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115 papers:

DATEDATE-2015-KarkarTMY #communication #distributed #multi
Mixed wire and surface-wave communication fabrics for decentralized on-chip multicasting (AK, KFT, TSTM, AY), pp. 794–799.
Expertise in the Wired Wild West (JIW, LP), pp. 662–675.
LCTESLCTES-2015-ProcterHGBA #design #hardware #implementation #semantics #verification
Semantics Driven Hardware Design, Implementation, and Verification with ReWire (AMP, WLH, IG, MB, GA), p. 10.
CASECASE-2014-SuKLLHKK #array #design #recognition
Design of tactile sensor array on electric gripper jaws for wire gripping recognition (JYS, WCK, YCL, CHL, JSH, HCK, CCK), pp. 1014–1019.
DACDAC-2014-LinRGDS #algorithm #performance
An Efficient Wire Routing and Wire Sizing Algorithm for Weight Minimization of Automotive Systems (CWL, LR, PG, JD, ALSV), p. 6.
DACDAC-2014-PengPL #optimisation #performance
Fast and Accurate Full-chip Extraction and Optimization of TSV-to-Wire Coupling (YP, DP, SKL), p. 6.
DATEDATE-2014-KarkarDATMY #architecture #communication #hybrid
Hybrid wire-surface wave architecture for one-to-many communication in networks-on-chip (AK, ND, RAD, KT, TSTM, AY), pp. 1–4.
DACDAC-2012-WeiSVLARHTKS #evaluation #named
GLARE: global and local wiring aware routability evaluation (YW, CCNS, NV, ZL, CJA, LNR, ADH, GET, DK, SSS), pp. 768–773.
DATEDATE-2012-YangCJTZ #multi #protocol #smarttech
A multi-parameter bio-electric ASIC sensor with integrated 2-wire data transmission protocol for wearable healthcare system (GY, JC, FJ, HT, LRZ), pp. 443–448.
DATEDATE-2012-YangLTW #modelling
Almost every wire is removable: A modeling and solution for removing any circuit wire (XY, TKL, WCT, YLW), pp. 1573–1578.
Characterization of an Intelligent Power Switch for LED driving with control of wiring parasitics effects (GP, NC, FT, RS, PD, SS, LF), pp. 1119–1120.
CASECASE-2010-EderK #design #framework
Design of an experimental platform for an X-by-wire car with four-wheel steering (ME, AK), pp. 656–661.
DATEDATE-2010-SchulzBUES #modelling #transaction
Transmitting TLM transactions over analogue wire models (SS, JB, TU, KE, SS), pp. 1608–1613.
VLDBVLDB-2010-WoodsTA #detection
Complex Event Detection at Wire Speed with FPGAs (LW, JT, GA), pp. 660–669.
CHICHI-2010-LiCEDL #automation #interactive #logic #named #prototype #testing
FrameWire: a tool for automatically extracting interaction logic from paper prototyping tests (YL, XC, KE, MD, JAL), pp. 503–512.
ICPRICPR-2010-CandamoGKG #detection #using
Detecting Wires in Cluttered Urban Scenes Using a Gaussian Model (JC, DBG, RK, SG), pp. 432–435.
KEODKEOD-2010-Occelli #policy
Reconciling Tempus and Hora — Policy Knowledge in an Information Wired Environment (SO), pp. 213–217.
VLDBVLDB-2009-MullerTA #compilation #query
Streams on Wires — A Query Compiler for FPGAs (RM, JT, GA), pp. 229–240.
PEPMPEPM-2009-SalamaMTGO #consistency #dependent type #using
Static consistency checking for verilog wire interconnects: using dependent types to check the sanity of verilog descriptions (CS, GM, WT, JG, JO), pp. 121–130.
DATEDATE-2008-ChenL #architecture
Wire Sizing Alternative — An Uniform Dual-rail Routing Architecture (FWC, YYL), pp. 796–799.
DATEDATE-2008-MelaniBMLDF #monitoring
Hot Wire Anemometric MEMS Sensor for Water Flow Monitoring (MM, LB, MDM, PL, FD, LF), pp. 342–347.
ICPRICPR-2008-CandamoG #detection #video
Wire detection in low-altitude, urban, and low-quality video frames (JC, DBG), pp. 1–4.
DACDAC-2007-ChoXPP #named
TROY: Track Router with Yield-driven Wire Planning (MC, HX, RP, DZP), pp. 55–58.
DACDAC-2007-PimentelP #analysis
Experimental Jitter Analysis in a FlexCAN Based Drive-by-Wire Automotive Application (JRP, JP), pp. 290–293.
DACDAC-2007-RizzoM #concurrent
Concurrent Wire Spreading, Widening, and Filling (OR, HM), pp. 350–353.
DACDAC-2007-SundaresanM #analysis #distributed
An Analysis of Timing Violations Due to Spatially Distributed Thermal Effects in Global Wires (KS, NRM), pp. 515–520.
On-Chip Decoupling Capacitance and P/G Wire Co-optimization for Dynamic Noise (MZ, RP, BR, YF, TM, SC, SS, SY), pp. 162–167.
DATEDATE-2007-NiM #self
Self-heating-aware optimal wire sizing under Elmore delay model (MN, SOM), pp. 1373–1378.
DACDAC-2006-GuthausSB #programming #using
Clock buffer and wire sizing using sequential programming (MRG, DS, RBB), pp. 1041–1046.
DATEDATE-2006-LeeKKCY #adaptation #using
A network-on-chip with 3Gbps/wire serialized on-chip interconnect using adaptive control schemes (SJL, KK, HK, NC, HJY), pp. 79–80.
DATEDATE-2005-CasuM #design #pipes and filters
A New System Design Methodology for Wire Pipelined SoC (MRC, LM), pp. 944–945.
STOCSTOC-2005-KouckyPT #bound
Bounded-depth circuits: separating wires from gates (MK, PP, DT), pp. 257–265.
HPCAHPCA-2005-BalasubramonianMRV #architecture #performance
Microarchitectural Wire Management for Performance and Power in Partitioned Architectures (RB, NM, KR, VV), pp. 28–39.
DACDAC-2004-LiuM #estimation
Pre-layout wire length and congestion estimation (QL, MMS), pp. 582–587.
A method for correcting the functionality of a wire-pipelined circuit (VN, SSS), pp. 570–575.
DATEDATE-v2-2004-LinZ #fixpoint
Wire Retiming for System-on-Chip by Fixpoint Computation (CL, HZ), pp. 1092–1097.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2004-JippingKKL #network #programmable #using
Investigating wired and wireless networks using a java-based programmable sniffer (MJJ, AJK, NK, KL), pp. 12–16.
DACDAC-2003-HuM #clustering #predict
Wire length prediction based clustering and its application in placement (BH, MMS), pp. 800–805.
DATEDATE-2003-GoelM #architecture #design
Layout-Driven SOC Test Architecture Design for Test Time and Wire Length Minimization (SKG, EJM), pp. 10738–10741.
DATEDATE-2003-HuangCW #nondeterminism
Global Wire Bus Configuration with Minimum Delay Uncertainty (LDH, HMC, DFW), pp. 10050–10055.
DATEDATE-2003-LaiYC #evaluation #performance
A New and Efficient Congestion Evaluation Model in Floorplanning: Wire Density Control with Twin Binary Trees (STWL, EFYY, CCNC), pp. 10856–10861.
DATEDATE-2002-MacchiaruloMP #energy
Wire Placement for Crosstalk Energy Minimization in Address Buses (LM, EM, MP), pp. 158–162.
PEPMASIA-PEPM-2002-Amarasinghe #architecture #compilation
Defying the speed of light: : a spatially-aware compiler for wire-exposed architectures (SPA), p. 70.
ASPLOSASPLOS-2002-KimBK #adaptation
An adaptive, non-uniform cache structure for wire-delay dominated on-chip caches (CK, DB, SWK), pp. 211–222.
DACDAC-2001-AlpertHSV #resource management
A Practical Methodology for Early Buffer and Wire Resource Allocation (CJA, JH, SSS, PV), pp. 189–194.
DACDAC-2001-DallyT #network
Route Packets, Not Wires: On-Chip Interconnection Networks (WJD, BT), pp. 684–689.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2001-CarnianiD #comprehension #education #network
The NetWire emulator: a tool for teaching and understanding networks (EC, RD), pp. 153–156.
DATEDATE-2000-GaoW #using
Wire-Sizing for Delay Minimization and Ringing Control Using Transmission Line Model (YG, DFW), pp. 512–516.
ICLPCL-2000-ErdemLW #satisfiability
Wire Routing and Satisfiability Planning (EE, VL, MDFW), pp. 822–836.
DACDAC-1999-ChenM #using
Noise-Aware Repeater Insertion and Wire-Sizing for On-Chip Interconnect Using Hierarchical Moment-Matching (CPC, NM), pp. 502–506.
DACDAC-1999-JiangJC #optimisation #performance
Noise-Constrained Performance Optimization by Simultaneous Gate and Wire Sizing Based on Lagrangian Relaxation (IHRJ, JYJ, YWC), pp. 90–95.
DACDAC-1999-SaxenaL #using
Crosstalk Minimization Using Wire Perturbations (PS, CLL), pp. 100–103.
DACDAC-1999-YimK #design
Reducing Cross-Coupling Among Interconnect Wires in Deep-Submicron Datapath Design (JSY, CMK), pp. 485–490.
DATEDATE-1998-ChuW #algorithm #polynomial
A Polynomial Time Optimal Algorithm for Simultaneous Buffer and Wire Sizing (CCNC, DFW), pp. 479–485.
DATEDATE-1998-GhoshKBH #benchmark #equivalence #invariant #metric #synthesis
Synthesis of Wiring Signature-Invariant Equivalence Class Circuit Mutants and Applications to Benchmarking (DG, NK, FB, JEHI), pp. 656–663.
Wire Segmenting for Improved Buffer Insertion (CJA, AD), pp. 588–593.
Optimal Wire-Sizing Function with Fringing Capacitance Consideration (CPC, DFW), pp. 604–607.
Shaping a VLSI wire to minimize Elmore delay (JPF), pp. 244–251.
Optimal Wire-Sizing Formular Under the Elmore Delay Model (CPC, YPC, DFW), pp. 487–490.
DACDAC-1996-LillisCLH #performance #trade-off
New Performance Driven Routing Techniques With Explicit Area/Delay Tradeoff and Simultaneous Wire Sizing (JL, CKC, TTYL, CYH), pp. 395–400.
A New Complete Diagnosis Patterns for Wiring Interconnects (SP), pp. 203–208.
DACDAC-1995-MehrotraFS #generative #performance
Performance Driven Global Routing and Wiring Rule Generation for High Speed PCBs and MCMs (SM, PDF, MBS), pp. 381–387.
STOCSTOC-1994-BrewerCL #random #scalability
Scalable expanders: exploiting hierarchical random wiring (EAB, FTC, TL), pp. 144–152.
DACDAC-1993-ChenCHK #array
The Sea-of-Wires Array Aynthesis System (IYC, GLC, FJH, SYK), pp. 188–193.
DACDAC-1993-PullelaMP #optimisation #reliability #using
Reliable Non-Zero Skew Clock Trees Using Wire Width Optimization (SP, NM, LTP), pp. 165–170.
DACDAC-1992-ChungR #architecture #named
TEMPT: Technology Mapping for the Exploration of FPGA Architectures with Hard-Wired Connections (KC, JR), pp. 361–367.
DACDAC-1992-FranzonSSBMM #generative #tool support
Tools to Aid in Wiring Rule Generation for High Speed Interconnects (PDF, SS, MBS, MB, SM, TM), pp. 466–471.
DACDAC-1992-HamadaCC #equation #estimation
A Wire Length Estimation Technique Utilizing Neighborhood Density Equations (TH, CKC, PMC), pp. 57–61.
FPCAFPCA-1991-MeijerFP #functional #lens #programming
Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire (EM, MMF, RP), pp. 124–144.
DACDAC-1989-Groenveld #on the
On Global Wire Ordering for Macro-Cell Routing (PG), pp. 155–160.
DACDAC-1987-OdawaraHIYD #rule-based
A Rule-Based Placement System for Printed Wiring Boards (GO, TH, KI, TY, YD), pp. 777–785.
DACDAC-1986-LukTW #design
Hierarchial global wiring for custom chip design (WKL, DTT, CKW), pp. 481–489.
DACDAC-1986-TadaH #performance #scalability
Router system for printed wiring boards of very high-speed, very large-scale computers (TT, AH), pp. 791–797.
DACDAC-1985-OdawaraIW #knowledge-based
Knowledge-based placement technique for printed wiring boards (GO, KI, KW), pp. 616–622.
DACDAC-1984-Dupenloup #array
A wire routing scheme for double-layer cell arrays (GD), pp. 32–37.
DACDAC-1984-SastryP #logic #on the #slicing
On the relation between wire length distributions and placement of logic on master slice ICs (SS, ACP), pp. 710–711.
Laying the power and ground wires on a VLSI chip (ASM), pp. 754–755.
Improved compaction by minimized length of wires (WLS), pp. 121–127.
Global wiring on a wire routing machine (RN, SJH, SL, RV), pp. 224–231.
Making the wire frame solid (DR), pp. 650–654.
DACDAC-1981-Hlynka #design
A simulator to replace wire rules for high speed computer design (AH), pp. 113–117.
DACDAC-1981-TsukiyamaKS #multi #on the #problem
On the layering problem of multilayer PWB wiring (ST, ESK, IS), pp. 738–745.
DACDAC-1981-WallaceH #probability
Some properties of a probabilistic model for global wiring (DW, LH), pp. 660–667.
Optimal Wiring between Rectangles (DD, KK, AS, AS, JDU), pp. 312–317.
DACDAC-1980-NishiokaKNYCNFU #automation #multi
An automatic routing system for high density multilayer printed wiring boards (IN, TK, HN, SY, TC, TN, TF, MU), pp. 520–527.
DACDAC-1980-Skinner #interactive
Interactive wiring system (FDS), pp. 296–308.
STOCSTOC-1980-Tompa #problem
An Optimal Solution to a Wire-Routing Problem (Preliminary Version) (MT), pp. 161–176.
DACDAC-1979-Foster #lookahead #multi
A “lookahead” router for multilayer printed wiring boards (JCF), pp. 486–493.
DACDAC-1979-SaharaKN #interactive #layout
An interactive layout system of analog printed wiring boards (KiS, KiK, IN), pp. 506–512.
DACDAC-1979-WangB #automation
A software system for Automated Placement And Wiring of LSI chips (PTW, PB), pp. 327–329.
DACDAC-1978-NishiokaKYSO #approach
An approach to gate assignment and module placement for printed wiring boards (IN, TK, SY, IS, HO), pp. 60–69.
DACDAC-1977-ChenFKNS #automation #layout #problem
The chip layout problem: An automatic wiring procedure (KAC, MF, KHK, NN, SS), pp. 298–302.
DACDAC-1977-HellerMD #predict #requirements
Prediction of wiring space requirements for LSI (WRH, WFM, WED), pp. 32–42.
DACDAC-1977-NishiokaKN #automation #layout
A minicomputerized automatic layout system for two-layer printed wiring boards (IN, TK, HN), pp. 1–11.
Correction and wiring check-system for master-slice LSI (YI, TS, KI, HK), pp. 336–343.
A solution to closeness checking of non-orthogonal printed circuit board wiring (RNP, PT), pp. 172–178.
DACDAC-1975-BrinsfieldT #design #multi
Computer aids for multilayer printed wiring board design (JGB, SRT), pp. 296–305.
DACDAC-1975-MironT #automation
The automatic printed wire routing system of BACKIS (GJM, SRT), pp. 311–316.
DACDAC-1975-Welt #layout #named
NOMAD: A printed wiring board layout system (MJW), pp. 152–161.
DACDAC-1974-CalafioreF #layout #multi
A system for multilayer printed wiring layout (RLC, JCF), pp. 322–326.
An iterative technique for printed wire routing (FR), pp. 308–313.
DACDAC-1974-SlemakerMLL #programmable
A programmable printed-wiring router (CSS, RCM, LWL, AGL), pp. 314–321.
DACDAC-1973-Foster #multi
A router for multilayer printed wiring backplanes (JCF), pp. 44–49.
Assigning wires to layers of a printed circuit board (FR), pp. 22–32.
DACDAC-1973-So #multi
Pin assignment of circuit cards and the routability of multilayer printed wiring backplanes (HCS), pp. 33–43.
DACDAC-1973-TokunagaKMLO #assembly #diagrams #named
WIDAS — Wiring Diagram Assembly System (MT, TK, MM, CL, FO), pp. 199–204.
DACDAC-1971-HashimotoS #optimisation #scalability
Wire routing by optimizing channel assignment within large apertures (AH, JGS), pp. 155–169.
DACDAC-1971-KriewallM #design #generative #interactive #named
CIBOL — an interactive graphics program used in the design of printed wiring boards and generation of associated artmasters (TJK, NRM), pp. 304–313.
A checking method of wiring (YK), pp. 173–177.
DACDAC-1969-Garcia #integration
WICOP a wire integration computer program (LG), pp. 269–280.
DACDAC-1969-GinsbergMW #multi
An updated multilayer printed wiring C-A-D capability (GLG, CRMJ, EHW), pp. 145–154.
DACDAC-1969-Sr #modelling
Cellular wiring and the cellular modeling technique (RBHS), pp. 25–41.
DACDAC-1967-FreemanGRW #design #multi
Multilayer printed wiring — computer aided design (MFF, AG, MR, EAW).
DACDAC-1967-Richards #automation #equation #logic #named #programming #simulation
SWAP — a programming system for automatic simulation, wiring and placement of logical equations (DLR).
DACSHARE-1965-Frayne #problem
Three levels of the wiring interconnection problem (DKF).

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