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Travelled to:
1 × Austria
1 × Denmark
1 × France
1 × Germany
1 × Italy
2 × United Kingdom
5 × Canada
9 × USA
Collaborated with:
C.C.Marshall L.Francisco-Revilla R.Furuta J.M.Moore H.Hsieh U.Karadkar A.Girgensohn L.Wilcox J.J.Leggett P.L.B.II A.Zacchi R.McCall B.Reeves K.A.Meintanis D.Kim P.Dave D.Corlette T.Turner P.Maloor A.Arora D.Brenner J.L.Ostwald L.N.Cassel L.M.L.Delcambre D.D.Garcia E.A.Fox M.LeMere T.P.Moran J.H.Coombs D.F.Redmiles R.J.Chaney G.A.Gorry S.Dash Z.Dalal P.Brusilovsky T.Hubbard M.N.Price G.Golovchinsky K.Pauls A.Jansen G.Nimmagadda R.Akkapeddi C.Chung G.Fischer P.J.Nürnberg J.Johnston G.W.Hislop B.S.C.II S.H.Edwards A.Kerne J.Wang J.Rosenberg M.Bernstein P.D.Bra D.E.Millard P.R.Bennett P.S.D'Oronzio N.F.Wallace M.Akbar C.A.Shaffer Y.Chen S.Bae M.Yudelson S.Davis L.Cifuentes D.Pogue W.Fan B.Siegfried F.Decker D.W.Archer S.Carpenter
Talks about:
hypertext (18) spatial (13) support (10) base (10) visual (7) structur (6) librari (6) collect (6) digit (6) web (6)

Person: Frank M. Shipman III

DBLP DBLP: III:Frank_M=_Shipman

Facilitated 2 volumes:

HT 2000Ed
JCDL 2005Ed

Contributed to:

CSCW 20152015
JCDL 20142014
CHI 20112011
TPDL 20112011
ECDL 20102010
HT 20102010
ASE 20082008
CHI 20072007
ECDL 20072007
Hypertext 20052005
DocEng 20042004
ECDL 20042004
Hypertext 20042004
ECDL 20032003
HT 20032003
HT 20022002
HT 20012001
RE 20012001
ASE 20002000
HT 19991999
HT 19981998
HT 19971997
CHI 19951995
CHI 19941994
HT/ECHT 19941994
KBSE 19941994
HT 19931993
CSCW 19921992
ECHT 19901990
HT 19891989
DL 19951995
DL 19961996
JCDL 20012001
JCDL 20042004
JCDL 20062006
JCDL 20072007
JCDL 20082008
JCDL 20102010
JCDL 20112011
JCDL 20122012
FDG 20092009

Wrote 60 papers:

CSCW-2015-MarshallS #facebook #persistent
Exploring the Ownership and Persistent Value of Facebook Content (CCM, FMSI), pp. 712–723.
JCDL-2014-MarshallS #facebook
An argument for archiving Facebook as a heterogeneous personal store (CCM, FMSI), pp. 11–20.
CHI-2011-MarshallS #social #social media #twitter #using
Social media ownership: using twitter as a window onto current attitudes and beliefs (CCM, FMSI), pp. 1081–1090.
TPDL-2011-AkbarFSCCDGHSFCHSF #education #library
Digital Library 2.0 for Educational Resources (MA, WF, CAS, YC, LNC, LMLD, DDG, GWH, FMSI, RF, BSCI, HwH, BS, EAF), pp. 89–100.
ECDL-2010-BrusilovskyCDFFGSBY #library #navigation #social
Enhancing Digital Libraries with Social Navigation: The Case of Ensemble (PB, LNC, LMLD, EAF, RF, DDG, FMSI, PLBI, MY), pp. 116–123.
ECDL-2010-MeintanisS #music #visual notation
Visual Expression for Organizing and Accessing Music Collections in MusicWiz (KAM, FMSI), pp. 80–91.
ECDL-2010-ShipmanCFFDBCHEG #community #distributed #education #named
Ensemble: A Distributed Portal for the Distributed Community of Computing Education (FMSI, LNC, EAF, RF, LMLD, PB, BSCI, GWH, SHE, DDG), pp. 506–509.
HT-2010-CorletteS #network #online #predict #scalability #social
Link prediction applied to an open large-scale online social network (DC, FMSI), pp. 135–140.
HT-2010-HsiehPJNS #generative #hypermedia
Assisting two-way mapping generation in hypermedia workspace (HwH, KP, AJ, GN, FMSI), pp. 99–108.
HT-2010-KimS #hypermedia #visualisation
Interpretation and visualization of user history in a spatial hypertext system (DK, FMSI), pp. 255–264.
ASE-2008-MooreS #analysis #design #layout
Combining the Analysis of Spatial Layout and Text to Support Design Exploration (JMM, FMSI), pp. 379–382.
CHI-2007-GirgensohnSTW #process
Effects of presenting geographic context on tracking activity between cameras (AG, FMSI, TT, LW), pp. 1167–1176.
Personal Environment Management (AZ, FMSI), pp. 345–356.
HT-2005-Francisco-RevillaS #ambiguity #hypermedia #parsing
Parsing and interpreting ambiguous structures in spatial hypermedia (LFR, FMSI), pp. 107–116.
HT-2005-HsiehS #communication #process
Activity links: supporting communication and reflection about action (HwH, FMSI), pp. 161–170.
HT-2005-ShipmanGW #case study #experience
Hypervideo expression: experiences with hyper-hitchcock (FMSI, AG, LW), pp. 217–226.
DocEng-2004-Francisco-RevillaS #adaptation #hypermedia
Instructional information in adaptive spatial hypertext (LFR, FMSI), pp. 124–133.
ECDL-2004-DaveFKFSB #physics
Incorporating Physical and Digital Artifacts into Growing Personal Collections (PD, LFR, UK, RF, FMSI, PLBI), pp. 341–352.
HT-2004-DaveBKFFS #hypermedia
Dynamically growing hypertext collections (PD, PLBI, UK, LFR, RF, FMSI), pp. 171–180.
HT-2004-Francisco-RevillaS #hypermedia #named
WARP: a web-based dynamic spatial hypertext (LFR, FMSI), pp. 235–236.
HT-2004-Francisco-RevillaS04a #adaptation #hypermedia #multi
Managing conflict in multi-model adaptive hypertext (LFR, FMSI), pp. 237–238.
HT-2004-LeggettS #communication #design #hypermedia #interactive #research
Directions for hypertext research: exploring the design space for interactive scholarly communication (JJL, FMSI), pp. 2–11.
ECDL-2003-KaradkarKFFSW #interface
Connecting Interface Metaphors to Support Creation of Path-Based Collections (UK, AK, RF, LFR, FMSI, JW), pp. 338–349.
ECDL-2003-ShipmanPMG #documentation #identification
Identifying Useful Passages in Documents Based on Annotation Patterns (FMSI, MNP, CCM, GG), pp. 101–112.
Browsing intricately interconnected paths (PD, UK, RF, LFR, FMSI, SD, ZD), pp. 95–103.
HT-2003-MarshallS #question #semantics #web
Which semantic web? (CCM, FMSI), pp. 57–66.
HT-2003-ShipmanGW #editing
Combining spatial and navigational structure in the hyper-hitchcock hypervideo editor (FMSI, AG, LW), pp. 124–125.
HT-2002-RosenbergBMBMS #hypermedia
Chain saws for sculptural Hypertext (JR, MB, CCM, PDB, DEM, FMSI), p. 137.
HT-2002-ShipmanMMHA #hypermedia #semantics
Semantics happen: knowledge building in spatial hypertext (FMSI, JMM, PM, HwH, RA), pp. 25–34.
HT-2001-Francisco-RevillaSFKA #hypermedia
Perception of content, structure, and presentation changes in Web-based hypertext (LFR, FMSI, RF, UK, AA), pp. 205–214.
HT-2001-ShipmanHMM #generative #hypermedia #visual notation
The visual knowledge builder: a second generation spatial hypertext (FMSI, HwH, PM, JMM), pp. 113–122.
RE-2001-MooreS #elicitation #requirements #using #visual notation
Requirements Elicitation Using Visual and Textual Information (JMM, FMSI), pp. 308–309.
ASE-2000-MooreS #comparison #requirements
A Comparison of Questionnaire-Based and GUI-Based Requirements Gathering (JMM, FMSI), pp. 35–44.
HT-1999-ShipmanML #hypermedia
Beyond Location: Hypertext Workspaces and Non-Linear Views (FMSI, CCM, ML), pp. 121–130.
HT-1998-ShipmanFBCH #adaptation #case study #experience #using
Using Paths in the Classroom: Experiences and Adaptations (FMSI, RF, DB, CCC, HwH), pp. 267–270.
HT-1997-FurutaSMBH #case study #experience #hypermedia #web
Hypertext Paths and the World-Wide Web: Experiences with Walden’s Paths (RF, FMSI, CCM, DB, HwH), pp. 167–176.
HT-1997-MarshallS #hypermedia
Spatial Hypertext and the Practice of Information Triage (CCM, FMSI), pp. 124–133.
CHI-1995-ShipmanMM #using
Finding and Using Implicit Structure in Human-Organized Spatial Layouts of Information (FMSI, CCM, TPM), pp. 346–353.
CHI-1994-FischerMORS94a #design #development #incremental
Seeding, evolutionary growth and reseeding: supporting the incremental development of design environments (GF, RM, JLO, BR, FMSI), pp. 292–298.
CHI-1994-ShipmanM94a #evolution #formal method #incremental #knowledge base
Supporting knowledge-base evolution with incremental formalization (FMSI, RM), pp. 285–291.
HT-ECHT-1994-MarshallSC #hypermedia #named
VIKI: Spatial Hypertext Supporting Emergent Structure (CCM, FMSI, JHC), pp. 13–23.
KBSE-1994-GirgensohnRS #communication #design #developer
Agent-Based Support for Communication Between Developers and Users in Software Design (AG, DFR, FMSI), pp. 22–29.
HT-1993-MarshallS #hypermedia
Searching for the Missing Link: Discovering Implicit Structure in Spatial Hypertext (CCM, FMSI), pp. 217–230.
CSCW-1992-ReevesS #communication #design #evolution
Supporting Communication Between Designers with Artifact-Centered Evolving Information Spaces (BR, FMSI), pp. 394–401.
ECHT-1990-McCallBDOSW #hypermedia #named
PHIDIAS: Integrating CAD Graphics into Dynamic Hypertext (RM, PRB, PSD, JLO, FMSI, NFW), pp. 152–165.
HT-1989-ShipmanCG #collaboration #distributed #hypermedia #research
Distributed Hypertext for Collaborative Research: The Virtual Notebook System (FMSI, RJC, GAG), pp. 129–135.
DL-1995-NurnbergFLMS #architecture #library
Digital Libraries: Issues and Architectures (PJN, RF, JJL, CCM, FMSI).
DL-1996-FurutaMSL #library #physics
Physical Objects in the Digital Library (RF, CCM, FMSI, JJL), pp. 109–115.
JCDL-2001-Francisco-RevillaSFKA #web
Managing change on the web (LFR, FMSI, RF, UK, AA), pp. 67–76.
JCDL-2004-DalalDDFFKS #distributed #web
Managing distributed collections: evaluating web page changes, movement, and replacement (ZD, SD, PD, LFR, RF, UK, FMSI), pp. 160–168.
JCDL-2004-ShipmanHMZ #hypermedia #library
Supporting personal collections across digital libraries in spatial hypertext (FMSI, HwH, JMM, AZ), pp. 358–367.
JCDL-2006-DavisBCFFHKPS #authoring #education
Template-based authoring of educational artifacts (SD, PLBI, LC, LFR, RF, TH, UK, DP, FMSI), pp. 242–243.
Longitudinal study of changes in blogs (PLBI, LFR, RF, TH, UK, FMSI), pp. 135–136.
JCDL-2008-BogenJKFS #identification
Application of kalman filters to identify unexpected change in blogs (PLBI, JJ, UK, RF, FMSI), pp. 305–312.
JCDL-2010-BaeKMMZSHM #documentation #multi #visualisation
Supporting document triage via annotation-based multi-application visualizations (SB, DK, KAM, JMM, AZ, FMSI, HwH, CCM), pp. 177–186.
JCDL-2010-FoxCASEBGDDAFSCC #distributed
Ensemble PDP-8: eight principles for distributed portals (EAF, YC, MA, CAS, SHE, PB, DDG, LMLD, FD, DWA, RF, FMSI, SC, LNC), pp. 341–344.
JCDL-2010-GirgensohnSTW #flexibility #library #visual notation
Flexible access to photo libraries via time, place, tags, and visual features (AG, FMSI, TT, LW), pp. 187–196.
JCDL-2011-MarshallS #reuse #visual notation
The ownership and reuse of visual media (CCM, FMSI), pp. 157–166.
JCDL-2012-MarshallS #on the #social #social media
On the institutional archiving of social media (CCM, FMSI), pp. 1–10.
FDG-2009-Shipman #game studies
Blending the real and virtual in games: the model of fantasy sports (FMSI), pp. 169–174.

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