workers in Categorization Microtasks (UG, PS, BF, RK), pp. 33–38.
VLDBVLDB-2015-ChengLCF0HZ #crowdsourcing #reliability
Reliable Diversity-Based Spatial Crowdsourcing by Moving Workers (PC, XL, ZC, RF, LC, JH, JZ), pp. 1022–1033.
VLDBVLDB-2015-RahmanTRAD #estimation
Worker Skill Estimation in Team-Based Tasks (HR, ST, SBR, SAY, GD), pp. 1142–1153.
CHICHI-2015-LeeKMD #algorithm #data-driven
Working with Machines: The Impact of Algorithmic and Data-Driven Management on Human Workers (MKL, DK, EM, LD), pp. 1603–1612.
CHICHI-2015-MarlowDF #design #online #process #quality
Exploring the Role of Activity Trace Design on Evaluations of Online Worker Quality (JM, LAD, JLF), pp. 1617–1620.
We Are Dynamo: Overcoming Stalling and Friction in Collective Action for Crowd Workers (NS, LI, MSB, AA, EO, KM, C), pp. 1621–1630.
CHICHI-2015-SauppeM #industrial #social
The Social Impact of a Robot Co-Worker in Industrial Settings (AS, BM), pp. 3613–3622.
CSCWCSCW-2015-KobayashiAIST #multi
Motivating Multi-Generational Crowd Workers in Social-Purpose Work (MK, SA, TI, SS, HT), pp. 1813–1824.
HCIDHM-EH-2015-OkaTGYO #metric #process
Electromyography Measurement of Workers at the Second Lining Pounding Process for Hanging Scrolls (YO, YT, AG, HY, KO), pp. 205–215.
HCIDHM-HM-2015-KawabataXGH #comparison
Comparison of KEMOMI Technique Between Master Craftsman and Unskilled Worker (SK, ZX, AG, HH), pp. 316–323.
HCIDHM-HM-2015-MigakiOTMKIH #experience
The Relationship Between Mechanical Properties and the Method Technique of GFRP Plate by Hand Lay-up Method: Effect of the Workers Experience (MM, KO, RT, YM, EK, DI, HH), pp. 143–153.
HCIHIMI-IKC-2015-OliveiraCBA #artificial reality #gamification #interface #motivation #using
A Head-up Display with Augmented Reality and Gamification for an E-Maintenance System: Using Interfaces and Gamification to Motivate Workers in Procedural Tasks (AO, NC, LCB, RBdA), pp. 499–510.
HCISCSM-2015-FukudaWFHFHN #towards
Text-Mining of Hand-Over Notes for Care-Workers in Real Operation — Toward an Employee-Driven Innovation (KF, KW, TF, MH, RF, MH, TN), pp. 30–38.
HCISCSM-2015-HallC #collaboration #information management #performance #process #social
Analysing Yammer Usage Pattern in the Context of Social Collaborative Activity Performance by Knowledge Workers (JH, BBC), pp. 127–137.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2015-Staniszkis #information management #re-engineering
Empowering the Knowledge Worker — End-User Software Engineering in Knowledge Management (WS), p. VII.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2015-VermaHBPD #enterprise #information management #predict #repository
Access Prediction for Knowledge Workers in Enterprise Data Repositories (CKV, MH, SB, APW, SD), pp. 150–161.
VLDBVLDB-2014-ToGS #crowdsourcing #framework #privacy
A Framework for Protecting Worker Location Privacy in Spatial Crowdsourcing (HT, GG, CS), pp. 919–930.
ICFPICFP-2014-HackettH #performance
Worker/wrapper/makes it/faster (JH, GH), pp. 95–107.
CSCWCSCW-2014-LiuBRW #social #social media
Enriching the distressing reality: social media use by chinese migrant workers (JL, AB, DWR, VW), pp. 710–721.
HCIDHM-2014-HuangLCCC #performance #quality
The Influence of Shift Workers Sleeping Quality upon Job Performance (YCH, FLL, HCC, CCC, CLC), pp. 254–262.
HCIDUXU-DI-2014-MuukkonenHLV #mobile #process
Tracking Mobile Workers’ Daily Activities with the Contextual Activity Sampling System (HM, KH, SL, MV), pp. 289–300.
HCIHCI-AIMT-2014-MullerT #framework #simulation #workflow
An Emotional Framework for a Real-Life Worker Simulation — Emotional Valence Scoring Inside a Workflow Enhancement Simulator (NHM, MT), pp. 675–686.
HCIHIMI-DE-2014-LeeLS14a #communication #development
Development of Digital-Device-Based Cooperation Support System to Aid Communication between MCR Operators and Field Workers in Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) (SML, HCL, PHS), pp. 483–490.
HCISCSM-2014-Abascal-MenaLZGLM #crowdsourcing #named #using
Worker-Community: Using Crowdsourcing to Link Informal Workers with Potential Clients (RAM, ÉLO, JSZH, BEGT, GLM, HMF), pp. 287–297.
CHICHI-2013-HuangF #crowdsourcing #exclamation #social
Don’t hide in the crowd!: increasing social transparency between peer workers improves crowdsourcing outcomes (SWH, WTF), pp. 621–630.
CHICHI-2013-IraniS #named
Turkopticon: interrupting worker invisibility in amazon mechanical turk (LI, MSS), pp. 611–620.
CHICHI-2013-LeeKYSG #mobile
Analyzing crowd workers in mobile pay-for-answer q&a (UL, JK, EY, JS, MG), pp. 533–542.
Co-worker transparency in a microtask marketplace (PK, LD, SBK, HF), pp. 1285–1290.
HCIDHM-HB-2013-WiezerRO #game studies
Serious Gaming Used as Management Intervention to Prevent Work-Related Stress and Raise Work-Engagement among Workers (NW, MBR, EO), pp. 149–158.
HCIDUXU-PMT-2013-HamaKKIN #design #experience #framework #novel #social #user interface
Novel Method of Evaluating GUI Design from the Viewpoint of Worker Experience — Central Control Systems for Social Infrastructure (DH, MK, MK, KI, MN), pp. 283–293.
HCIDUXU-PMT-2013-Silveira #approach #behaviour #design #usability
Participatory Design and Usability: A Behavioral Approach of Workers’ Attitudes in the Work Environment (DMCdS), pp. 409–416.
ECIRECIR-2012-HosseiniCMKV #documentation #multi #on the
On Aggregating Labels from Multiple Crowd Workers to Infer Relevance of Documents (MH, IJC, NMF, GK, VV), pp. 182–194.
KMISKMIS-2012-Damtew #community #health
Accelerating Health Service and Data Capturing Trough Community Health Workers in Rural Ethiopia — A Pre-requisite to Progress (ZAD), pp. 168–177.
SIGIRSIGIR-2012-JungL #matrix #probability
Inferring missing relevance judgments from crowd workers via probabilistic matrix factorization (HJJ, ML), pp. 1095–1096.
Microsoft Codename “Montego” — Data Import, Transformation, and Publication for Information Workers (SJM, LP, CAS, JFT), pp. 1454–1457.
CHICHI-2011-SambasivanWC #design
Designing a phone broadcasting system for urban sex workers in India (NS, JW, EC), pp. 267–276.
HCIDUXU-v1-2011-SampanesSRW #mobile
Photo Diaries — A Peek into a Mobile Worker’s Life (ACS, MS, LRH, BKW), pp. 640–647.
HCIDUXU-v2-2011-Nakata #analysis #clustering #monitoring #usability
Clustering Analysis to Evaluate Usability of Work-Flow Systems and to Monitor Proficiency of Workers (TN), pp. 487–496.
CIKMCIKM-2011-KazaiKM #crowdsourcing
Worker types and personality traits in crowdsourcing relevance labels (GK, JK, NMF), pp. 1941–1944.
KMISKMIS-2011-SchmidlK #information management #using
Using Task Histories to Support Person-to-person Knowledge Exchange — Extracting and using Contextual Overlap and Levels of Expertise to Connect Knowledge Workers (JS, HK), pp. 77–86.
CHICHI-2010-DownsHSC #game studies
Are your participants gaming the system?: screening mechanical turk workers (JSD, MBH, SS, LFC), pp. 2399–2402.
CHICHI-2010-RamachandranCDC #health
Mobile-izing health workers in rural India (DR, JC, PDD, EC), pp. 1889–1898.
ICEISICEIS-HCI-2010-HallerAV #information management #visual notation
A Graphical Workbench for Knowledge Workers (HH, AA, MV), pp. 180–185.
KMISKMIS-2010-BachlechnerKMW #information management
Taking Pressure off Knowledge Workers with the Help of Situational Applications — Improving Time-to-proficiency in Knowledge Work Settings (DB, MK, RM, GW), pp. 378–381.
HCIHCD-2009-LiuLCLW #concept #design #development #mobile #research
Design for China Migrant Workers: A Case of User Research and Mobile Product Concepts Development (XL, JL, JC, YL, XW), pp. 482–491.
HCIHCI-VAD-2009-ChisnellBLL #protocol #usability
Usability for Poll Workers: A Voting System Usability Test Protocol (DC, KB, SJL, SL), pp. 458–467.
HCIOCSC-2009-WangWLWC #case study #concept #design #network #social
Ethnographic User Study and Concept Design for Chinese Migrant Workers’ Social Networks (JW, WW, YL, XW, QC), pp. 710–718.
Hierarchical Master-Worker Skeletons (JB, MD, RL, SP), pp. 248–264.
PPoPPPPoPP-2008-DongarraPRV #matrix
Matrix product on heterogeneous master-worker platforms (JD, JFP, YR, FV), pp. 53–62.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-MaurtuaUP #smarttech
Experimenting Wearable Solutions for Workers’ Training in Manufacturing (IM, MU, MAP), pp. 663–671.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-SkattorBEH #framework #mobile
A Framework for Mobile Services Supporting Mobile Non-office Workers (BS, LB, TE, PH), pp. 742–751.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-LiuYCL #estimation #health #modelling #using
Health Risk Estimation of Dichlorobenzene Exposure Workers by Using Computer Models (PSL, RMY, YMC, CYL), pp. 1060–1066.
MLDMMLDM-2007-GeczyIAH #information management #interactive #intranet
Long Tail Attributes of Knowledge Worker Intranet Interactions (PG, NI, SA, KH), pp. 419–433.
HTHT-2005-Wiil #hypermedia #information management
Hypermedia technology for knowledge workers: a vision of the future (UKW), pp. 4–6.
ICEISICEIS-v4-2003-AbeSO #named
Gli-Bbs: A Groupware Based on Geographical Location Information for Field Workers (AA, TS, NO), pp. 3–9.
CHICHI-2002-SellenMS #how #information management #web
How knowledge workers use the web (AS, RM, KLS), pp. 227–234.
CAiSECAiSE-2001-KrogstieJ #flexibility #process
Flexible Support of Work Processes — Balancing the Support of Organisations and Workers (JK, HDJ), pp. 477–482.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2001-RuizEGG #adaptation #development #information management
A Strategy to Development Adaptive Workers Information Management Systems (ILR, ELE, GCG, MÁGN), pp. 271–274.
HPDCHPDC-2000-GouxKLY #framework #grid
An Enabling Framework for Master-Worker Applications on the Computational Grid (JPG, SK, JL, MY), pp. 43–50.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-BjorsetAH #visual notation
Visual and Lighting Conditions for VDU Workers (HHB, AA, GH), pp. 41–45.
Optometric Examination and Correction of VDU Workers (GH, AA), pp. 46–50.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-SkybergSWVLD #health #reduction
Health Improvements Among VDU Workers after Reduction of the Airborne Dust in the Office. — Three Double-blind Intervention Studies (KS, KS, EW, AIV, FL, PD), pp. 61–64.
Indoor Foliage Plants Reduce Mucous Membrane and Neuropsychological Discomfort Among Office Workers (KBV, TF), pp. 65–68.
CHICHI-1997-GrisedaleGG #design #user interface #visual notation
Designing a Graphical User Interface for Healthcare Workers in Rural India (SG, MG, AG), pp. 471–478.
CHICHI-1997-MankoffS #information management
Supporting Knowledge Workers Beyond the Desktop With Palplates (JM, BNS), pp. 550–551.
Optometric Examination and Correction of VDU Workers (GH, AA), pp. 651–654.
Fundamental Study on Optimum Working Posture of VDT Workers from the View Point of EMG (YH), pp. 643–646.
Psychosocial Work Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office Workers: An Examination of the Mediating Role of Stress (BTK), pp. 521–524.
HCIHCI-SEC-1997-Umemuro #difference #effectiveness
Age Differences Between Elderly and Young Workers in Effectiveness of Computer Skill Training and Task Cognition (HU), pp. 177–180.
Keynote Address: Endangered Species? The Single-Skilled Information Worker (MFB), pp. 265–276.
CHICHI-1995-MullerCADWEC #information management
Telephone Operators as Knowledge Workers: Consultants Who Meet Customer Needs (MJM, RC, CA, BD, CW, CE, JC), pp. 130–137.
CHICHI-1994-Kidd94a #information management
The marks are on the knowledge worker (AK), pp. 186–191.
CHICHI-1994-RaoCJKT94a #documentation #named
Protofoil: storing and finding the information worker’s paper documents in an electronic file cabinet (RR, SKC, WJ, LK, RHT), pp. 180–185.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-AsakuraF #health
The Impact of Compuer Technology on Job Characteristics and Workers Health (TA, YF), pp. 982–987.
A Diary Study of Computer Use and Worker Stress: Preliminary Results (PC, CH), pp. 715–720.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-HajnalC #case study #interactive
A Study of Additive and Interactive Effects of Work and Extra-Organizational Factors on Female VDT Workers (CH, PC), pp. 925–930.
The Fatigue Check System for VDT Workers by Measuring CFF (MT, YH, KS), pp. 618–623.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-YangC #performance
Effects of Computer System Performance and Job Support on Stress Among Office Workers (CLY, PC), pp. 931–936.
HTHT-ECHT-1992-Scamuzzo #information management #named
KWICK: the Knowledge Worker’s Workbench (Demonstration) (SS), p. 293.
SIGIRSIGIR-1989-McAlpineI #information management #information retrieval
Integrated Information Retrieval in a Knowledge Worker Support System (GM, PI), pp. 48–57.
HCIHCI-SES-1987-CohenPC #health #women
Working Conditions and Health Complaints of Women Office Workers (BGFC, CSP, KEC), pp. 365–372.
HCIHCI-SES-1987-Shay #metric
“80/20 OA” Measurement of White Collar Workers (DLS), pp. 345–352.

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