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Travelled to:
1 × Austria
1 × France
1 × Italy
1 × South Korea
1 × The Netherlands
1 × United Kingdom
19 × USA
4 × Canada
Collaborated with:
C.Greenhalgh T.Rodden B.Koleva S.Reeves G.Giannachi M.Flintham J.Marshall A.Crabtree H.Schnädelbach P.Tolmie M.Fraser T.P.Pridmore L.E.Fahlén C.O'Malley A.Hazzard G.E.Burnett J.E.Fischer M.Adams J.Row-Farr D.Rowland C.Heath A.Drozd A.Y.Ahmed S.R.Egglestone P.Brundell B.Walker G.Reynard L.Fosh D.Snowdon D.McAuley D.Price A.Ghali W.W.Gaver J.Beaver D.Lloyd R.Wetzel R.Anastasi N.Tandavanitj J.Bowers A.Druin N.Tandavantij D.P.Darzentas M.A.Brown M.Hoare R.Jones N.Milic-Frayling A.F.Harun N.L.M.Noor J.Green E.F.Churchill P.Dhanda C.Brown B.Bedwell A.Bruckman K.Inkpen S.O'Rouke J.Hindmarsh I.Taylor D.Stanton V.Bayon H.Neale R.Ingram R.Jacobs M.Selby M.Golembewski A.Durrant D.S.Kirk M.Wright A.Penn P.Steadman C.Gutwin J.Dyck I.Vaghi H.Kwon S.Jaiswal S.A.Seah P.D.Bennett C.Greiffenhagen J.G.Sheridan A.J.Dix R.Hull J.Reid J.Morrison K.Facer T.Coughlan L.Carletti C.Locatelli R.Sinker J.Stack M.D.Flintham R.Velt M.L.Wilson E.J.Anstead A.Brown T.Pearce J.Sprinks R.Meese S.Ali E.Thorne A.Quinn R.Mortier S.Baurley M.Bell M.Chalmers L.Barkhuus M.Hall S.Sherwood P.Tennent B.Brown T.Hemmings S.Izadi P.Chandler M.Foster D.v.Lehn S.Cobb J.R.Wilson A.Steed M.P.Craven J.Purbrick K.Jää-Aro B.Lintermann M.Hoch James Mathrick Amanda Oldroyd Jon Sutton B.B.Bederson K.Åkesson P.Hansson J.P.Hourcade K.T.Simsarian Y.Sundblad G.Taxén
Talks about:
interact (11) design (11) collabor (9) experi (9) virtual (7) environ (6) game (6) mix (6) interfac (5) support (5)

Person: Steve Benford

DBLP DBLP: Benford:Steve

Contributed to:

CHI 20152015
CHI 20142014
CSCW 20142014
CHI 20132013
HCI p2 20132013
CHI 20122012
CSCW 20122012
CHI 20112011
CHI 20102010
CHI 20092009
CHI 20082008
CSCW 20082008
CHI 20062006
CSCW 20062006
CHI 20052005
CHI 20042004
ICPR v4 20042004
CHI 20032003
CHI 20022002
CHI 20012001
CHI 20002000
CSCW 20002000
CHI 19981998
CSCW 19981998
CHI 19971997
HCI v2 19971997
CSCW 19961996
CHI 19951995
HCI v2 19931993
DiGRA 20032003
CHI PLAY 20152015
DiGRA/FDG 20162016

Wrote 56 papers:

CHI-2015-CoughlanCGBMPLS #named
ArtMaps: Interpreting the Spatial Footprints of Artworks (TC, LC, GG, SB, DM, DP, CL, RS, JS), pp. 407–416.
CHI-2015-DarzentasBFB #data-driven #game studies
The Data Driven Lives of Wargaming Miniatures (DPD, MAB, MF, SB), pp. 2427–2436.
Run Spot Run: Capturing and Tagging Footage of a Race by Crowds of Spectators (MDF, RV, MLW, EJA, SB, AB, TP, DP, JS), pp. 747–756.
CHI-2015-HazzardBB #mobile
Sculpting a Mobile Musical Soundtrack (AH, SB, GEB), pp. 387–396.
CHI-2015-KwonJBSBKS #interactive #named
FugaciousFilm: Exploring Attentive Interaction with Ephemeral Material (HK, SJ, SB, SAS, PDB, BK, HS), pp. 1285–1294.
I’d Hide You: Performing Live Broadcasting in Public (SR, CG, MF, SB, MA, JRF, NT), pp. 2573–2582.
Gifting personal interpretations in galleries (LF, SB, SR, BK), pp. 625–634.
CHI-2014-HazzardBB #case study #experience
Walk this way: musically guided walking experiences (AH, SB, GEB), pp. 605–614.
CHI-2014-HoareBJM #online
Coming in from the margins: amateur musicians in the online age (MH, SB, RJ, NMF), pp. 1295–1304.
CSCW-2014-TolmieBGRR #interactive
Supporting group interactions in museum visiting (PT, SB, CG, TR, SR), pp. 1049–1059.
see me, feel me, touch me, hear me: trajectories and interpretation in a sculpture garden (LF, SB, SR, BK, PB), pp. 149–158.
CHI-2013-JacobsBSGPG #what
A conversation between trees: what data feels like in the forest (RJ, SB, MS, MG, DP, GG), pp. 129–138.
CHI-2013-MeeseATBQMKPB #design #interactive
From codes to patterns: designing interactive decoration for tableware (RM, SA, ECT, SB, AQ, RM, BK, TPP, SB), pp. 931–940.
HCI-AS-2013-HarunBON #learning #using
Refining Rules Learning Using Evolutionary PD (AFH, SB, CO, NLMN), pp. 376–385.
Digging in the crates: an ethnographic study of DJS’ work (AYA, SB, AC), pp. 1805–1814.
CHI-2012-BenfordGGWMR #interactive
Uncomfortable interactions (SB, CG, GG, BW, JM, TR), pp. 2005–2014.
CHI-2012-TolmieBFBATFG #case study #experience #quote
“Act natural”: instructions, compliance and accountability in ambulatory experiences (PT, SB, MF, PB, MA, NT, JRF, GG), pp. 1519–1528.
CSCW-2012-BenfordTACR #design
Supporting traditional music-making: designing for situated discretion (SB, PT, AYA, AC, TR), pp. 127–136.
CHI-2011-DurrantRKBFM #generative #named
Automics: souvenir generating photoware for theme parks (AD, DR, DSK, SB, JEF, DM), pp. 1767–1776.
CHI-2011-MarshallB #case study #experience #interactive #performance #using
Using fast interaction to create intense experiences (JM, SB), pp. 1255–1264.
Breath control of amusement rides (JM, DR, SRE, SB, BW, DM), pp. 73–82.
CHI-2010-MarshallBP #collaboration #interactive
Deception and magic in collaborative interaction (JM, SB, TPP), pp. 567–576.
In support of city exploration (BB, HS, SB, TR, BK), pp. 1171–1180.
CHI-2009-BenfordGKR #case study #design #experience #interactive #user interface
From interaction to trajectories: designing coherent journeys through user experiences (SB, GG, BK, TR), pp. 709–718.
CHI-2009-FischerB #experience #pervasive
Inferring player engagement in a pervasive experience (JEF, SB), pp. 1903–1906.
CHI-2008-BenfordG #interactive
Temporal trajectories in shared interactive narratives (SB, GG), pp. 73–82.
CHI-2008-SchnadelbachERBWW #design #interface
Performing thrill: designing telemetry systems and spectator interfaces for amusement rides (HS, SRE, SR, SB, BW, MW), pp. 1167–1176.
CSCW-2008-TolmieCRB #quote #what
“Are you watching this film or what?”: interruption and the juggling of cohorts (PT, AC, TR, SB), pp. 257–266.
CHI-2006-BellCBHSTBRB #game studies #mobile
Interweaving mobile games with everyday life (MB, MC, LB, MH, SS, PT, BB, DR, SB), pp. 417–426.
CHI-2006-BenfordCRSDFD #case study #design #experience #risk management #staging
Designing for the opportunities and risks of staging digital experiences in public settings (SB, AC, SR, JGS, AJD, MF, AD), pp. 427–436.
Moving office: inhabiting a dynamic building (HS, AP, PS, SB, BK, TR), pp. 313–322.
CHI-2005-BenfordRFDHRMF #case study #collaboration #experience
Life on the edge: supporting collaboration in location-based experiences (SB, DR, MF, AD, RH, JR, JM, KF), pp. 721–730.
CHI-2005-ReevesBOF #design #experience
Designing the spectator experience (SR, SB, CO, MF), pp. 741–750.
CHI-2004-CrabtreeBRGFADARTS #artificial reality #game studies
Orchestrating a mixed reality game “on the ground” (AC, SB, TR, CG, MF, RA, AD, MA, JRF, NT, AS), pp. 391–398.
CHI-2004-GutwinBDFVG #collaboration
Revealing delay in collaborative environments (CG, SB, JD, MF, IV, CG), pp. 503–510.
ICPR-v4-2004-GreenPBG #interface #recognition #visual notation
Location and Recognition of Flashlight Projections for Visual Interfaces (JG, TPP, SB, AG), pp. 949–952.
CHI-2003-FlinthamBAHCGTAR #artificial reality #case study #experience #game studies #mobile #online
Where on-line meets on the streets: experiences with mobile mixed reality games (MF, SB, RA, TH, AC, CG, NT, MA, JRF), pp. 569–576.
CHI-2003-GaverBB #ambiguity #design
Ambiguity as a resource for design (WWG, JB, SB), pp. 233–240.
CHI-2003-RoddenB #design #evolution #ubiquitous
The evolution of buildings and implications for the design of ubiquitous domestic environments (TR, SB), pp. 9–16.
CHI-2002-SchnadelbachKFFICFBGR #artificial reality #interface
The augurscope: a mixed reality interface for outdoors (HS, BK, MF, MF, SI, PC, MF, SB, CG, TR), pp. 9–16.
Exploiting interactivity, influence, space and time to explore non-linear drama in virtual worlds (MPC, IT, AD, JP, CG, SB, MF, JB, KMJA, BL, MH), pp. 30–37.
CHI-2001-KolevaTBFGSLHRA #artificial reality #performance
Orchestrating a mixed reality performance (BK, IT, SB, MF, CG, HS, DvL, CH, JRF, MA), pp. 38–45.
CHI-2001-StantonBNGBCIWPO #collaboration #design #interface
Classroom collaboration in the design of tangible interfaces for storytelling (DS, VB, HN, AG, SB, SC, RI, JRW, TPP, CO), pp. 482–489.
CHI-2000-BenfordBABDHHINOSSST #collaboration #design
Designing storytelling technologies to encouraging collaboration between young children (SB, BBB, KPÅ, VB, AD, PH, JPH, RI, HN, CO, KTS, DS, YS, GT), pp. 556–563.
CHI-2000-KolevaSBG #interface
Traversable interfaces between real and virtual worlds (BK, HS, SB, CG), pp. 233–240.
CSCW-2000-DruinBBIO #challenge #collaboration #distributed
The children’s challenge: new technologies to support co-located and distributed collaboration (AD, SB, AB, KI, SO), p. 363.
CHI-1998-ReynardBGH #collaboration #quality #video
Awareness Driven Video Quality of Service in Collaborative Virtual Environments (GR, SB, CG, CH), pp. 464–471.
CSCW-1998-HindmarshFHBG #interactive
Fragmented Interaction: Establishing Mutual Orientation in Virtual Environments (JH, MF, CH, SB, CG), pp. 217–226.
CHI-1997-BenfordGL #collaboration
Crowded Collaborative Virtual Environments (SB, CG, DL), pp. 59–66.
HCI-SEC-1997-ChurchillSBD #3d #documentation #using
Using VR-VIBE: Browsing and Searching for Documents in 3D-Space (EFC, DS, SB, PD), pp. 857–860.
Shared Spaces: Transportation, Artificiality, and Spatiality (SB, CB, GR, CG), pp. 77–86.
CHI-1995-BenfordBFGS #collaboration
User Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments (SB, JB, LEF, CG, DS), pp. 242–249.
HCI-SHI-1993-BenfordF #interactive
Awareness, Focus, and Aura: A Spatial Model of Interaction in Virtual Worlds (SB, LEF), pp. 693–698.
DiGRA-2003-FlinthamABDMROSTAR #game studies
Uncle Roy all around you: mixing games and theatre on the city streets (MF, RA, SB, AD, JM, DR, AO, JS, NT, MA, JRF).
CHI-PLAY-2015-KolevaTBBE #development #game studies
From Front-End to Back-End and Everything In-Between: Work Practice in Game Development (BK, PT, PB, SB, SRE), pp. 141–150.
DiGRA-FDG-2016-WetzelRB #artificial reality #design #game studies
Developing Ideation Cards for Mixed Reality Game Design (RW, TR, SB).

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