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102 papers:

HCIDUXU-UI-2015-KangK #documentation #experience #framework #in the cloud #smarttech #user interface
Elements of Properties of User Experience in Cloud Computing Documentation Platform According to Smart Device Screen Size Changes: Focus on Google Docs and Naver Office (MKK, SWK), pp. 551–562.
CSCWCSCW-2014-BrownELQM #how #interactive
Tracking serendipitous interactions: how individual cultures shape the office (CB, CE, IL, DQ, CM), pp. 1072–1081.
HCIDHM-2014-WongpatikasereeKT #analysis
Context-Aware Posture Analysis in a Workstation-Oriented Office Environment (KW, HK, YT), pp. 148–159.
Integrated control of blind and lights in daily office environment (ZC, LX, QZ, YZ, FW, FS), pp. 587–592.
CASECASE-2013-ZhaoZXCWS #framework
A unified control framework of HVAC system for thermal and acoustic comforts in office building (YZ, QZ, LX, ZC, FW, FS), pp. 416–421.
DocEngDocEng-2013-PandeyM #documentation
Version aware LibreOffice documents (MP, EVM), pp. 57–60.
HCIDHM-HB-2013-BurfordBCKME #performance
The Effect of Dynamic Workstations on the Performance of Various Computer and Office-Based Tasks (EMB, JB, DC, RK, SHvM, RPE), pp. 205–212.
HCIDHM-HB-2013-NettenDG #behaviour #case study #metric
Chair Based Measurements of Sitting Behavior a Field Study of Sitting Postures and Sitting Time in Office Work (MPN, LHMvdD, RHMG), pp. 261–268.
HCIHIMI-LCCB-2013-HashimotoTAF #estimation #process
Estimation of Interruptibility during Office Work Based on PC Activity and Conversation (SH, TT, KA, KF), pp. 297–306.
MLDMMLDM-2013-ParimiC #predict
Pre-release Box-Office Success Prediction for Motion Pictures (RP, DC), pp. 571–585.
CHICHI-2012-DuganGMVJLCDB #enterprise #exclamation #quote
“I’d never get out of this !?$%# office”: redesigning time management for the enterprise (CD, WG, MJM, ANV, KJ, SL, LTC, EMD, BB), pp. 1755–1764.
CSCWCSCW-2011-DullemondG #named
Communico: overhearing conversations in a virtual office (KD, BvG), pp. 577–578.
CSCWCSCW-2011-LiuSPT #challenge #generative #interactive
Supporting generation Y interactions: challenges for office work (WL, PJS, GP, JTF), pp. 669–672.
HCIHCD-2011-LewisW11a #collaboration #community #design #energy
Virtual Office, Community, and Computing (VOCC): Designing an Energy Science Hub Collaboration System (AAL, GGW), pp. 425–434.
HCIHCI-UA-2011-MiyagiKJSI #modelling
Proposal of an Office Work Productivity Model Based on Short Pauses in Mental Tasks (KM, SK, HZJ, HS, HI), pp. 403–412.
OnwardOnward-2011-PetersLH #smarttech
The intuitive control of smart home and office environments (SP, VL, VH), pp. 113–114.
Weightless walls and the future office (YT), pp. 619–628.
ICEISICEIS-DISI-2010-MarksR #education
Chief Information Officer Profile in Higher Education (AM, YR), pp. 159–165.
ICPRICPR-2010-OnishiY #visualisation
Visualization of Customer Flow in an Office Complex over a Long Period (MO, IY), pp. 1747–1750.
CASECASE-2009-Subrahmanian #automation #empirical #workflow
Empirical studies of workflow automation in physician offices in the United States (ES), pp. 83–87.
Virtualizing office hours in CS 50 (DJM), pp. 303–307.
HCIDHM-2009-BruggemannS #design
Nautical PSI — Virtual Nautical Officers as Test Drivers in Ship Bridge Design (UB, SS), pp. 355–364.
HCIHCD-2009-CangianoH #case study
Capturing and Restoring the Context of Everyday Work: A Case Study at a Law Office (GRC, JDH), pp. 945–954.
Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease-of-Use of Ambient Intelligence Applications in Office Environments (CR), pp. 1052–1061.
HCIHCD-2009-Vartiainen #collaboration #how #multi #question
Working in Multi-locational Office — How Do Collaborative Working Environments Support? (MV), pp. 1090–1098.
HCIHCI-AUII-2009-GrammenosGPZSKTAS #agile #prototype
Rapid Prototyping of an AmI-Augmented Office Environment Demonstrator (DG, YG, NP, XZ, TS, SK, PT, AAA, CS), pp. 397–406.
HCIOCSC-2009-CindioP #community #online #question
Are Online Communities Good for the Civic Audit of Public Spaces, Services, and Officers? (FdC, CP), pp. 673–681.
KEODKEOD-2009-PolasekK #ontology
Ontologies in Knowledge Office Systems (IP, JK), pp. 400–403.
SPLCSPLC-2009-CarbonAU #approach #product line #towards
Towards a product line approach for office devices: facilitating customization of office devices at Ricoh Co. Ltd (RC, SA, TU), pp. 151–160.
DocEngDocEng-2008-Boyer #documentation #interactive #web
Interactive office documents: a new face for web 2.0 applications (JMB), pp. 8–17.
DocEngDocEng-2008-BoyerDKLSST #documentation #process
An office document mashup for document-centric business processes (JMB, ED, MK, JSHL, MRS, HFS, ST), pp. 100–101.
EDOCEDOC-2008-CarbonJMN #collaboration #development
A Method for Collaborative Development of Systems of Systems in the Office Domain (RC, GJ, DM, MN), pp. 339–345.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-MaY #experience #user interface
UX Office. A New Software Application for User Experience Services (LM, XY), pp. 649–653.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-SkattorBEH #framework #mobile
A Framework for Mobile Services Supporting Mobile Non-office Workers (BS, LB, TE, PH), pp. 742–751.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-Toussaint #design #generative #user interface
With User Interface Design from Socio-Cultural Trend to a Innovative Office Phone Generation (CT), pp. 771–777.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-ObayashiKTTHSIY #development
Development of an Illumination Control Method to Improve Office Productivity (FO, MK, MT, KT, YH, HS, HI, HY), pp. 939–947.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-ShimodaIHIYOT #development #evaluation
Development of Productivity Evaluation Method to Improve Office Environment (HS, KI, YH, HI, HY, FO, MT), pp. 965–972.
ICEISICEIS-HCI-2007-EijkKSR #ad hoc #communication #mobile
A WE-Centric Service for Mobile Police Officers to Support Communication in Ad-Hoc Groups (RvE, NdK, MS, ER), pp. 61–67.
ICEISICEIS-J-2007-SteenEKR #communication
A We-Centric Telecom Service for Police Officers to Support Communication (MS, RvE, NdK, ER), pp. 357–365.
Moving office: inhabiting a dynamic building (HS, AP, PS, SB, BK, TR), pp. 313–322.
DocEngDocEng-2005-Miles-BoardWCWH #semantics #web
Bringing the semantic web to the office desktop (TMB, AW, LC, GW, WH), pp. 229–230.
DocEngDocEng-2005-RonnauSB #documentation #towards #version control #xml
Towards XML version control of office documents (SR, JS, UMB), pp. 10–19.
ICEISICEIS-v1-2005-SimonssonLJNGW #approach #enterprise #evaluation #top-down
Scenario-based Evaluation of Enterprise — a Top-Down Approach for Chief Information Officer Decision Making (MS, ÅL, PJ, LN, JG, OW), pp. 130–137.
GPCEGPCE-2005-PintoJF #adaptation
Developing Dynamic and Adaptable Applications with CAM/DAOP: A Virtual Office Application (MP, DJ, LF), pp. 438–441.
Web-Based Training System For Forest Fire Office Staff (AY, PPA, JG, AL, GS), pp. 184–191.
Electronic maneuvering board and dead reckoning tracer decision aid for the officer of the deck (KLE, JLF), pp. 61–70.
CHICHI-1999-MynattIEL #named
Flatland: New Dimensions in Office Whiteboards (EDM, TI, WKE, AL), pp. 346–353.
Compensable injuries due to repetitive motion in computerized office work (FTC), pp. 961–965.
HCIHCI-CCAD-1999-MoriKSO #behaviour
A computer-augmented office environment: integrating virtual and real world objects and behavior (HM, TK, ES, YO), pp. 1065–1069.
Office Ergonomic Interventions (MMR), pp. 205–210.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-Seppala #experience
Factors Associated with the Experience of Stress and Well-Being in Computer-Based Office Work (PKS), pp. 178–183.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-SkybergSWVLD #health #reduction
Health Improvements Among VDU Workers after Reduction of the Airborne Dust in the Office. — Three Double-blind Intervention Studies (KS, KS, EW, AIV, FL, PD), pp. 61–64.
Indoor Foliage Plants Reduce Mucous Membrane and Neuropsychological Discomfort Among Office Workers (KBV, TF), pp. 65–68.
ITiCSEITiCSE-1998-JohnsonLHSFDM #collaboration #using
Virtual office hours using TechTalk, a Web-based mathematical collaboration tool (JRJ, YNL, TTH, TS, TF, SD, PM), pp. 130–133.
CSCWCSCW-1998-ObataS #named
OfficeWalker: A Virtual Visiting System Based on Proxemics (AO, KS), pp. 1–10.
Virtual office hours (demonstration) (DDDI, JH), p. 147.
Work organization Interventions on WRMD’s in Office/Computer Work (MCH, PC, HS, NGS), pp. 513–516.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-Huuhtanen #design
Improving the Design of Longitudinal Studies on Computerization of Offices (PH), pp. 379–382.
Psychosocial Work Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office Workers: An Examination of the Mediating Role of Stress (BTK), pp. 521–524.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-MatarazzoN #automation #case study
A Human-Oriented Case Study of Office Automation Systems (GM, AN), pp. 749–752.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-MatiasS #modelling #predict
Predictive Models of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Among Office Personnel (ACM, GS), pp. 529–532.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-NewmanCS #metric
Methodological Issues of Measurement of Psychosocial Work Factors in Computer/Office Work (LN, PC, WS), pp. 509–512.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-Seppala #case study #experience #information management
Usage of an Integrated Office Information System: Experiences from a Municipal Organization (PKS), pp. 801–804.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-SkybergSEVG #health #problem
Electric Fields, Dust and Health Problems Among VDU-Users in an Office Environment: An Intervention Program (KS, KS, EW, AIV, LOG), pp. 655–657.
HCIHCI-SEC-1997-EnkawaU #information management
Transfering Experts’ Jobs to Novices and Computers by Information Sharing in Office Work (TE, HU), pp. 291–294.
A Virtual Office Environment for Supporting Informal Communications and Securing Personal Space (SH, TK, HT, TO, KiO, YM), pp. 909–912.
SACSAC-1995-SaiedianW #automation
An operational model for intelligent forms in office automation (HS, KWW), pp. 415–419.
CHICHI-1994-AdlerH94a #case study #experience
A room of our own: experiences from a direct office share (AA, DAHJ), pp. 138–144.
CSCWCSCW-1994-RouncefieldHRV #constant
Working with “Constant Interruption”: CSCW and the Small Office (MR, JAH, TR, SV), pp. 275–286.
CSCWCSCW-1994-SohlenkampC #communication
Integrating Communication, Cooperation, and Awareness: The DIVA Virtual Office Environment (MS, GC), pp. 331–343.
SEKESEKE-1994-ChiangWBN #automation #documentation #named #programming #visual notation
DocFlow: an event-driven visual programming environment for office automation through document processing (SCYC, JTLW, MPB, PAN), pp. 454–461.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-CakirC #documentation #evaluation #image #user interface
Image Processing of Office Documents — Ergonomic Evaluation of the User Interface of a New System (, ), pp. 797–802.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-LimC #approach #cumulative
An Integrated Approach to Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Computerized Offices: The Role of Psychosocial Work Factors, Psychological Stress and Ergonomic Risk Factors (SYL, PC), pp. 880–885.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-LuCA #case study
VDTs in Offices: A Field Study (HL, JC, FA), pp. 786–790.
HCIHCI-ACS-1993-YangC #performance
Effects of Computer System Performance and Job Support on Stress Among Office Workers (CLY, PC), pp. 931–936.
SEKESEKE-1993-JaegerP #analysis #information management #named #specification
BIZSPEC: A Business-Oriented Model for Specification and Analysis of Office Information Systems (TJ, AP), pp. 191–198.
CHICHI-1991-HeathL #communication #multi #video
Disembodied conduct: communication through video in a multi-media office environment (CH, PL), pp. 99–103.
SIGIRSIGIR-1991-CelentanoFP #documentation #query
Querying Office Systems About Document Roles (AC, MGF, SP), pp. 183–190.
SIGIRSIGIR-1990-CelentanoFP #documentation #knowledge-based #retrieval
Knowledge-Based Retrieval of Office Documents (AC, MGF, SP), pp. 241–253.
SIGIRSIGIR-1989-Kwasnik #classification #documentation #how
How a Personal Document’s Intended Use or Purpose Affects its Classification in an Office (BHK), pp. 207–210.
FMVDME-1988-BorzyszkowskiS #architecture #comprehension #documentation #standard
Understanding an informal Description: Office Documents Architecture, an ISO Standard (AMB, SS), pp. 48–63.
SIGIRSIGIR-1988-Guarin #documentation #information management
Access by Contents of Documents in an Office Information System (CJG), pp. 629–644.
SIGMODSIGMOD-1987-CroftS #architecture #documentation
Supporting Offics Document Architectures with Constrained Types (WBC, DWS), pp. 504–509.
HCIHCI-CE-1987-HanniganH #design
Human Factors in Office Product Design: European Practice (SH, VH), pp. 225–232.
HCIHCI-SES-1987-CohenPC #health #women
Working Conditions and Health Complaints of Women Office Workers (BGFC, CSP, KEC), pp. 365–372.
HCIHCI-SES-1987-TominagaM #automation #problem
Noise Problem in Japanese automated Office (YT, NM), pp. 203–208.
HCIHCI-SES-1987-Watanabe #architecture #automation #interface
Human-Interface Architecture: Its Significance for Office Automation System (HW), pp. 279–294.
SIGIRSIGIR-1986-Deppisch #named #retrieval
S-Tree: A Dynamic Balanced Signature Index for Office Retrieval (UD), pp. 77–87.
SIGIRSIGIR-1986-TruckenmullerR #analysis #design #perspective #topic
Methodological Issues for the Design of an Office Information Server — Focal Topics for the Analysis from an Office System Perspective (TWT, MR), pp. 39–48.
SIGMODSIGMOD-1985-BarbicP #information management #modelling
Time Modeling in Office Information Systems (FB, BP), pp. 51–62.
VLDBVLDB-1985-BarbicR #concept #documentation #retrieval
The Type Concept in Office Document Retrieval (FB, FR), pp. 34–48.
STOCSTOC-1985-Clarkson #algorithm #probability #problem
A Probabilistic Algorithm for the Post Office Problem (KLC), pp. 175–184.
VLDBVLDB-1984-ChristodoulakisVLLWWPB #development #information management #multi
Development of a Multimedia Information System for an Office Environment (SC, JV, JL, TL, SW, YW, MPP, EB), pp. 261–271.
VLDBVLDB-1984-LamersdorfMS #modelling
Language Support for Office Modelling (WL, GM, JWS), pp. 280–288.
VLDBVLDB-1984-Tagg #automation #database #scalability
End User Access to Very Large Databases in an Automated Office/Workstation Environment (RMT), pp. 272–279.
VLDBVLDB-1984-Woehl #automation #classification #database #documentation #prolog #relational
Automatic Classification of Office Documents by Coupling Relational Data Bases and PROLOG Expert Systems (KW), pp. 529–532.
SIGIRSIGIR-1984-RabittiZ #data access #documentation #evaluation
Evaluation of Access Methods to Text Document in Office Systems (FR, JZ), pp. 21–40.
VLDBVLDB-1983-TsichritzisCEFLLVW #multi
A Multimedia Office Filing System (DT, SC, PE, CF, AL, DL, JV, CCW), pp. 2–7.
SIGIRSIGIR-1983-Croft #information retrieval
Applications for Information Retrieval Techniques in the Office (WBC), pp. 18–23.
SIGMODSIGMOD-1981-LuoY #information management
Form Operation By Example: A Language For Office Information Processing (DL, SBY), pp. 212–223.
Productivity, Information Technology, and the Office (RML), pp. 59–63.
DACDAC-1973-FullenwiderR #architecture #implementation
Implementation of a space planning system in a small scale architecture office (DRF, CER), p. 120.

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