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CASECASE-2015-KruseW #predict
Application of the Smith-Åström Predictor to robot force control (DK, JTW), pp. 383–388.
Human-directed robot motion/force control for contact tasks in unstructured environments (LL, JTW), pp. 1165–1170.
A MEMS microgripper with two-axis actuators and force sensors for microscale mechanical characterization of soft materials (JQ, WZ, AJ, SSDC, XL), pp. 1620–1625.
CASECASE-2015-WahrburgMCMD #estimation #using
Cartesian contact force estimation for robotic manipulators using Kalman filters and the generalized momentum (AW, EM, GC, BM, HD), pp. 1230–1235.
DATEDATE-2015-AmirhosseinRBCM #power management
An all-digital spike-based ultra-low-power IR-UWB dynamic average threshold crossing scheme for muscle force wireless transmission (MSA, PMR, AB, MC, MM, DD, GM), pp. 1479–1484.
DocEngDocEng-2015-FilhoM #physics #segmentation
Segmentation of Overlapping Digits through the Emulation of a Hypothetical Ball and Physical Forces (ANGLF, CABM), pp. 223–226.
CHICHI-2015-VazquezBDHH #3d
3D Printing Pneumatic Device Controls with Variable Activation Force Capabilities (MV, EB, RD, CH, SEH), pp. 1295–1304.
SIGIRSIGIR-2015-Liu #mobile
WeChat Search & Headline: Sogou Joins Force with Tencent on Mobile Search (CL), p. 1079.
SACSAC-2015-LasagniR #3d
Force model of a robotic particle chain for 3d displays (ML, KR), pp. 314–319.
CASECASE-2014-KaiS #development #safety
Development of a velocity and contact force-based mechanical safety device for service robots (YK, SS), pp. 1188–1193.
CASECASE-2014-LuW #industrial #modelling
Modeling of forced convection heat transfer from the swing plate on an industrial robot (QL, DW), pp. 202–207.
CASECASE-2014-WahrburgZMD #assembly #estimation #using
Contact force estimation for robotic assembly using motor torques (AW, SZ, BM, HD), pp. 1252–1257.
Influences of lug motion on lug-soil reaction forces in sandy soil (RY, YY, YS, SM), pp. 176–181.
DACDAC-2014-DoustiP #deployment #power management
Power-Aware Deployment and Control of Forced-Convection and Thermoelectric Coolers (MJD, MP), p. 6.
SANERCSMR-WCRE-2014-PanichellaOL #fault #modelling #predict
Cross-project defect prediction models: L’Union fait la force (AP, RO, ADL), pp. 164–173.
FMFM-2014-FengZ #automaton #bisimulation #equivalence #probability
When Equivalence and Bisimulation Join Forces in Probabilistic Automata (YF, LZ), pp. 247–262.
CHICHI-2014-GrauHRP #interactive
Mechanical force redistribution: enabling seamless, large-format, high-accuracy surface interaction (AMG, CH, JRR, KP), pp. 4137–4146.
CHICHI-2014-HachisuF #feedback #interactive #interface #named #using
VacuumTouch: attractive force feedback interface for haptic interactive surface using air suction (TH, MF), pp. 411–420.
Expressive touch: studying tapping force on tabletops (EWP, KH), pp. 421–430.
Biomechanical Study of Foot Force Pattern in Hallux Valgus (HV) Patients (SE, IIE), pp. 332–339.
HCIDUXU-DP-2014-BarrosSF14a #analysis #artificial reality #evaluation #using
Ergonomic Evaluation of Manual Force Levels of the Elderly in the Handling of Products: An Analysis Using Virtual Reality (RQB, MMS, MGF), pp. 124–132.
HCIDUXU-ELAS-2014-DesouzartFMM #behaviour #interactive
Human-Bed Interaction: A Methodology and Tool to Measure Postural Behavior during Sleep of the Air Force Military (GD, EF, FM, RM), pp. 662–674.
HCIHIMI-DE-2014-KoltzRRVMSB #feedback
Effects of Type and Strength of Force Feedback on the Path of Movement in a Target Selection Task (MTK, RCR, JR, KPLV, PM, TZS, VB), pp. 217–225.
KDDKDD-2014-SudhofEMP #sentiment #social
Sentiment expression conditioned by affective transitions and social forces (MS, AGE, ALM, CP), pp. 1136–1145.
RecSysRecSys-2014-Sharma #modelling #people #social
Modeling the effect of people’s preferences and social forces on adopting and sharing items (AS), pp. 421–424.
CASECASE-2013-GaoLZC #social
A modified social force model considering relative velocity of pedestrians (YG, PBL, HZ, TC), pp. 747–751.
CASECASE-2013-NammotoKH #assembly #modelling #using
Model-based compliant motion control scheme for assembly tasks using vision and force information (TN, KK, KH), pp. 948–953.
CASECASE-2013-Xu #robust
New robust position and force regulation for a compliant microgripper (QX), pp. 801–806.
DATEDATE-2013-XieYPSC #adaptation
Adaptive thermal management for portable system batteries by forced convection cooling (QX, SY, MP, DS, NC), pp. 1225–1228.
ICDARICDAR-2013-FilhoM #physics
Degraded Digit Restoration Based on Physical Forces (ANGLF, CABM), pp. 195–199.
ICDARICDAR-2013-SchambachR #learning #network #sequence
Stabilize Sequence Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks by Forced Alignment (MPS, SFR), pp. 1270–1274.
CHICHI-2013-DenefBK #social #social media #twitter
Social media and the police: tweeting practices of british police forces during the August 2011 riots (SD, PSB, NAK), pp. 3471–3480.
CHICHI-2013-HeoL13a #estimation #multi
Indirect shear force estimation for multi-point shear force operations (SH, GL), pp. 281–284.
CHICHI-2013-LopesB #feedback #mobile
Muscle-propelled force feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices (PL, PB), pp. 2577–2580.
CHICHI-2013-RoudautRSPLB #feedback #gesture #using
Gesture output: eyes-free output using a force feedback touch surface (AR, AR, CS, MP, PL, PB), pp. 2547–2556.
Grip Force and CR-10 Ratings for Youth Females (KWL, YCL), pp. 353–358.
Oxygenation and Blood Volume in Skeletal Muscle in Response to External Force (HL, CW, ZW), pp. 359–365.
HCIDUXU-WM-2013-Rafelsberger #evolution #graph #interactive #visualisation
Interactive Visualization of Evolving Force-Directed Graphs (WR), pp. 553–559.
RERE-2013-MuyanjaMNTKN #requirements
Requirements engineering for the uganda police force crime records management system (AM, PIM, CN, SSTT, EKK, AN), pp. 302–307.
ASPLOSASPLOS-2013-ParkBCLN #harmful #manycore #memory management
Regularities considered harmful: forcing randomness to memory accesses to reduce row buffer conflicts for multi-core, multi-bank systems (HP, SB, JC, DL, SHN), pp. 181–192.
CSLCSL-2013-Rieg #using
Extracting Herbrand trees in classical realizability using forcing (LR), pp. 597–614.
LICSLICS-2013-Riba #infinity #word
Forcing MSO on Infinite Words in Weak MSO (CR), pp. 448–457.
WICSA-ECSAWICSA-ECSA-2012-HeeschAH #architecture
Forces on Architecture Decisions — A Viewpoint (UvH, PA, RH), pp. 101–110.
CASECASE-2012-BaekKAYK #case study
Study on iterative method of electro-hydraulic actuator in force control (SGB, HK, KTA, HGY, JCK), pp. 178–183.
CASECASE-2012-FelekisWMRBSN #automation #using
Automated stiffness characterization of living tobacco BY2 cells using the Cellular Force Microscope (DF, AW, SM, ALRK, FB, RSS, BJN), pp. 285–290.
CASECASE-2012-HuangZL #adaptation #design
Design of a grasp force adaptive control system with tactile and slip perception (ZXH, XDZ, YNL), pp. 1101–1105.
CASECASE-2012-JoKOO #feedback #using
Contact force control of a robotic hand using F/T sensory feedback with a rigid object (JJ, SKK, YO, SRO), pp. 436–441.
CASECASE-2012-KimKCKH #2d #precise
2-DOF torque sensor for precise force control of robot hand (TKK, BSK, SyC, DHK, JHH), pp. 892–895.
CASECASE-2012-KimKS #algorithm #detection #recognition #using
Hole detection algorithm for square peg-in-hole using force-based shape recognition (YLK, BSK, JBS), pp. 1074–1079.
CASECASE-2012-YoonP #design
Design, fabrication, and characterization of in-pipe robot with controllable magnetic force (KHY, YWP), pp. 786–789.
CHICHI-2012-LeeLLLHP #evaluation #performance
Evaluation of human tangential force input performance (BL, HL, SCL, HL, SH, JP), pp. 3121–3130.
ICMLICML-2012-HartikainenSS #modelling #predict
State-Space Inference for Non-Linear Latent Force Models with Application to Satellite Orbit Prediction (JH, MS, SS), p. 96.
ICMLICML-2012-KalakrishnanRPS #learning #policy
Learning Force Control Policies for Compliant Robotic Manipulation (MK, LR, PP, SS), p. 10.
MODELSMoDELS-2012-KuhnMT #case study #development #modelling #scalability
An Exploratory Study of Forces and Frictions Affecting Large-Scale Model-Driven Development (AK, GCM, CAT), pp. 352–367.
MODELSMoDELS-2012-KuhnMT #case study #development #modelling #scalability
An Exploratory Study of Forces and Frictions Affecting Large-Scale Model-Driven Development (AK, GCM, CAT), pp. 352–367.
SACSAC-2012-HuangHL #algorithm #framework
Evaluating force-directed algorithms with a new framework (MLH, WH, CCL), pp. 1030–1032.
LICSLICS-2012-JaberTS #type system
Extending Type Theory with Forcing (GJ, NT, MS), pp. 395–404.
HCIDHM-2011-HowardY #case study #predict
Predicting Support Reaction Forces for Standing and Seated Tasks with Given Postures-A Preliminary Study (BH, J(Y), pp. 89–98.
KDIRKDIR-2011-DAcuntoBDLPPS #3d #mining #re-engineering
Inferential Mining for Reconstruction of 3D Cell Structures in Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging (MD, SB, SD, ML, MP, AP, OS), pp. 348–353.
KMISKMIS-2011-JohnMMMB #behaviour #enterprise
Impact of Behavioral Forces on Knowledge Sharing in an Extended Enterprise System of Systems (LJ, PMM, TM, GRM, JTB), pp. 67–76.
MLDMMLDM-2011-PerezR #array #detection #using
Detection of Phenotypes in Microarray Data Using Force- Directed Placement Transformss (DVP, KAR), pp. 320–334.
SIGIRSIGIR-2011-TureEL #similarity
No free lunch: brute force vs. locality-sensitive hashing for cross-lingual pairwise similarity (FT, TE, JJL), pp. 943–952.
LICSLICS-2011-Miquel #program transformation
Forcing as a Program Transformation (AM), pp. 197–206.
Active control of adhesion force for pick-and-place of micro objects with compound vibration in micromanipulation (LC, TC, LS, WR, BS, QY), pp. 716–721.
CASECASE-2010-GhanbariNBCCW #automation #metric
Automated vision-based force measurement of moving C. elegans (AG, VN, RB, XC, JGC, WW), pp. 198–203.
CASECASE-2010-KawasakiKME #interface
Finger pad force display for hand haptic interface (HK, SK, TM, TE), pp. 374–379.
CASECASE-2010-NetoMPM #programming
CAD-based robot programming: The role of Fuzzy-PI force control in unstructured environments (PN, NM, JNP, APM), pp. 362–367.
CASECASE-2010-RakotondrabeCRN #automation #estimation #framework
Presentation, force estimation and control of an instrumented platform dedicated to automated micromanipulation tasks (MR, CC, KR, KN), pp. 722–727.
CASECASE-2010-RodriguezBMRW #analysis #assembly #detection
Failure detection in assembly: Force signature analysis (AR, DB, MTM, GFR, JW), pp. 210–215.
Characterization of micro forces in pushing flat micro-sized objects (MS, WWM, JTWY), pp. 539–544.
CASECASE-2010-YangCHA #communication #estimation #monitoring
Longitude force estimation for bandwidth conservative communication and vehicular monitoring (JY, TNC, ESHH, NA), pp. 668–673.
Combining Force Histogram and Discrete Lines to Extract Dashed Lines (IDR, LW), pp. 1574–1577.
ICPRICPR-2010-KeuperBRPH #3d #robust
Mean Shift Gradient Vector Flow: A Robust External Force Field for 3D Active Surfaces (MK, HB, OR, JP, PH), pp. 2784–2787.
CASECASE-2009-RakotondrabeR #metric
Presentation and improvement of an AFM-based system for the measurement of adhesion forces (MR, PR), pp. 585–590.
DATEDATE-2009-BarontiLRS #detection #distributed #metric
Distributed sensor for steering wheel rip force measurement in driver fatigue detection (FB, FL, RR, RS), pp. 894–897.
DATEDATE-2009-MillbergJ #worst-case
Priority based forced requeue to reduce worst-case latencies for bursty traffic (MM, AJ), pp. 1070–1075.
ICDARICDAR-2009-GalballyFMO #evaluation #using #verification
Evaluation of Brute-force Attack to Dynamic Signature Verification Using Synthetic Samples (JG, JF, MMD, JOG), pp. 131–135.
SIGMODSIGMOD-2009-WeissmanB #design #development #framework #internet #multitenancy
The design of the multitenant internet application development platform (CDW, SB), pp. 889–896.
HCIDHM-2009-DemirelD #analysis #feedback
Impact of Force Feedback on Computer Aided Ergonomic Analyses (HOD, VGD), pp. 608–613.
HCIHIMI-DIE-2009-Doyo #aspect-oriented
Internal Aspects of the Relationship between Pressing Force and Training Difficulty (DD), pp. 475–484.
HCIIDGD-2009-TranL #interface #question #research
Attention to Effects of Different Cross-Cultural Levels in User Research Method’s Interface: Discipline or Nationality — Which Has Stronger Force? (TTT, KPL), pp. 127–134.
KDDKDD-2009-ScrippsTE #analysis #network #preprocessor
Measuring the effects of preprocessing decisions and network forces in dynamic network analysis (JS, PNT, AHE), pp. 747–756.
SIGIRSIGIR-2009-Lin #documentation #pipes and filters #similarity
Brute force and indexed approaches to pairwise document similarity comparisons with MapReduce (JJL), pp. 155–162.
CSLCSL-2009-Coquand #type system
Forcing and Type Theory (TC), p. 2.
ICLPICLP-2009-ArandaAOPRTV #bibliography #declarative
An Overview of FORCES: An INRIA Project on Declarative Formalisms for Emergent Systems (JA, GA, CO, JAP, CR, MT, FDV), pp. 509–513.
CASECASE-2008-NieIYTOM #analysis #behaviour #performance #video
High-speed video analysis of laboratory rats behaviors in forced swim test (YN, II, KY, TT, KO, HM), pp. 206–211.
CASECASE-2008-RohPSYC0LC #flexibility #using
Flexible docking mechanism using combination of magnetic force with error-compensation capability (SgR, JHP, YKS, KY, MC, HSK, HL, HRC), pp. 697–702.
CASECASE-2008-WangZZ #generative
A force control assisted robot path generation system (JW, HZ, GZ), pp. 528–533.
ICPRICPR-2008-LiLLM #geometry
Lennard-Jones force field for Geometric Active Contour (ZL, QL, HL, DNM), pp. 1–4.
Force histograms computed in O(NlogN) (JN, PM), pp. 1–4.
CASECASE-2007-KimLSSZ #approach #biology #metric #performance #using
Iterative Control Approach to High-Speed Force-Distance Curve Measurement Using AFM for Biological Applications (KSK, ZL, PS, SS, QZ), pp. 219–224.
CASECASE-2007-KimLSSZ07a #approach #biology #metric #performance #using
Iterative Control Approach to High-Speed Force-Distance Curve Measurement Using AFM for Biological Applications (KSK, ZL, PS, SS, QZ), p. 91–?.
CASECASE-2007-KratochvilDZN #automation #metric
Automatic Nanorobotic Characterization of Anomalously Rolled-up SiGe/Si Helical Nanobelts through Vision-based Force Measurement (BK, LD, LZ, BJN), pp. 57–62.
CASECASE-2007-RabindranT #parallel
Study of the dynamic coupling term (μ) in parallel force/velocity actuated systems (DR, DT), pp. 418–423.
CASECASE-2007-RakotondrabeCL #modelling #robust
Modelling and Robust Position/Force Control of a Piezoelectric Microgripper (MR, CC, PL), pp. 39–44.
ICDARICDAR-2007-BuchaAU #image
Image Pixel Force Fields and their Application for Color Map Vectorisation (VB, SA, SU), pp. 1228–1242.
SASSAS-2007-ShohamG #abstraction #composition #verification
Compositional Verification and 3-Valued Abstractions Join Forces (SS, OG), pp. 69–86.
HCIDHM-2007-HuWWJJZCZ #analysis #component #finite
Finite Element Analysis of a Six-Component Force Sensor for the Trans-Femoral Prosthesis (XH, RW, FW, DJ, XJ, JZ, FC, SZ), pp. 633–639.
HCIDHM-2007-YangWZJW #analysis
Redundant Muscular Force Analysis of Human Lower Limbs During Rising from a Squat (YY, RW, MZ, DJ, FW), pp. 259–267.
HCIHCI-IPT-2007-GengLL #3d #retrieval
Force Field Based Expression for 3D Shape Retrieval (XG, WL, HL), pp. 587–596.
HCIHCI-IPT-2007-WuZS #user interface
Pen-Based User Interface Based on Handwriting Force Information (ZW, LZ, FS), pp. 496–503.
HCIHCI-IPT-2007-ZhuSW #online #recognition
Online Chinese Characters Recognition Based on Force Information by HMM (MZ, FS, ZW), pp. 522–528.
HCIHIMI-MTT-2007-SatoKF #concept #interface #precise #verification
Basic Experimental Verification of Grasping Information Interface Concept, Grasping Force Increases in Precise Periods (SS, MK, YF), pp. 180–188.
CAiSECAiSE-2007-PijpersG #comprehension #named
e3forces: Understanding Strategies of Networked e 3 value Constellations by Analyzing Environmental Forces (VP, JG), pp. 188–202.
CASECASE-2006-ZhangCVJG #assembly #modelling
Modeling of van der Waals Forces during the Assembly of Micro Devices (LZ, JC, DV, JJ, BG), pp. 484–489.
DACDAC-2006-BergeronFPMAS #testing #verification
Building a verification test plan: trading brute force for finesse (JB, HF, AP, RSM, CA, DS), pp. 805–806.
CHICHI-2006-AhlstromAH #comparison #interactive #standard
Improving menu interaction: a comparison of standard, force enhanced and jumping menus (DA, RA, MH), pp. 1067–1076.
ICPRICPR-v4-2006-BuchaUA #interactive
Interactive Road Extraction with Pixel Force Fields (VB, SU, SA), pp. 829–832.
DATEDATE-2005-VorwerkK #framework #multi
An Improved Multi-Level Framework for Force-Directed Placement (KV, AAK), pp. 902–907.
Brute force determinization of nfas by means of state covers (JMC, FC, TP), pp. 441–451.
CHICHI-2005-Ahlstrom #modelling #using
Modeling and improving selection in cascading pull-down menus using Fitts’ law, the steering law and force fields (DA), pp. 61–70.
Brute Force Determinization of NFAs by Means of State Covers (JMC, FC, TP), pp. 80–89.
ICPRICPR-v3-2004-FurukawaKMSMT #3d #approximate #estimation #image #physics #using
Spine Posture Estimation Method from Human Images Using 3D Spine Model — Computation of the rough approximation of the physical forces working on vertebral bodies (DF, TK, KM, YS, KM, TT), pp. 322–325.
DACDAC-2003-HurCRPCTH #constraints #physics
Force directed mongrel with physical net constraints (SWH, TC, KR, YP, AC, VT, BH), pp. 214–219.
RERE-2003-Stoewer #exclamation #industrial
Modern Systems Engineering: A Driving Force for Industrial Competitivity! (HS), p. 6.
EDOCEDOC-2002-Anido-RifonSRC #case study #experience
An MDA-Based Model for Vertical Application Task Forces: An Experience Report (LEAR, JMS, JSR, MC), p. 167–?.
SACSAC-2002-MalyZBMSW #evaluation #library #named #xml
DL-COTF: an XML based digital library for U. S. Navy’s operational test and evaluation force (KM, MZ, SB, AM, SS, WW), pp. 493–497.
CBSECBSE-2000-Seacord #case study
Case Study: Global Combat Support System — Air Force (RCS), p. 2.
Irresistible forces and immovable objects (JG), p. 259.
CHICHI-2000-ArsenaultW #feedback
Eye-hand co-ordination with force feedback (RA, CW), pp. 408–414.
CHICHI-2000-DennerleinMH #performance
Force-feedback improves performance for steering and combined steering-targeting tasks (JTD, DBM, CJH), pp. 423–429.
ICPRICPR-v1-2000-NelsonS #3d #empirical #learning #modelling #recognition
Learning 3D Recognition Models for General Objects from Unlabeled Imagery: An Experiment in Intelligent Brute Force (RCN, AS), pp. 1001–1008.
ICPRICPR-v2-2000-MatsakisW #classification
Orbit and Sinus Classification Based on Force Histogram Computation (PM, LW), pp. 2451–2454.
CSEETCSEET-1999-FraileyELD #education #re-engineering
Status Report from the ACM/IEEE-CS Task Forces on Software Engineering Curriculum and Body of Knowledge (panel) (DJF, GLE, RJL, RD), p. 124–?.
HCIHCI-CCAD-1999-Schneider-Hufschmidt #communication #design #integration #user interface
User interface design — the driving force for the integration of information and communication (MSH), pp. 14–17.
Relationship between Size of Icons and Mouse Operating Force with Complex Actions during Pointing Tasks (KK, KH), pp. 412–415.
HCIHCI-EI-1999-Thompson #feedback
Keyboard Tactile Feedback and its Effect on Keying Force Applied (DAT), pp. 157–161.
CHICHI-1998-XiaoH #navigation
Navigation Guided by Artificial Force Fields (DX, RJH), pp. 179–186.
HCIHCI-CC-1997-ShimizuSSSTIY #difference
Differences of Force Distribution Patterns on Grip Types in Human Grasping Motions (SS, MS, SS, YS, AT, YI, MY), pp. 425–428.
KDDKDD-1997-Bayardo #classification #mining
Brute-Force Mining of High-Confidence Classification Rules (RJBJ), pp. 123–126.
AdaTRI-Ada-1996-HamiltonC #ada #education
Ada Training and Education in the US Army and US Air Force (JAHJ, DAC), pp. 151–155.
ICPRICPR-1996-Kita #using
Force-based registration method using attribute values (YK), pp. 34–39.
ICSEICSE-1996-DharaL #behaviour #inheritance #specification #type system
Forcing Behavioral Subtyping through Specification Inheritance (KKD, GTL), pp. 258–267.
Surface Display and Synthetic Force Sensation (MH, KH), pp. 645–650.
A Six Degree-of-Freedom Pen-Based Force Display (HI), pp. 651–656.
TOOLSTOOLS-EUROPE-1993-BarrilBB #authoring #object-oriented
Class Cooperation in a Dedicated Object System: The Force Authoring Environment (PB, MB, JFB), pp. 115–123.
DACDAC-1987-Forbes #heuristic
Heuristic Acceleration of Force-Directed Placement (RF), pp. 735–740.
DACDAC-1987-PaulinK #automation #scheduling #synthesis
Force-Directed Scheduling in Automatic Data Path Synthesis (PGP, JPK), pp. 195–202.
Global forced hierarchical router (JK, GJ), pp. 798–802.
DACDAC-1982-WipflerWM #algorithm #layout
A combined force and cut algorithm for hierarchical VLSI layout (GJW, MW, DAM), pp. 671–677.
ICSEICSE-1979-JonesS #distributed #problem
TASK Forces: Distributed Software for Solving Problems of Substantial Size (AKJ, KS), pp. 315–331.
SOSPSOSP-1979-JonesCDSV #multi #operating system
StarOS, a Multiprocessor Operating System for the Support of Task Forces (AKJ, RJCJ, ID, KS, SRV), pp. 117–127.
DACDAC-1974-WilsonS #comparison
An experimental comparison of force directed placement techniques (DCW, RJSI), pp. 194–199.

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