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85 papers:

HTHT-2015-MagdyDW #quote #twitter
“I like ISIS, but I want to watch Chris Nolan’s new movie”: Exploring ISIS Supporters on Twitter (WM, KD, IW), pp. 321–322.
VLDBVLDB-2015-MullerG #abstract interpretation #sql
Provenance for SQL through Abstract Interpretation: Value-less, but Worthwhile (TM, TG), pp. 1872–1883.
Easy to Draw, but Hard to Trace?: On the Observability of Grid-based (Un)lock Patterns (EvZ, ADL, PJ, HH), pp. 2339–2342.
CSCWCSCW-2015-MarkICJ #multi
Focused, Aroused, but so Distractible: Temporal Perspectives on Multitasking and Communications (GM, STI, MC, PJ), pp. 903–916.
Outnumbered but Well-Spoken: Female Commenters in the New York Times (EP), pp. 1201–1213.
Visible but Unseen?: A Workplace Study of Blood-Test Icons on Electronic Emergency-Department Whiteboards (AáT, MH), pp. 798–807.
HCIHCI-IT-2015-JeongS #case study #how #smarttech #user interface #what
It’s not What It Speaks, but It’s How It Speaks: A Study into Smartphone Voice-User Interfaces (VUI) (JJ, DHS), pp. 284–291.
KDDKDD-2015-ZhaoJCJ #estimation #parametricity #performance #quality
SAME but Different: Fast and High Quality Gibbs Parameter Estimation (HZ, BJ, JFC, BJ), pp. 1495–1502.
ECOOPECOOP-2015-VekrisCJ #trust #type system #verification
Trust, but Verify: Two-Phase Typing for Dynamic Languages (PV, BC, RJ), pp. 52–75.
LICSLICS-2015-EndrullisGH #encoding
Regularity Preserving but Not Reflecting Encodings (JE, CG, DH), pp. 535–546.
DACDAC-2014-ZalmanM #communication #low cost
A Secure but still Safe and Low Cost Automotive Communication Technique (RZ, AM), p. 5.
CSCWCSCW-2014-MassimiHS #quote
“Real, but Glossy”: technology and the practical pursuit of magic in modern weddings (MM, RHRH, AS), pp. 854–865.
CSCWCSCW-2014-PineM #logic #problem
Institutional logics of the EMR and the problem of “perfect” but inaccurate accounts (KHP, MM), pp. 283–294.
CSCWCSCW-2014-ZhangCG #evolution #network #social
Creepy but inevitable?: the evolution of social networking (HZ, MDC, JG), pp. 368–378.
HCIHCI-AS-2014-Moallem #network
Home Networking: Smart but Complicated (AM), pp. 731–741.
RecSysRecSys-2014-LiuWW #what
Tell me where to go and what to do next, but do not bother me (HL, GW, GW), pp. 375–376.
ICSTSAT-2014-BalyoFHB #set
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Blocked Sets (But Were Afraid to Ask) (TB, AF, MH, AB), pp. 317–332.
DLTDLT-2013-KutribMW #automaton #finite #multi
One-Way Multi-Head Finite Automata with Pebbles But No States (MK, AM, MW), pp. 313–324.
ICALPICALP-v2-2013-Widmayer #nondeterminism
To Be Uncertain Is Uncomfortable, But to Be Certain Is Ridiculous (PW), p. 36.
CHICHI-2013-GaoWCF #experience
Same translation but different experience: the effects of highlighting on machine-translated conversations (GG, HCW, DC, SRF), pp. 449–458.
HCIHIMI-HSM-2013-MoodyW #mobile #security #what
Security, But at What Cost? — An Examination of Security Notifications within a Mobile Application (GM, DW), pp. 391–399.
Scale changes everything, but… (JDM, MA, LMN, KS), p. 288.
Everything you always wanted to know about synchronization but were afraid to ask (TD, RG, VT), pp. 33–48.
ICPCICPC-2012-SharafiSGA #identifier #source code #women
Women and men — Different but equal: On the impact of identifier style on source code reading (ZS, ZS, YGG, GA), pp. 27–36.
CHICHI-2012-CoxCSC #challenge #experience #game studies
Not doing but thinking: the role of challenge in the gaming experience (ALC, PAC, PS, MC), pp. 79–88.
CHICHI-2012-LeivaA #automation #exclamation
Monsieur, azonnal kövessen engem bitte!: an automatically generated interlanguage tailored to speakers of minority but culturally influenced languages (LAL, VA), pp. 31–34.
ECSAECSA-2011-NakagawaAB #architecture #difference #product line
Reference Architecture and Product Line Architecture: A Subtle But Critical Difference (EYN, POA, MB), pp. 207–211.
DATEDATE-2011-YangO #adaptation #flexibility #manycore
Frugal but flexible multicore topologies in support of resource variation-driven adaptivity (CY, AO), pp. 1255–1260.
WCREWCRE-2011-ZibranER #api #usability
Useful, But Usable? Factors Affecting the Usability of APIs (MFZ, FZE, CKR), pp. 151–155.
CHICHI-2011-SchwindBH #recommendation
I will do it, but i don’t like it: user reactions to preference-inconsistent recommendations (CS, JB, FWH), pp. 349–352.
CSCWCSCW-2011-SilfverbergLL #game studies #ll #network #quote #social
“I’ll press play, but I won’t listen”: profile work in a music-focused social network service (SS, LAL, AL), pp. 207–216.
PPoPPPPoPP-2011-JeonGLVT #named #parallel
Kremlin: like gprof, but for parallelization (DJ, SG, CML, SKV, MBT), pp. 293–294.
ASEASE-2010-Paulheim #component #user interface
Seamlessly integrated, but loosely coupled: building user interfaces from heterogeneous components (HP), pp. 123–126.
CIAACIAA-2010-Maletti #fault #performance
Better Hyper-minimization — Not as Fast, But Fewer Errors (AM), pp. 201–210.
Local Search: Simple, Successful, But Sometimes Sluggish (BM, DD, TT), pp. 1–17.
CHICHI-2010-KarkkainenVV #case study #mobile #process
I don’t mind being logged, but want to remain in control: a field study of mobile activity and context logging (TK, TV, KVVM), pp. 163–172.
CSCWCSCW-2010-GutwinGWWA #design
Gone but not forgotten: designing for disconnection in synchronous groupware (CG, TCNG, CW, NW, BdA), pp. 179–188.
Virtualize Everything but Time (TB, LC, JR, DV), pp. 451–464.
ICSTICST-2010-WeyukerBO #debugging #question #what
We’re Finding Most of the Bugs, but What are We Missing? (EJW, RMB, TJO), pp. 313–322.
Simple but Hard Mixed Horn Formulas (GN, MT), pp. 382–387.
CHICHI-2009-ChenGDMG #network #people #recommendation #social
Make new friends, but keep the old: recommending people on social networking sites (JC, WG, CD, MJM, IG), pp. 201–210.
The “Beauty Dilemma”: beauty is valued but discounted in product choice (SD, MH), pp. 1419–1426.
CHICHI-2009-SchechterER #approach #authentication #social #what
It’s not what you know, but who you know: a social approach to last-resort authentication (SES, SE, RWR), pp. 1983–1992.
HCIHCI-NT-2009-HaywoodB #quote
“I Love My iPhone ... But There Are Certain Things That ‘Niggle’ Me” (AH, GB), pp. 421–430.
ECOOPECOOP-2009-Jones #haskell #what #why
Classes, Jim, But Not as We Know Them — Type Classes in Haskell: What, Why, and Whither (SLPJ), p. 1.
PADLPADL-2009-DukeBWR #design #domain-specific language #embedded #multi #source code #visualisation
Huge Data But Small Programs: Visualization Design via Multiple Embedded DSLs (DJD, RB, MW, CR), pp. 31–45.
Model-Based-Design Is Nice But.. (HH), p. 555.
Neither rocket science nor washing machine science, but computer science (RDB), pp. 5–6.
You can touch, but you can’t look: interacting with in-vehicle systems (KMB, MGJ, MBS, NGT), pp. 1139–1148.
CHICHI-2008-ButlerJP #policy #wiki
Don’t look now, but we’ve created a bureaucracy: the nature and roles of policies and rules in wikipedia (BSB, EJ, JP), pp. 1101–1110.
PADLPADL-2008-BecketS #definite clause grammar #parsing #question
DCGs + Memoing = Packrat Parsing but Is It Worth It? (RB, ZS), pp. 182–196.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2007-Dickinson #student
“But I Don’t Read Text Printed in Braille Font”…: parables from a business and information technology student (AD), p. 336.
PASTEPASTE-2007-HovemeyerP #debugging #null #pointer
Finding more null pointer bugs, but not too many (DH, WP), pp. 9–14.
HCIHIMI-IIE-2007-IbrahimNM #concept #framework #online #trust #web
“Seeing Is Not Believing But Interpreting”, Inducing Trust Through Institutional Symbolism: A Conceptual Framework for Online Trust Building in a Web Mediated Information Environment (ENMI, NLMN, SM), pp. 64–73.
No ifs, ands, or buts: uncovering the simplicity of conditionals (JE), pp. 639–658.
CSCWCSCW-2006-TangLMLD #interactive #using
Unobtrusive but invasive: using screen recording to collect field data on computer-mediated interaction (JCT, SBL, MJM, JL, CD), pp. 479–482.
SACSAC-2006-MuhammadMA #communication #scheduling
Contentions-conscious dynamic but deterministic scheduling of computational and communication tasks (MF, FM, MA), pp. 1487–1492.
ICDARICDAR-2005-BairdMW #named
ScatterType: A Legible but Hard-to-Segment CAPTCHA (HSB, MAM, SYW), pp. 935–939.
KDDKDD-2005-PhanNHH #learning
Improving discriminative sequential learning with rare--but--important associations (XHP, MLN, TBH, SH), pp. 304–313.
SIGIRSIGIR-2005-VriesR #question
Relevance information: a loss of entropy but a gain for IDF? (APdV, TR), pp. 282–289.
ICSEICSE-2005-MaurerM #agile #what
What you always wanted to know about agile methods but did not dare to ask (FM, GM), pp. 731–732.
PPoPPPPoPP-2005-YangBHM #correctness #monitoring #source code #trust #verification
Trust but verify: monitoring remotely executing programs for progress and correctness (SY, ARB, YCH, SPM), pp. 196–205.
SCAMSCAM-2004-Krinke #context-sensitive grammar #matter
Context-Sensitivity Matters, But Context Does Not (JK), pp. 29–35.
LICSLICS-2004-AlfaroGJ #abstraction #game studies #nondeterminism #precise
Three-Valued Abstractions of Games: Uncertainty, but with Precision (LdA, PG, RJ), pp. 170–179.
VMCAIVMCAI-2004-Wilhelm #why
Why AI + ILP Is Good for WCET, but MC Is Not, Nor ILP Alone (RW), pp. 309–322.
VLDBVLDB-2003-WangZL #data mining #data type #mining #named #sql
ATLAS: A Small but Complete SQL Extension for Data Mining and Data Streams (HW, CZ, CL), pp. 1113–1116.
CSLCSL-2003-KanovichV #problem
Coping Polynomially with Numerous but Identical Elements within Planning Problems (MIK, JV), pp. 285–298.
ICALPICALP-2002-Hertling #markov
A Banach-Mazur Computable But Not Markov Computable Function on the Computable Real Numbers (PH), pp. 962–972.
CHICHI-2002-HudsonCKE #quote #research
“I’d be overwhelmed, but it’s just one more thing to do”: availability and interruption in research management (JMH, JC, WAK, TE), pp. 97–104.
ICPRICPR-v4-2002-NoguchiO #algorithm
A Simple but High-Quality Stereo Algorithm (TN, YO), pp. 351–354.
RERE-2002-DarimontDRR #requirements
Requirements Engineering with Grail/Kaos: Tell the Requirements, All the Requirements, and Nothing Else but the Requirement (RD, ED, JLR, AR), p. 299.
ICDARICDAR-2001-AllanASH #assessment #automation
Automated Assessment: It’s Assessment Jim But Not As We Know It (JA, TA, NS, PH), pp. 926–931.
TOOLSTOOLS-USA-2000-MaleyS #question
But Who Will Guard the Guardians? (DM, ITAS), pp. 227–238.
ICSEICSE-2000-Bryant #problem #question #re-engineering
It’s engineering Jim ... but not as we know it: software engineering — solution to the software crisis, or part of the problem? (AB), pp. 78–87.
ISSTAISSTA-2000-Pincus #analysis #case study #developer #experience #tool support
Analysis is necessary, but far from sufficient: Experiences building and deploying successful tools for developers and testers (abstract only) (JDP), p. 1.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-MarcusAFG #design #matter
You don’t have to be Jewish to Design, but it Helps... and Other Matters (AM, JA, VF, EG), pp. 516–520.
ITiCSEITiCSE-1998-MeadHBRBS #education #re-engineering
Everything you ever wanted to know about software engineering education, but were afraid to ask (panel) (NRM, TBH, DJB, MR, OB, FLVS), pp. 260–263.
CHICHI-1998-Rocco #trust
Trust Breaks Down in Electronic Contexts But Can Be Repaired by Some Initial Face-to-Face Contact (ER), pp. 496–502.
CAVCAV-1998-WolperB #infinity #verification
Verifying Systems with Infinite but Regular State Spaces (PW, BB), pp. 88–97.
ICALPICALP-1996-Miltersen #bound #multi
Lower Bounds for Static Dictionaries on RAMs with Bit Operations But No Multiplication (PBM), pp. 442–453.
CSCWCSCW-1996-Bazzigaluppi #question #what
Groupware at Work: It’s Here Now, But Do We Know What It Is Yet? (GB), pp. 438–440.
ICLPILPS-1994-YuanY #effectiveness
A Simple but Effective Program Revision Method (LYY, JHY), p. 686.
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Tweety (But Were Afraid to Ask) (GL), pp. 639–648.
ICSEICSE-1989-Finkelstein #development #modelling #quote #representation
“Not Waving but Drowning”: Representation Schemes for Modelling Software Development (AF), pp. 402–404.
SOSPSOSP-1989-BoloskyFS #effectiveness #memory management
Simple But Effective Techniques for NUMA Memory Management (WJB, RPF, MLS), pp. 19–31.

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