Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
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Bo Begole, David W. McDonald
Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
CSCW, 2008.

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	address       = "San Diego, California, USA",
	editor        = "Bo Begole and David W. McDonald",
	isbn          = "978-1-60558-007-4",
	publisher     = "{ACM}",
	title         = "{Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work}",
	year          = 2008,

Contents (86 items)

CSCW-2008-DekelH #collaboration #development
Pushing relevant artifact annotations in collaborative software development (UD, JDH), pp. 1–4.
CSCW-2008-AgustinaLXSS #3d #collaboration #design #named #tool support
CoMaya: incorporating advanced collaboration capabilities into 3d digital media design tools (A, FL, SX, HS, CS), pp. 5–8.
CSCW-2008-KalnikaiteW #feedback #question #social #speech #summary
Social summarization: does social feedback improve access to speech data? (VK, SW), pp. 9–12.
CSCW-2008-PousmanRS #community #design #visualisation
Imprint, a community visualization of printer data: designing for open-ended engagement on sustainability (ZP, HR, JTS), pp. 13–16.
CSCW-2008-JuLK #design #interactive #named
Range: exploring implicit interaction through electronic whiteboard design (WJ, BAL, SRK), pp. 17–26.
CSCW-2008-BurkeK #modelling #wiki
Mopping up: modeling wikipedia promotion decisions (MB, RK), pp. 27–36.
CSCW-2008-KitturK #coordination #quality #wiki
Harnessing the wisdom of crowds in wikipedia: quality through coordination (AK, REK), pp. 37–46.
CSCW-2008-KripleanBM #wiki
Articulations of wikiwork: uncovering valued work in wikipedia through barnstars (TK, IB, DWM), pp. 47–56.
CSCW-2008-JuhlinW #collaboration
Hunting for fun: solitude and attentiveness in collaboration (OJ, AW), pp. 57–66.
CSCW-2008-OHaraGR #comprehension #game studies
Understanding collective play in an urban screen game (KO, MG, SR), pp. 67–76.
CSCW-2008-CaoMB #ad hoc #case study #game studies #multi
Flashlight jigsaw: an exploratory study of an ad-hoc multi-player game on public displays (XC, MM, RB), pp. 77–86.
CSCW-2008-GrimesBBG #community #named
EatWell: sharing nutrition-related memories in a low-income community (AG, MB, JDB, REG), pp. 87–96.
CSCW-2008-McCarthyCH #community #physics
The context, content & community collage: sharing personal digital media in the physical workplace (JFM, BC, FMH), pp. 97–106.
CSCW-2008-RibesF #community #representation
Representing community: knowing users in the face of changing constituencies (DR, TAF), pp. 107–116.
CSCW-2008-PalenV #interactive #online
The emergence of online widescale interaction in unexpected events: assistance, alliance & retreat (LP, SV), pp. 117–126.
CSCW-2008-ShklovskiPS #communication #community
Finding community through information and communication technology in disaster response (IS, LP, JS), pp. 127–136.
CSCW-2008-MarkS #collaboration
Resilience in collaboration: technology as a resource for new patterns of action (GM, BS), pp. 137–146.
Supporting medical conversations between deaf and hearing individuals with tabletop displays (AMP, JDH), pp. 147–156.
Comparing content and input redirection in MDEs (JRW, RLM, KMI), pp. 157–166.
CSCW-2008-HorneckerMDR #collaboration
Collaboration and interference: awareness with mice or touch input (EH, PM, NSD, YR), pp. 167–176.
CSCW-2008-YamashitaHAKH #communication #video
Impact of seating positions on group video communication (NY, KH, SA, HK, YH), pp. 177–186.
CSCW-2008-IraniHD #online #visual notation
Situated practices of looking: visual practice in an online world (LI, GRH, PD), pp. 187–196.
CSCW-2008-SteptoeWMGRSRS #analysis #collaboration
Eye-tracking for avatar eye-gaze and interactional analysis in immersive collaborative virtual environments (WS, RW, AM, EG, JR, PMS, DJR, AS), pp. 197–200.
Effect of restarts and pauses on achieving a state of mutual orientation between a human and a robot (HK, KP, YS, IK, KY, AY, YK, PL, CH), pp. 201–204.
CSCW-2008-TangC #deployment #mobile
Evaluating the deployment of a mobile technology in a hospital ward (CT, MSTC), pp. 205–214.
CSCW-2008-SarcevicMLB #memory management
Transactive memory in trauma resuscitation (AS, IM, MEL, RSB), pp. 215–224.
CSCW-2008-AbrahamR #case study #coordination
Moving patients around: a field study of coordination between clinical and non-clinical staff in hospitals (JA, MCR), pp. 225–228.
CSCW-2008-Fu #social
The microstructures of social tagging: a rational model (WTF), pp. 229–238.
Influences on tag choices in (EJR, RW), pp. 239–248.
CSCW-2008-CampbellNF #design #game studies
Game design principles in everyday fitness applications (TC, BN, JF), pp. 249–252.
CSCW-2008-ReillyMWI #using
Small details: using one device to navigate together (DFR, BM, CRW, KMI), pp. 253–256.
CSCW-2008-TolmieCRB #quote #what
“Are you watching this film or what?”: interruption and the juggling of cohorts (PT, AC, TR, SB), pp. 257–266.
CSCW-2008-PriedhorskyT #how #what #why
The computational geowiki: what, why, and how (RP, LGT), pp. 267–276.
CSCW-2008-ScissorsGG #trust
Linguistic mimicry and trust in text-based CMC (LES, AJG, DG), pp. 277–280.
CSCW-2008-BurkeK08a #community #online
Mind your Ps and Qs: the impact of politeness and rudeness in online communities (MB, RK), pp. 281–284.
CSCW-2008-AvrahamiFH #communication #latency
IM waiting: timing and responsiveness in semi-synchronous communication (DA, SRF, SEH), pp. 285–294.
I’m sad you’re sad: emotional contagion in CMC (JTH, KG, KC, JMHL), pp. 295–298.
The language of emotion in short blog texts (AJG, RMF, DG, JO), pp. 299–302.
CSCW-2008-NakanishiMNI #matter #social
Minimum movement matters: impact of robot-mounted cameras on social telepresence (HN, YM, DN, HI), pp. 303–312.
CSCW-2008-VoidaVGH #symmetry
Asymmetry in media spaces (AV, SV, SG, HAH), pp. 313–322.
CSCW-2008-JonesMRB #chat #community #empirical #information management #interactive
Empirical evidence of information overload constraining chat channel community interactions (QJ, MM, DRR, BB), pp. 323–332.
CSCW-2008-PlodererHT #network #online #social
Being online, living offline: the influence of social ties over the appropriation of social network sites (BP, SH, PT), pp. 333–342.
CSCW-2008-LutherB #collaboration #online
Leadership in online creative collaboration (KL, AB), pp. 343–352.
CSCW-2008-Dabbish #game studies #online
Jumpstarting relationships with online games: evidence from a laboratory investigation (LAD), pp. 353–356.
CSCW-2008-BardzellBPR #effectiveness
Blissfully productive: grouping and cooperation in world of warcraft instance runs (SB, JB, TP, KNR), pp. 357–360.
CSCW-2008-PoonTAL #case study #distributed
Context-linked virtual assistants for distributed teams: an astrophysics case study (SSP, RCT, CRA, BL), pp. 361–370.
CSCW-2008-LindtnerNWMJL #hybrid
A hybrid cultural ecology: world of warcraft in China (SL, BAN, YW, SDM, HJ, WL), pp. 371–382.
CSCW-2008-DiamantFL #performance
Where did we turn wrong?: unpacking the effect of culture and technology on attributions of team performance (EID, SRF, FlL), pp. 383–392.
CSCW-2008-GuyJMRS #email #network #social
Public vs. private: comparing public social network information with email (IG, MJ, NM, IR, ES), pp. 393–402.
CSCW-2008-BrownHIPB #network #social
Social networks and context-aware spam (GB, TH, MI, AP, KB), pp. 403–412.
CSCW-2008-HancockTF #symmetry #using
I know something you don’t: the use of asymmetric personal information for interpersonal advantage (JTH, CLT, KF), pp. 413–416.
CSCW-2008-BayerlL #coordination #distributed #symmetry
Coordinating high-interdependency tasks in asymmetric distributed teams (PSB, KL), pp. 417–426.
CSCW-2008-NomuraBRLTG #collaboration #comprehension #coordination #distributed #research
Cutting into collaboration: understanding coordination in distributed and interdisciplinary medical research (SN, JPB, OR, GL, DT, GG), pp. 427–436.
CSCW-2008-CummingsK #collaboration #distributed #experience #research
Who collaborates successfully?: prior experience reduces collaboration barriers in distributed interdisciplinary research (JNC, SBK), pp. 437–446.
CSCW-2008-StuckelG #distributed #interactive
The effects of local lag on tightly-coupled interaction in distributed groupware (DS, CG), pp. 447–456.
CSCW-2008-KimCHP #feedback
Meeting mediator: enhancing group collaborationusing sociometric feedback (TK, AC, LH, AP), pp. 457–466.
CSCW-2008-Bietz #communication #feedback
Effects of communication media on the interpretation of critical feedback (MJB), pp. 467–476.
CSCW-2008-KitturSC #trust #wiki
Can you ever trust a wiki?: impacting perceived trustworthiness in wikipedia (AK, BS, EHC), pp. 477–480.
CSCW-2008-MorrisTB #collaboration #personalisation #web
Enhancing collaborative web search with personalization: groupization, smart splitting, and group hit-highlighting (MRM, JT, SB), pp. 481–484.
CSCW-2008-EvansC #comprehension #social #towards
Towards a model of understanding social search (BME, EHC), pp. 485–494.
CSCW-2008-DanisS #enterprise #wiki
A wiki instance in the enterprise: opportunities, concerns and reality (CD, DS), pp. 495–504.
Operationalization of technology use and cooperation in CSCW (PJL, JML, KRC), pp. 505–514.
CSCW-2008-BalkaBW #health #towards
Steps toward a typology for health informatics (EB, PB, IW), pp. 515–524.
CSCW-2008-JohansenSHEB #quote
“Garbage in, garbage out”: extracting disease surveillance data from epr systems in primary care (MAJ, JS, PH, GE, JGB), pp. 525–534.
CSCW-2008-HsiehKHW #communication
Can markets help?: applying market mechanisms to improve synchronous communication (GH, RK, SEH, RW), pp. 535–544.
CSCW-2008-ChungH #distributed #network
Network structure, position, ties and ICT use in distributed knowledge-intensive work (KSKC, LH), pp. 545–554.
CSCW-2008-WangJR #interactive #interface
Investigating the effect of discussion forum interface affordances on patterns of conversational interactions (YCW, MJ, CPR), pp. 555–558.
CSCW-2008-Christensen #architecture #design #logic
The logic of practices of stigmergy: representational artifacts in architectural design (LRC), pp. 559–568.
CSCW-2008-TabardME #collaboration #evolution #hybrid
From individual to collaborative: the evolution of prism, a hybrid laboratory notebook (AT, WEM, EE), pp. 569–578.
CSCW-2008-CataldoH #communication #development #distributed #network
Communication networks in geographically distributed software development (MC, JDH), pp. 579–588.
The view from the trenches: organization, power, and technology at two nonprofit homeless outreach centers (CALD, WKE), pp. 589–598.
CSCW-2008-ONeillMCRW #problem
Colour management is a socio-technical problem (JO, DBM, TC, FR, JW), pp. 599–608.
CSCW-2008-EricksonDKH #named
Assistance: the work practices of human administrative assistants and their implications for it and organizations (TE, CMD, WAK, MEH), pp. 609–618.
CSCW-2008-KimKPA #network #social
Are you sleeping?: sharing portrayed sleeping status within a social network (SK, JAK, SNP, GDA), pp. 619–628.
CSCW-2008-BrushIT #named #product line
SPARCS: exploring sharing suggestions to enhance family connectedness (AJBB, KMI, KT), pp. 629–638.
CSCW-2008-TolmieC #research
Deploying research technology in the home (PT, AC), pp. 639–648.
CSCW-2008-SzostekKEH #communication #comprehension #social
Understanding the implications of social translucence for systems supporting communication at work (AMS, EK, BE, MH), pp. 649–658.
CSCW-2008-IgnatPON #collaboration #multi #privacy
Providing awareness in multi-synchronous collaboration without compromising privacy (CLI, SP, GO, MCN), pp. 659–668.
CSCW-2008-EgelmanBI #paradigm #product line
Family accounts: a new paradigm for user accounts within the home environment (SE, AJBB, KMI), pp. 669–678.
An examination of daily information needs and sharing opportunities (DD, MK, KNT), pp. 679–688.
CSCW-2008-GoecksVVM #collaboration
Charitable technologies: opportunities for collaborative computing in nonprofit fundraising (JG, AV, SV, EDM), pp. 689–698.
CSCW-2008-SinghT #interactive
The confusion of crowds: non-dyadic help interactions (VS, MBT), pp. 699–702.
CSCW-2008-DuganGMDBM #all about #online
It’s all “about you”: diversity in online profiles (CD, WG, MJM, JMD, BB, DRM), pp. 703–706.
CSCW-2008-LiaoL #design #effectiveness #network #user interface
Network patterns: designing effective user interfaces for connections management at work (QL, QL), pp. 707–710.
CSCW-2008-DiMiccoMGDBM #network #social
Motivations for social networking at work (JMD, DRM, WG, CD, BB, MJM), pp. 711–720.
CSCW-2008-LampeES #facebook
Changes in use and perception of facebook (CL, NBE, CS), pp. 721–730.

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