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J.F.Naughton M.J.Carey S.J.White D.A.Schneider J.M.Patel Y.Wang H.Boral R.Ramakrishnan M.Muralikrishna S.Ghandeharizadeh S.Shankar M.Mehta S.Babu P.Bizarro B.Nag F.Tian K.LeFevre S.L.Vandenberg N.Kabra A.L.Holloway A.Halverson R.Agrawal G.Graefe R.H.Gerber M.Stonebraker L.Galanis V.Ercegovac S.R.Jeffery A.Ailamaki M.D.Hill C.S.Freedman D.F.Lieuwen H.Chou P.B.Hawthorn D.Maier D.A.Wood N.Teletia D.Zhang J.Widom A.Kini J.Do R.Ramamurthy Q.Su P.Deshpande W.Qureshi D.Bitton C.Turbyfill D.M.Bates E.Paulson M.J.Franklin C.K.Tan M.J.Zwilling J.Yu I.F.Ilyas V.Raman G.Swart M.Skounakis J.Chen C.Kant S.Seshadri P.Futtersack F.Vélez J.E.Richardson E.J.Shekita E.Robinson K.Tufte S.B.Zdonik R.V.Nehme J.Aguilar-Saborit S.Madden V.R.Gankidi A.Floratou J.Luo Y.Kee C.Park K.Park Y.Xu J.Shanmugasundaram C.Zhang G.He M.P.Atkinson F.Bancilhon K.R.Dittrich M.L.Heytens K.B.Kumar R.H.Katz F.Olken L.D.Shapiro J.Burger N.E.Hall A.Pavlo A.Rasin D.J.Abadi J.Royalty A.Krioukov M.Asgarian P.Brown J.Gehrke D.Shah A.Avanes M.Flasza J.Gramling A.Chung M.Elhemali M.S.Subramanian C.A.Galindo-Legaria P.A.Bernstein A.Heuer Z.G.Ives C.S.Jensen H.Meyer M.T.Özsu R.T.Snodgrass K.Whang R.Krishnamurthy A.N.Rao S.Viglas M.L.McAuliffe D.T.Schuh M.H.Solomon O.G.Tsatalos K.Ramasamy R.Lueder C.J.Ellmann J.Kupsch S.Guo P.Cudré-Mauroux H.Kimura K.Lim J.Rogers R.Simakov E.Soroush P.Velikhov D.L.Wang M.Balazinska J.Becla B.Heath
Talks about:
databas (24) queri (17) system (15) perform (11) data (10) optim (9) object (8) strategi (7) machin (7) relat (6)

Person: David J. DeWitt

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Facilitated 2 volumes:

VLDB 1988Ed

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VLDB 20142014
SIGMOD 20132013
SIGMOD 20122012
VLDB 20122012
SIGMOD 20112011
SIGMOD 20092009
VLDB 20092009
VLDB 20082008
HPDC 20072007
SIGMOD 20072007
KDD 20062006
SIGMOD 20062006
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CAiSE 20032003
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VLDB 19951995
OOPSLA 19941994
SIGMOD 19941994
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VLDB 19931993
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VLDB 19921992
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SIGMOD 19901990
VLDB 19901990
SIGMOD 19891989
PODS 19881988
SIGMOD 19881988
SIGMOD 19871987
VLDB 19861986
SIGMOD 19851985
VLDB 19851985
SIGMOD 19841984
VLDB 19831983
SIGMOD 19821982
VLDB 19811981
SIGMOD 19801980
SIGMOD 19791979

Wrote 76 papers:

Indexing HDFS Data in PDW: Splitting the data from the index (VRG, NT, JMP, AH, DJD), pp. 1520–1528.
SIGMOD-2013-DeWittHNSAAFG #query
Split query processing in polybase (DJD, AH, RVN, SS, JAS, AA, MF, JG), pp. 1255–1266.
We are drowning in a sea of least publishable units (LPUs) (DJD, IFI, JFN, MS), pp. 921–922.
SIGMOD-2013-DoKPPPD #challenge #query
Query processing on smart SSDs: opportunities and challenges (JD, YSK, JMP, CP, KP, DJD), pp. 1221–1230.
SIGMOD-2012-ShankarNACEHRSDG #optimisation #query #sql
Query optimization in microsoft SQL server PDW (SS, RVN, JAS, AC, ME, AH, ER, MSS, DJD, CAGL), pp. 767–776.
VLDB-2012-FloratouTDPZ #question
Can the Elephants Handle the NoSQL Onslaught? (AF, NT, DJD, JMP, DZ), pp. 1712–1723.
SIGMOD-2011-DoZPDNH #using
Turbocharging DBMS buffer pool using SSDs (JD, DZ, JMP, DJD, JFN, AH), pp. 1113–1124.
SIGMOD-2009-PavloPRADMS #comparison #data analysis #scalability
A comparison of approaches to large-scale data analysis (AP, EP, AR, DJA, DJD, SM, MS), pp. 165–178.
A Demonstration of SciDB: A Science-Oriented DBMS (PCM, HK, KTL, JR, RS, ES, PV, DLW, MB, JB, DJD, BH, DM, SM, JMP, MS, SBZ), pp. 1534–1537.
VLDB-2008-DeWittPRNRSK #clustering #data transformation #named
Clustera: an integrated computation and data management system (DJD, EP, ER, JFN, JR, SS, AK), pp. 28–41.
VLDB-2008-HollowayD #database
Read-optimized databases, in depth (ALH, DJD), pp. 502–513.
HPDC-2007-ShankarD #clustering #data-driven #workflow
Data driven workflow planning in cluster management systems (SS, DJD), pp. 127–136.
SIGMOD-2007-HollowayRSD #database #how
How to barter bits for chronons: compression and bandwidth trade offs for database scans (ALH, VR, GS, DJD), pp. 389–400.
Workload-aware anonymization (KL, DJD, RR), pp. 277–286.
SIGMOD-2006-KiniSND #database
Database support for matching: limitations and opportunities (AK, SS, JFN, DJD), pp. 85–96.
Proactive Re-optimization (SB, PB, DJD), pp. 107–118.
Proactive re-optimization with Rio (SB, PB, DJD), pp. 936–938.
SIGMOD-2005-LeFevreDR #named #performance
Incognito: Efficient Full-Domain K-Anonymity (KL, DJD, RR), pp. 49–60.
VLDB-2005-BernsteinDHIJMOSWW #database
Database Publication Practices (PAB, DJD, AH, ZGI, CSJ, HM, MTÖ, RTS, KYW, JW), pp. 1241–1246.
Content-Based Routing: Different Plans for Different Data (PB, SB, DJD, JW), pp. 757–768.
VLDB-2005-ErcegovacDR #benchmark #metric #performance #query #relational
The TEXTURE Benchmark: Measuring Performance of Text Queries on a Relational DBMS (VE, DJD, RR), pp. 313–324.
VLDB-2004-LeFevreAERXD #database
Limiting Disclosure in Hippocratic Databases (KL, RA, VE, RR, YX, DJD), pp. 108–119.
VLDB-2004-WangD #distributed #internet #rank
Computing PageRank in a Distributed Internet Search Engine System (YW, DJD), pp. 420–431.
CAiSE-2003-GalanisWJD #peer-to-peer #query #scalability
Processing Queries in a Large Peer-to-Peer System (LG, YW, SRJ, DJD), pp. 273–288.
VLDB-2003-GalanisWJD #data flow #distributed #scalability
Locating Data Sources in Large Distributed Systems (LG, YW, SRJ, DJD), pp. 874–885.
VLDB-2003-HalversonBKKRTVWND #query #xml
Mixed Mode XML Query Processing (AH, JB, LG, AK, RK, ANR, FT, SV, YW, JFN, DJD), pp. 225–236.
VLDB-2003-TianD #distributed #tuple
Tuple Routing Strategies for Distributed Eddies (FT, DJD), pp. 333–344.
A Case for Fractured Mirrors (RR, DJD, QS), pp. 430–441.
VLDB-2001-AilamakiDHS #performance #weaving
Weaving Relations for Cache Performance (AA, DJD, MDH, MS), pp. 169–180.
SIGMOD-2000-ChenJDTW #database #internet #named #query #scalability
NiagaraCQ: A Scalable Continuous Query System for Internet Databases (JC, DJD, FT, YW), pp. 379–390.
KDD-1999-NagDD #interactive #using
Using a Knowledge Cache for Interactive Discovery of Association Rules (BN, PD, DJD), pp. 244–253.
VLDB-1999-AilamakiDHW #question
DBMSs on a Modern Processor: Where Does Time Go? (AA, DJD, MDH, DAW), pp. 266–277.
VLDB-1999-ShanmugasundaramGTZDN #database #documentation #query #relational #xml
Relational Databases for Querying XML Documents: Limitations and Opportunities (JS, KT, CZ, GH, DJD, JFN), pp. 302–314.
CIKM-1998-NagD #memory management #query
Memory Allocation Strategies for Complex Decision Support Queries (BN, DJD), pp. 116–123.
SIGMOD-1998-KabraD #execution #performance #query
Efficient Mid-Query Re-Optimization of Sub-Optimal Query Execution Plans (NK, DJD), pp. 106–117.
SIGMOD-1997-CareyDNAGS #benchmark #metric
The BUCKY Object-Relational Benchmark (MJC, DJD, JFN, MA, PB, JG, DS), pp. 135–146.
SIGMOD-1997-PatelYKTNBHRLEKGDN #evaluation #implementation
Building a Scaleable Geo-Spatial DBMS: Technology, Implementation, and Evaluation (JMP, JBY, NK, KT, BN, JB, NEH, KR, RL, CJE, JK, SG, DJD, JFN), pp. 336–347.
Partition Based Spatial-Merge Join (JMP, DJD), pp. 259–270.
VLDB-1996-CareyD #database
Of Objects and Databases: A Decade of Turmoil (MJC, DJD), pp. 3–14.
SIGMOD-1995-FreedmanD #on-demand #scalability
The SPIFFI Scalable Video-on-Demand System (CSF, DJD), pp. 352–363.
SIGMOD-1995-WhiteD #implementation #performance
Implementing Crash Recovery in QuickStore: A Performance Study (SJW, DJD), pp. 187–198.
VLDB-1995-MehtaD #database #parallel
Managing Intra-operator Parallelism in Parallel Database Systems (MM, DJD), pp. 382–394.
OOPSLA-1994-CareyDKN #benchmark #metric #object-oriented
A Status Report on the oo7 OODBMS Benchmarking Effort (MJC, DJD, CK, JFN), pp. 414–426.
SIGMOD-1994-CareyDFHMNSSTTWZ #persistent
Shoring Up Persistent Applications (MJC, DJD, MJF, NEH, MLM, JFN, DTS, MHS, CKT, OGT, SJW, MJZ), pp. 383–394.
SIGMOD-1994-WhiteD #named #performance
QuickStore: A High Performance Mapped Object Store (SJW, DJD), pp. 395–406.
Client-Server Paradise (DJD, NK, JL, JMP, JBY), pp. 558–569.
SIGMOD-1993-CareyDN #benchmark #metric #object-oriented
The oo7 Benchmark (MJC, DJD, JFN), pp. 12–21.
VLDB-1993-MehtaD #memory management #multi
Dynamic Memory Allocation for Multiple-Query Workloads (MM, DJD), pp. 354–367.
Crash Recovery in Client-Server EXODUS (MJF, MJZ, CKT, MJC, DJD), pp. 165–174.
SIGMOD-1992-GhandeharizadehDQ #analysis #clustering #multi #performance
A Performance Analysis of Alternative Multi-Attribute Declustering Strategies (SG, DJD, WQ), pp. 29–38.
SIGMOD-1992-LieuwenD #approach #database #optimisation #programming language
A Transformation-Based Approach to Optimizing Loops in Database Programming Languages (DFL, DJD), pp. 91–100.
VLDB-1992-DeWittNSS #parallel
Practical Skew Handling in Parallel Joins (DJD, JFN, DAS, SS), pp. 27–40.
VLDB-1992-WhiteD #performance #pointer
A Performance Study of Alternative Object Faulting and Pointer Swizzling Strategies (SJW, DJD), pp. 419–431.
SIGMOD-1991-VandenbergD #algebra #array #inheritance
Algebraic Support for Complex Objects with Arrays, Identity, and Inheritance (SLV, DJD), pp. 158–167.
SIGMOD-1990-AtkinsonBDDMZ #database #object-oriented
The Object-Oriented Database System Manifesto (MPA, FB, DJD, KRD, DM, SBZ), p. 395.
VLDB-1990-DeWittFMV #architecture #case study #database #object-oriented
A Study of Three Alternative Workstation-Server Architectures for Object Oriented Database Systems (DJD, PF, DM, FV), pp. 107–121.
VLDB-1990-GhandeharizadehD #clustering #database #multi
Hybrid-Range Partitioning Strategy: A New Declustering Strategy for Multiprocessor Database Machines (SG, DJD), pp. 481–492.
VLDB-1990-SchneiderD #database #multi #query #trade-off
Tradeoffs in Processing Complex Join Queries via Hashing in Multiprocessor Database Machines (DAS, DJD), pp. 469–480.
SIGMOD-1989-SchneiderD #algorithm #evaluation #parallel #performance
A Performance Evaluation of Four Parallel Join Algorithms in a Shared-Nothing Multiprocessor Environment (DAS, DJD), pp. 110–121.
PODS-1988-MuralikrishnaD #multi #optimisation #query
Optimization of Multiple-Relation Multiple-Disjunct Queries (MM, DJD), pp. 263–275.
SIGMOD-1988-CareyDV #query
A Data Model and Query Language for EXODUS (MJC, DJD, SLV), pp. 413–423.
SIGMOD-1988-DeWittGS #analysis #database #performance
A Performance Analysis of the Gamma Database Machine (DJD, SG, DAS), pp. 350–360.
SIGMOD-1988-MuralikrishnaD #multi #query
Equi-Depth Histograms For Estimating Selectivity Factors For Multi-Dimensional Queries (MM, DJD), pp. 28–36.
SIGMOD-1987-GraefeD #generative
The EXODUS Optimizer Generator (GG, DJD), pp. 160–172.
VLDB-1986-CareyDRS #database
Object and File Management in the EXODUS Extensible Database System (MJC, DJD, JER, EJS), pp. 91–100.
VLDB-1986-DeWittGGHKM #data flow #database #named #performance
GAMMA — A High Performance Dataflow Database Machine (DJD, RHG, GG, MLH, KBK, MM), pp. 228–237.
SIGMOD-1985-AgrawalD #architecture #database #multi
Recovery Architectures for Multiprocessor Database Machines (RA, DJD), pp. 131–145.
VLDB-1985-ChouD #database #evaluation #relational
An Evaluation of Buffer Management Strategies for Relational Database Systems (HTC, DJD), pp. 127–141.
VLDB-1985-DeWittG #algorithm #multi
Multiprocessor Hash-Based Join Algorithms (DJD, RHG), pp. 151–164.
SIGMOD-1984-BoralD #database #evaluation #performance
A Methodology for Database System Performance Evaluation (HB, DJD), pp. 176–185.
SIGMOD-1984-DeWittKOSSW #database #implementation #in memory #memory management
Implementation Techniques for Main Memory Database Systems (DJD, RHK, FO, LDS, MS, DAW), pp. 1–8.
VLDB-1983-BittonDT #approach #benchmark #database #metric
Benchmarking Database Systems A Systematic Approach (DB, DJD, CT), pp. 8–19.
SIGMOD-1982-BatesBD #analysis #database #framework #research #statistics
A Framework for Research in Database Management for Statistical Analysis (DMB, HB, DJD), pp. 69–78.
VLDB-1981-DeWittH #architecture #database #evaluation #performance
A Performance Evaluation of Data Base Machine Architectures (DJD, PBH), pp. 199–214.
SIGMOD-1980-BoralD #data flow #database #design
Design Considerations for Data-flow Database Machines (HB, DJD), pp. 94–104.
SIGMOD-1979-DeWitt #execution #query
Query Execution in DIRECT (DJD), pp. 13–22.

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