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126 papers:

ICSMEICSME-2015-BavotaR #code review #quality
Four eyes are better than two: On the impact of code reviews on software quality (GB, BR), pp. 81–90.
CHICHI-2015-IonWB #physics
Skin Drag Displays: Dragging a Physical Tactor across the User’s Skin Produces a Stronger Tactile Stimulus than Vibrotactile (AI, EJW, PB), pp. 2501–2504.
CHICHI-2015-RobbPKC #crowdsourcing #design #feedback #question
Crowdsourced Feedback With Imagery Rather Than Text: Would Designers Use It? (DAR, SP, BK, MJC), pp. 1355–1364.
CSCWCSCW-2015-GaoXHYCF #collaboration #multi
Two is Better Than One: Improving Multilingual Collaboration by Giving Two Machine Translation Outputs (GG, BX, DCH, ZY, DC, SRF), pp. 852–863.
HCIHIMI-IKD-2015-KaoW #concept #interface #web
Narrower Conceptual Scope in the App Than the Web Store Interface — The Size Does It and the Ad Has It (CLK, MYW), pp. 204–214.
ICMLICML-2015-ChangKADL #education #learning
Learning to Search Better than Your Teacher (KWC, AK, AA, HDI, JL), pp. 2058–2066.
ICMLICML-2015-NutiniSLFK #coordination #performance #random
Coordinate Descent Converges Faster with the Gauss-Southwell Rule Than Random Selection (JN, MWS, IHL, MPF, HAK), pp. 1632–1641.
ESEC-FSEESEC-FSE-2015-SmithBGB #automation #program repair
Is the cure worse than the disease? overfitting in automated program repair (EKS, ETB, CLG, YB), pp. 532–543.
PPoPPPPoPP-2015-Gramoli #algorithm #concurrent #impact analysis
More than you ever wanted to know about synchronization: synchrobench, measuring the impact of the synchronization on concurrent algorithms (VG), pp. 1–10.
WICSAWICSA-2014-KnodelN #architecture #evaluation #industrial
Software Architecture Evaluation in Practice: Retrospective on More Than 50 Architecture Evaluations in Industry (JK, MN), pp. 115–124.
DACDAC-2014-LinWC #data mining #design #logic #mining #named #power management #synthesis
C-Mine: Data Mining of Logic Common Cases for Low Power Synthesis of Better-Than-Worst-Case Designs (CHL, LW, DC), p. 6.
DATEDATE-2014-HeinigDHMWHGBKR #integration
System integration — The bridge between More than Moore and More Moore (AH, MD, AH, FM, TW, KH, AG, RB, SK, JR), pp. 1–9.
SANERCSMR-WCRE-2014-KnodelN #architecture #industrial
Mitigating the Risk of software change in practice: Retrospective on more than 50 architecture evaluations in industry (Keynote paper) (JK, MN), pp. 2–17.
CIAACIAA-2014-KoH #nondeterminism
Left is Better than Right for Reducing Nondeterminism of NFAs (SKK, YSH), pp. 238–251.
ICFPICFP-2014-Winograd-CortH #first-order #how
Settable and non-interfering signal functions for FRP: how a first-order switch is more than enough (DWC, PH), pp. 213–225.
CHICHI-2014-WeigelMS #comprehension #how #mobile #people
More than touch: understanding how people use skin as an input surface for mobile computing (MW, VM, JS), pp. 179–188.
HCIHCI-AS-2014-Phillips #mobile
Mobile Users Are More Vigilant Than Situated Users (MGP), pp. 166–177.
HCISCSM-2014-FrischlichRR #identification #social
I’d Rather Die Than Be with You: The Effects of Mortality Salience and Negative Social Identity on Identification with a Virtual Group (LF, DR, OR), pp. 440–451.
HILTHILT-2014-BaggeH #algebra #api #specification #why
Specification of generic APIs, or: why algebraic may be better than pre/post (AHB, MH), pp. 71–80.
RERE-2014-Anton #privacy #security
Now more than ever: Privacy and security are required (keynote) (AIA), p. 2.
SACSAC-2014-Lutz0D #question #smarttech
Are smartphones better than CRC cards? (RL, SS, SD), pp. 987–994.
ICDARICDAR-2013-GoelMAJ #word
Whole is Greater than Sum of Parts: Recognizing Scene Text Words (VG, AM, KA, CVJ), pp. 398–402.
DB2 with BLU Acceleration: So Much More than Just a Column Store (VR, GKA, RB, NC, DK, VK, JL, SL, SL, GML, TM, RM, IP, BS, DS, RS, AJS, LZ), pp. 1080–1091.
CIAACIAA-2013-HolzerJ #algorithm #robust
Brzozowski’s Minimization Algorithm — More Robust than Expected — (Extended Abstract) (MH, SJ), pp. 181–192.
ICALPICALP-v2-2013-LipmaaT #complexity #online #similarity #sublinear #testing
Secure Equality and Greater-Than Tests with Sublinear Online Complexity (HL, TT), pp. 645–656.
ECIRECIR-2013-PotapenkoV #robust
Robust PLSA Performs Better Than LDA (AP, KV), pp. 784–787.
KDDKDD-2013-TsourakakisBGGT #clique #quality
Denser than the densest subgraph: extracting optimal quasi-cliques with quality guarantees (CET, FB, AG, FG, MAT), pp. 104–112.
ICSEICSE-2013-StaplesKKLAMJB #specification
Formal specifications better than function points for code sizing (MS, RK, GK, CL, JA, TCM, DRJ, LB), pp. 1257–1260.
DocEngDocEng-2012-MancillaP #named
Charactles: more than characters (BM, JP), pp. 241–244.
ICPCICPC-2012-FeigenspanBR #question
Is the derivation of a model easier to understand than the model itself? (JF, DSB, TLR), pp. 47–52.
STOCSTOC-2012-Williams #matrix #multi #performance
Multiplying matrices faster than coppersmith-winograd (VVW), pp. 887–898.
ICALPICALP-v1-2012-AmbainisBBKOSV #game studies #quantum
Quantum Strategies Are Better Than Classical in Almost Any XOR Game (AA, AB, KB, DK, RO, JS, MV), pp. 25–37.
CIKMCIKM-2012-ZhuGCL #behaviour #mining #query #recommendation
More than relevance: high utility query recommendation by mining users’ search behaviors (XZ, JG, XC, YL), pp. 1814–1818.
ECIRECIR-2012-NeumayerBN12a #effectiveness #semantics
When Simple is (more than) Good Enough: Effective Semantic Search with (almost) no Semantics (RN, KB, KN), pp. 540–543.
GLASE 0.1: eyes tell more than mice (VG, MT, NK), pp. 1085–1086.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2011-Mirolo #recursion
Is iteration really easier to master than recursion: an investigation in a functional-first CS1 context (CM), p. 362.
SCAMSCAM-2011-Black #debugging
Counting Bugs is Harder Than You Think (PEB), pp. 1–9.
STOCSTOC-2011-RegevK #communication #quantum
Quantum one-way communication can be exponentially stronger than classical communication (OR, BK), pp. 31–40.
CHICHI-2011-ReederBCRV #usability
More than skin deep: measuring effects of the underlying model on access-control system usability (RWR, LB, LFC, MKR, KV), pp. 2065–2074.
HCIHCI-ITE-2011-HipplerKLPKJ #empirical
More than Speed? An Empirical Study of Touchscreens and Body Awareness on an Object Manipulation Task (RKH, DSK, LML, GMP, BAK, SDJ), pp. 33–42.
ASEASE-2010-KessentiniVS #identification #risk management
Deviance from perfection is a better criterion than closeness to evil when identifying risky code (MK, SV, HAS), pp. 113–122.
DACDAC-2010-Breuer #bound #hardware
Hardware that produces bounded rather than exact results (MAB), pp. 871–876.
DATEDATE-2010-PeiLL #generative #testing
An on-chip clock generation scheme for faster-than-at-speed delay testing (SP, HL, XL), pp. 1353–1356.
SIGIRSIGIR-2010-WangL #multi #summary
Many are better than one: improving multi-document summarization via weighted consensus (DW, TL), pp. 809–810.
The Polyhedral Model Is More Widely Applicable Than You Think (MWB, LNP, AC, CB), pp. 283–303.
Improving STT MRAM storage density through smaller-than-worst-case transistor sizing (WX, YC, XW, TZ), pp. 87–90.
CHICHI-2009-NguyenC #video
More than face-to-face: empathy effects of video framing (DTN, JFC), pp. 423–432.
CHICHI-2009-VoidaM #case study #experience
It feels better than filing: everyday work experiences in an activity-based computing system (SV, EDM), pp. 259–268.
HCIHIMI-II-2009-ReichlH #education #learning
Promoting a Central Learning Management System by Encouraging Its Use for Other Purposes Than Teaching (FR, AH), pp. 689–698.
RecSysRecSys-2009-PilaszyT #metadata #recommendation
Recommending new movies: even a few ratings are more valuable than metadata (IP, DT), pp. 93–100.
Annotation of URLs: more than the sum of parts (MH, WK, SR, SV, TPvdW, MvdH), pp. 632–633.
ITiCSEITiCSE-2008-YoungPARGGA #student
Scrambling for students: our graduates are sexier than yours (AY, AP, PdMA, RR, MG, MG, VLA), pp. 333–334.
SCAMSCAM-2008-Krinke #question
Is Cloned Code More Stable than Non-cloned Code? (JK), pp. 57–66.
EDOCEDOC-2008-Czarski #enterprise #internet
More than Just an Internet Hype: Added Value with Spatial-Enabled Enterprise Applications (CC).
RIQ and SROIQ Are Harder than SHOIQ (YK), pp. 274–284.
SACSAC-2008-AlmeidaRTG #word
Making colors worth more than a thousand words (JA, AR, RdST, SG), pp. 1180–1186.
CAVCAV-2008-KupferschmidWNP #performance #question
Faster Than Uppaal? (SK, MW, BN, AP), pp. 552–555.
There Is More Than Moore In Automotive ... (HH), p. 376.
Introducing the SuperGT Network-on-Chip; SuperGT QoS: more than just GT (TM, HC), pp. 116–121.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2007-GrustRT #off the shelf #why #xpath
Why off-the-shelf RDBMSs are better at XPath than you might expect (TG, JR, JT), pp. 949–958.
STOCSTOC-2007-HayesVV #graph
Randomly coloring planar graphs with fewer colors than the maximum degree (TPH, JCV, EV), pp. 450–458.
CHICHI-2007-DahlbackWNA #interface #similarity #speech
Similarity is more important than expertise: accent effects in speech interfaces (ND, QW, CN, JA), pp. 1553–1556.
HCIHCI-AS-2007-HarrisonP #design #experience #usability #web
Deconstructing Web Experience: More Than Just Usability and Good Design (CH, HP), pp. 889–898.
HCIHCI-MIE-2007-GratchWOLMWM #question
Can Virtual Humans Be More Engaging Than Real Ones? (JG, NW, AO, FL, MM, RJvdW, LPM), pp. 286–297.
SEKESEKE-2007-Fredrick #agile #development #implementation
Implementing Agile Development — More than Changing Methodology (CF), pp. 751–754.
ICSTSAT-2007-Prestwich #dependence
Variable Dependency in Local Search: Prevention Is Better Than Cure (SDP), pp. 107–120.
MSRMSR-2006-WeissgerberD #question #refactoring
Are refactorings less error-prone than other changes? (PW, SD), pp. 112–118.
CSCWCSCW-2006-YankelovichKPWD #question
Improving audio conferencing: are two ears better than one? (NY, JK, JP, MW, JMD), pp. 333–342.
KRKR-2006-BoothMW #how
A Bad Day Surfing Is Better than a Good Day Working: How to Revise a Total Preorder (RB, TAM, KSW), pp. 230–238.
RERE-2006-Cleland-Huang #how #question #requirements #traceability
Requirements Traceability — When and How does it Deliver more than it Costs? (JCH), p. 323.
ICSTSAT-2006-DantsinW #constant #performance #satisfiability
MAX-SAT for Formulas with Constant Clause Density Can Be Solved Faster Than in O(s2) Time (ED, AW), pp. 266–276.
TACASTACAS-2005-Genest #composition #sequence chart
Compositional Message Sequence Charts (CMSCs) Are Better to Implement Than MSCs (BG), pp. 429–444.
SCAMSCAM-2005-BinkleyH #slicing
Forward slices are smaller than backward slices (DB, MH), pp. 15–24.
CIAACIAA-2005-GarciaRCA #learning #question
Is Learning RFSAs Better Than Learning DFAs? (PG, JR, AC, GIA), pp. 343–344.
SIGIRSIGIR-2005-KurlandLD #clustering #modelling #pseudo #using
Better than the real thing?: iterative pseudo-query processing using cluster-based language models (OK, LL, CD), pp. 19–26.
ATEMATEM-2003-Blaha04 #modelling
Data Store Models are Different Than Data Interchange Models (MRB), pp. 51–58.
DLTDLT-2003-HolzerK03a #automaton #nondeterminism
Flip-Pushdown Automata: Nondeterminism Is Better than Determinism (MH, MK), pp. 361–372.
ICALPICALP-2003-HolzerK #automaton
Flip-Pushdown Automata: k+1 Pushdown Reversals Are Better than k (MH, MK), pp. 490–501.
ICMLICML-2003-SchoknechtM #algorithm #performance
TD(0) Converges Provably Faster than the Residual Gradient Algorithm (RS, AM), pp. 680–687.
VLDBVLDB-2002-Bosworth #data transformation #database #web
Data Routing Rather than Databases: The Meaning of the Next Wave of the Web Revolution to Data Management (AB).
CHICHI-2002-AccotZ #interface
More than dotting the i’s — foundations for crossing-based interfaces (JA, SZ), pp. 73–80.
ICMLICML-2002-DzeroskiZ #classification
Is Combining Classifiers Better than Selecting the Best One (SD, BZ), pp. 123–130.
ICPRICPR-v2-2002-Torkkola02a #feature model #learning #problem
Learning Feature Transforms Is an Easier Problem Than Feature Selection (KT), pp. 104–107.
Eye gaze patterns in conversations: there is more the conversational agents than meets the eyes (RV, RS, GCvdV, AN), pp. 301–308.
TOOLSTOOLS-USA-2001-ArnoutS #contract #design #dot-net #eiffel
The .NET Contract Wizard: Adding Design by Contract to Languages Other than Eiffel (KA, RS), pp. 14–23.
More than legible: on links that readers don’t want to follow (MB), pp. 216–217.
Manipulating Interpolated Data is Easier than You Thought (SG, PR, LS), pp. 156–165.
Prevention Is Better Than Cure (MKM, GB, IN, AS, PEL), p. 184–?.
WLCWLC-2000-YamamuraK #protocol
Key Agreement Protocol Securer than DLOG (AY, KK), pp. 450–465.
LICSLICS-2000-AbdullaN #infinity #performance #verification
Better is Better than Well: On Efficient Verification of Infinite-State Systems (PAA, AN), pp. 132–140.
Heeding More Than the Top Template (PS, GN), pp. 382–385.
Datawarehousing Has More Colours Than Just Black & White (TZ, MS), pp. 726–729.
DLTDLT-1999-JirickaK #automaton #finite #nondeterminism
Deterministic forgetting planar automata are more powerful than non-deterministic finite-state planar automata (PJ, JK), pp. 71–80.
When one is more than twenty one (PR), pp. 558–562.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-Cierjacks #question
Acquiring Tasks: A Better Way Than Asking? (MC), pp. 1194–1198.
A Picture is Worth More Than Two Lines (CS, MEC), pp. 376–380.
SIGIRSIGIR-1999-Eastman #internet #precise
30, 000 Hits may be Better than 300: Precision Anomalies in Internet Searches (poster abstract) (CME), pp. 313–314.
ITiCSEITiCSE-1998-LeungN #case study #learning #library #web
Does World Wide Web provide better resources than library for learning — a case study (poster) (RMWL, EMWN), p. 290.
STOCSTOC-1998-KargerL #graph
Finding Maximum Flows in Undirected Graphs Seems Easier than Bipartite Matching (DRK, MSL), pp. 69–78.
STOCSTOC-1997-LoH #robust
All of Us are Smarter Than Any of Us: Wait-Free Hierarchies are not Robust (WKL, VH), pp. 579–588.
ICALPICALP-1997-Wilke #first-order #logic #strict
Star-Free Picture Expressions are Strictly Weaker Than First-Order Logic (TW), pp. 347–357.
ICMLICML-1997-SchefferGD #why
Why Experimentation can be better than “Perfect Guidance” (TS, RG, CD), pp. 331–339.
POPLPOPL-1997-PlezbertC #question
Is “Just in Time” = “Better Late than Never”? (MPP, RC), pp. 120–131.
TACASTACAS-1996-GrahlmannB #named #petri net
PEP — More than a Petri Net Tool (BG, EB), pp. 397–401.
STOCSTOC-1996-Naor #evaluation #generative
Evaluation May Be Easier Than Generation (Extended Abstract) (MN), pp. 74–83.
STOCSTOC-1996-Wilson #generative #random
Generating Random Spanning Trees More Quickly than the Cover Time (DBW), pp. 296–303.
Two heads are better than two tapes (TJ, JIS, PMBV), pp. 668–675.
TOOLSTOOLS-PACIFIC-1993-HaynesM #question #smalltalk
“C++ is Better Than Smalltalk”?? (PH, TM), pp. 75–82.
PODSPODS-1992-AbiteboulCV #query
Queries Are Easier Than You Thought (Probably) (SA, KJC, VV), pp. 23–32.
LICSLICS-1991-HuttelS #process #proving #similarity #word
Actions Speak Louder than Words: Proving Bisimilarity for Context-Free Processes (HH, CS), pp. 376–386.
ICLPNACLP-1990-Sagiv #question
Is There Anything Better than Magic? (YS), pp. 235–254.
DACDAC-1988-Savir #design #verification #why
Why Partial Design Verification Works Better Than It Should (JS), pp. 704–707.
CSCWCSCW-1988-Mackay #communication #email
More than just a Communication System: Diversity in the Use of Electronic Mail (WEM), pp. 344–353.
ECOOPECOOP-1988-KnudsenM #education #object-oriented #programming language
Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Is More than Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Languages (JLK, OLM), pp. 21–40.
STOCSTOC-1987-MaassSS #turing machine
Two Tapes Are Better than One for Off-Line Turing Machines (WM, GS, ES), pp. 94–100.
STOCSTOC-1984-Chazelle #sorting
Intersecting Is Easier than Sorting (BC), pp. 125–134.
LISPLFP-1984-Saint-James #performance #recursion
Recursion is More Efficient than Iteration (ESJ), pp. 228–234.
LISPLFP-1984-Wadler #evaluation #garbage collection #lazy evaluation
Listlessness is Better than Laziness: Lazy Evaluation and Garbage Collection at Compile Time (PW), pp. 45–52.
STOCSTOC-1982-DurisG #nondeterminism
Two Tapes are Better than One for Nondeterministic Machines (PD, ZG), pp. 1–7.
STOCSTOC-1982-MehlhornS #distributed
Las Vegas Is better than Determinism in VLSI and Distributed Computing (Extended Abstract) (KM, EMS), pp. 330–337.
STOCSTOC-1981-DurisG #automaton
Fooling a Two-Way Automaton or One Pushdown Store Is Better Than One Counter for Two Way Machines (Preliminary Version) (PD, ZG), pp. 177–188.
STOCSTOC-1980-ChazelleD #detection
Detection is Easier than Computation (Extended Abstract) (BC, DPD), pp. 146–153.
ICALPICALP-1979-MonienS #nondeterminism #on the #turing machine
On Eliminating Nondeterminism From Turing Machines Which Use Less Than Logarithmic Worktape Space (BM, IHS), pp. 431–445.
ICALPICALP-1978-PriceW #stack
States Can Sometimes Do More Than Stack Symbols in PDA’s (JKP, DW), pp. 353–362.
STOCSTOC-1976-GrahamHR #context-free grammar #on the #polynomial #recognition
On Line Context Free Language Recognition in Less than Cubic Time (Extended Abstract) (SLG, MAH, WLR), pp. 112–120.
ICSEICSE-1976-MannaW #correctness #proving
Is “Sometime” Sometimes Better Than “Always”? Intermittent Assertions in Proving Program Correctness (ZM, RJW), pp. 32–39.

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